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many people have asked me Valley why do you use Moodle why should I use Moodle what is Buddha offer that other course management systems do not my name is Nellie Deutsch and I've been using Moodle since 2003 Moodle has been changing and undergoing many developments since then Moodle is open source which means that a lot of people are involved in making these changes let's take a look at a demo course where you can come in take a look and ask to become a teacher so that you can also change and manipulate some of these activities and resources so let's take a look at it as a teacher first thing I do is take a look at the left and the center and I notice that there's nothing on the right I want to get rid of all of this navigation on the left all I need to do is toggle not every Moodle has this feature but it's a plugin that the administrator of a Moodle or if you're a manager you can ask for it to be added so there it is toggle full screen content mode if you hover your mouse over it that's what you'll get first thing I do is I turn editing on as a teacher so let's do that now and see what we can do in a Moodle course it now says turn editing off which means that it's on notice what's up here got lots of topics and I can add more plus or remove some with the – the wheels are your editing icons and over here you'll find a bulb that you can turn on and highlight this area and an eye or you can hide it and there is neat to hide things from students as you work on areas and everything has the hide/unhide feature all the activities and resources I'm going to now add an activity or resource at least show you what's there every Moodle has various activities but most of the resources are set so we've got going through alphabetical order assignment attendance for the students a certificate at the end chatbox checklist for the students to follow a choice question like a poll database where you can add information and share it for the students external – where you can bring things from the outside like Quizlet and other external tools you just embed them very simple feedback form forums games you can see them glossary which is like a dictionary where students and the instructor can add information group choice which is similar to the choice but here it's by groups hot potato you're not familiar with it it's a quiz template lesson mind map newsletter questionnaire quiz and other kind quiz unlike hot potatoes scheduler we can schedule meetings with your students for teachers of here training teachers corn package which comes set and can be added very easily it could be a workshop it could be a course program you can find that online for free sloodle which is a way to connect Second Life with Moodle social wiki survey a regular wiki unlike a social wiki with IQ live class a workshop and that's it in the resources you can have a book which is like a book with chapters and pages and subchapters table of contents you could have a file that you can add upload from your computer the folder where you can add the files an IMS Content package which comes ready-made you just had it a label like any label page that you can generate create and a link or URL all of these things have an editor so that when you add them you get lots of multimedia features when I say editor I'll show you what that looks like now notice here when you click on any of these you get a long sometimes really long explanation of what it is and what you can do with it so you don't need to remember anything and can try things out as you go you can always delete and try with your colleagues and see how it works attendance you also get information about attendance information about the certificate not much because we all know what a certificate is checked I want to show you a forum so you see that there are different kinds of forums notice how many different kinds of forums there are and how they can be used let's take a look at the forum and go there now just to show you what the editor that which editor looks like so there I am wait a few seconds and here we are this is an editor right now it's quite simple I'm going to click over here so that you get an idea of what it looks like when you open it up and every activity every resource everything on Moodle has this did I tell you that Moodle also has a link for each activity each resource every single thing that's added on the Moodle by students and teachers it's actually clickable you can go up to the top in your browser window and you'll get the link of the specific activity or resource' I'll show you that in a minute so first of all we need to add a poem notice the asterisks here if it's red it's a month if you hover your mouse over it you'll get a question mark and if you click on it it'll tell you you must supply a value here so let's call it demo and then a description here there's no asterisks you don't need to add anything now if you add something you might want to display the description look at these question works question marks are actually help help with display description on course page if you click on that you get an explanation is now wonderful so every question mark if you hover your mouse over it'll say help with forum type if you click on it notice what you get here and this is what I was talking about there are five form types single simple discussion each person post take a look at it very very helpful and if you open up the menu you'll get the different kinds of discussion forms there's the standards where I'm ticked off now standard form displayed from the blog format cuing eight each person post one discussion or a single simple discussion unclear choice you are of course you don't remember she go back to the question mark click on it and here you go and it tells you exactly what each one is we're gonna take the standard attachments and word count okay what's the size here you can get explanation click on it you get explanation on the question one you can open it up you've got I don't want to upload so loud I don't want students to upload and that's the number of attachments well it's not relevant because I'm not attaching anything if you want to know click on the question mark can you get the information now you might want to have word count for your students so that they have to write a certain number of words to qualify for a grade okay and here you'll get the explanation for that as well subscription tracking optional you'll get all of this is very very relevant here blocking it'll tell you exactly what it means great now here's and categorize but you might want to categorize it and there's a way to do that grace to pass it determines the minimum grade and so on ratings you can raped by points in other words you can give grades here it's note but if you want an average of ratings you want everyone's the students