How to Teach Your Child to Read in 1 Week

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  1. Your baby is so beautiful!! Love her baby voice 😍 i started teaching my daughter today.. she is bigger she is 6 but she is struggling alittle on reading and she is on vacation right now so i want her to start reading before she starts 1st grade. I wrote down 6 words (2 body parts and 4 other words) she got 5 right after we read it a few times..she is having alittle hard time on "was" but she learned 5 right away so i am hoping she will learn "was" by this week. Your idea on red being body part and black any word is a GREAT idea!! She also found it fun! Thanks mom 😊

  2. Thank you! This is going to be awesome for my 2 year old daughter and even my 11 year old with more challenging words of course, my 2 year old started repeating what you say at 6 months old and she now counts past 30, knows regular shapes and more complex shapes like a hexagon, octagon and etc. She knows about about 10 colors and knows her abc's, and understands how to use, Me, Mine, You, and Yours, in conversation, we also have used flash cards with pictures and words and so far she recognizes all 50 of them. She just turned two in Feb and she hasn't slowed down on her eagerness to learn. We use Akili and Me via YouTube, indirect learning during playtime, using her toys to count and recognize colors, and we have been working on adding numbers, like 1+1 and 1+2 by singing to a certain song style and she has remembered them so far, then we will move on to recognize what it looks like…..

  3. This video should have a million views. My six yr old knows alot of words but I don't think he knows all of the ones expected by the teacher so this is extremely helpful. School is out so this will be our routine for the summer.
    Thank you so much!

  4. Thanks be to you. I have 2 kids, 5 years apart. I taught my first child to read at age 4. She entered Kindg and was placed in higher achiever class and Glory be to Him is still in higher achiever. I don't remember how I did it though. It wasnt by sight words I know that. I taught her during tv commercials, watching an evening sitcom (Seinfeld), very informal and playing around. Now my 2nd daughter is four. Has same energy to learn. But woo-es Mama-mia 2nd time around, lol. Tried Jada A video, made the AEIOU chart, and after 2 words pronunication like Ba-Be-Bi-Bo-Bu or Da-De-Di-Do-Du for example, I think it became overwhelming for her (and me).
    Tried the Bob books, but she wasnt grasping that because Bob has 3 letter words and we ended up pausing on 2 letter pronunciation. So you are to-ta-ly correct in that there are words that does not like they are written.
    So jumping on the index cards.
    Funny now that I think about it I put the alphabet on index cardz (1 letter per card) and taught her letter pronunciation then swtiched to the chart. She learned the index card alphabet in one work week. So going to do this method starting tomorrow and printing my sight words list. You have restored my hope. You need to be on tv. Your way is sooo easy and painless and just minutes a day.

  5. It;s alwas good to let your child see your reading often. whether it's a book newspaper o even a comic book. bieng in an envoirment that promotes reading will instill a love of reading for pleasure.

  6. Should my child be saying the words with me or should I just encourage him to listen? Thanks in advance for a reply. I would really like to get started. 😊

  7. There are millions of video on YouTube, like you said showing the finish process of teaching their kids how to read but never the process or trying to sell the process so really appreciate you making this video. Thank you

  8. Hi, thanks for this video! I started doing this with my 4 Year old on Wednesday. Today is Friday and he knows the words already in and out of order. This is huge! I’m so excited! I homeschool and are planning on incorporating this and phonics to teach him to read! Thanks!!!

  9. Hi, Thank you so much for this. My only concern is the time. I work over 9 hours a day so trying to do this with them 5 times a day is almost impossible. Is it okay to increase the number of times I say the words per session?

  10. Thank you for this video I wish I would have seen this video years ago. My son is 5 my second day doing this technique and he remembered 4/5 words.

  11. Hello. My son is 3 months old. Could I start this process now? If so how will I know if he is comprehending or remembering the words if he is not speaking yet? How long should I stay on one set of words?

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