32 thoughts on “How to teach your Betta 4 different tricks”

  1. When I Was Trying The First One I Was Getting Bored Then Suddenly It Jumped I Got Scared I Didnt Expect It To Do It XD

  2. 75% of these commenters shouldn’t go anywhere near a fish…or any other living thing for that matter, Jesus Christ.

  3. I miss my fish, she lived for 4 yrs, I love her, i've had her for a long time. I miss you Lucy! 🐟🐟🐠🐠😿💔

  4. no filter and plastic plants ! well done learning your betta doing tricks was the missing peace of the puzzle !

  5. My betta Boink does flips and my betta Ghoul flares at his reflection these were natural skills I didn’t teach them

  6. My betta always watches me when I’m crying 😢 and idk I look up and see his lil body looking right at me and it makes me feel better

  7. My betta fish will bite my targeting stick… it started following the stick RIGHT away is this bad? Should I not use the stick anymore? Or is that not normal?

  8. I talk my beta by saying who’s hungry and he poked his nose on the top of the water, I swear (( it looked like he always talked to me )) lol he only listen to me, i was incredibly shocked that they car hear.. ..

    I’m going to teach it to jump next .. . .

  9. I can't teach my Betta the flaring on command one because it already KNOWS the mirror is just a reflection of itself ;(

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