and the teacher to add points you might have out of a hundred you might have a scale that you can set up pass or fail you can also set up the skill restrict ratings to items with the dates you might want them to only do this from a certain date to common module settings lots of information here visible show you want to show or you want it hidden remember I told you hide or unhide you wanted to show ad groups or groups you can have groupings no group separate groups and if you don't know what these are you go into the question mark click on it and you'll get explanation there are three options no group separate groups visible groups and so on so you get a chance to see that restrict you might want to restrict this form and all of the features under form are available under each activity and resource and then of course activity completion and Moodle tracks everything you might want students to have a great for you to grade in any case let's save and return to course the Moodle everything on the Moodle all the activities are set by default by the administrator of the Moodle and that might you so you might want to make some changes or ask for changes so here is the way the form looks it's called I called the demo remember I don't like what I see here I can change the name and call it demo three or two okay and then I just clicked in there it's demo – I want to make other changes I'll make them on the right here okay I'll open this menu right here and see what's here notice menu is the arrow pointing down and it's setting has moved to the right show or not show duplicate I can duplicate things I don't have to work too hard and put one in each topic section or I can delete the whole thing and forget about it very easy let's move it see it can move how far can it go well as far as you what you see moving so lots of amazing features we can move it to the left move it to the right wherever you want it to be and you might think well why would I move it well you might have something above you can also move this okay up and down to various places here there's nothing you can also go in edit summary of this topic topic 0 and I might want to give it a name if I don't it's going to be called topic 1 or no topic let's click on it to make the change tickles and now I can add whatever I want I'm gonna call it trying things out of just something I can give a summary but I don't have to notice but notice again the rich editor now when I say rich I mean you can grab a mic and speak straight from the editor and say whatever you have to say allow and speak I'm gonna speak hello this is now and then I'm going to insert before I do I need okay so let's start all over okay again I click on it allow I'm speaking anyways okay so stop I spoke stop because I'm double here there it is okay and then I can just save it in addition I can also get a webcam up and you'll be able to see me now hello and I can record through this stop and insert okay notice it's kind of connected here but let me move it down okay so there you have SLV i can also add take a photo of myself right there extract from the editor there are other things that they are that regular editors have you may be familiar with it on word Google Drive and so on so there I am going to take my photo and of course I'm going to insert and there's my photo let's add this further up there oops I just deleted it well no problem if you delete something you can always bring it back not going to but if you have you my mouse over these you'll get undo there we go okay you can go backwards all I wanted to do was get rid of this okay so let me just oh there we go no I want to put it back here I just copied it and I'm going to paste it there it is okay so I've got everything here notice other things here that you can use and if you hover your mouse you'll see Direction left to right here writing Arabic or Hebrew you might want to go from right to left you can also add things and move things okay if you don't know what that is you hover your mouse it will tell you its indent increase indent decrease and then this is a line right everything was here you just need to hover you can also get headings of different sizes you can get images by going in and getting your image find file in your computer you can do it there by choose file okay no file selected yet or you can use Flickr box and so on to get Flickr public of course unless you've got your own and get images from there or you can just go straight to your computer and choose a file and then you simply click on upload that's how easy it is okay let's cancel this but that's how it's done so take a look at the features if you're a math teacher you may want to have these signs if you want to go into the HTML and you can also do that and in bit but for YouTube videos you don't need to embed you simply go up here at the top to if you hover your mouse you'll see that it says insert Moodle media you go in here and you can get click on find or upload and then you can get your here's also Microsoft one you can get your youtube videos by simply adding them here or your Google Drive once you do that you simply scroll down and you go into Save Changes notice again the restrictions are also here you might want your students to see this later on so here we are we're saving and here everything is here you've got the video the image the audio they're all here okay now we're going to show you how to go from right to left right here so you can go back we are right here you can see it's always open this is the course this is the category and then courses dashboard is my personal dashboard where everything goes it's my customized page going to go on now we are going to go now to topic number two where we can continue adding so let's go into topic number two okay just to show you what's here I'm going to how simple it is to act all we need to do when you go into and these are all set up the topics unless you give them a label remember they're all set up so you go into these topics and all you need to do is just add an activity or resource that is it that's what Moodle is about you're invited to use Moodle for teachers and create your course for free if it's free and use it for example for evil for further information on how you can use the Moodle website and add your courses simply go into this area this area right here it says offline might be online if I'm there and then just move it by holding on to it notice with your mouse add your name email message and send and I'll get back to you right away you'll be surprised how fast so thank you so much hoping to hear from you and feel free to use Moodle for teachers website

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  1. Thank you for sharing with other teachers. This is useful material . Looking forward to May 2019 training

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