How to teach your baby to crawl…

Oh is your baby six months and older and is still not crying crawling well this is David he's not crawling yet there's tricks on how to teach him to crawl faster crawlin is very important if your baby will crawl it will develop their physical strength when they become watch it will also make them navigate better they will so they will go through things it's they will also have binocular vision so if they need to crawl to Walter there and they don't know how far is it but when they start crawling when they start they will learn that they'll get really really wise also when your kid starts crawling you have to make sure there's no wires because they like to grab on wires they like to grab things so we have this ball green ball where he really loves so the faster way to learn how to crawl put your baby on the ball make sure these hands touch the floor and kind of roll the ball around and let them touch the floor come on you can do it this ball is a little big but you could do it and let him learn like this this is see how he does it and this is how they will learn crawl is very important there brain on both sides develop a lot better if your baby crawl make sure they crawl before they start walking it is very important see how he does it it's very interesting do not do not make him crawl when they just eat you like it

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  1. Mera beta 9 month ka h or vo bilkul nhi sarkta balke ulta hone p bahut rota h.. to ap Koi aasan tarika btae ki vo aaram s sarakne n. 1 taraf betha n rahe


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