so are you interested in teaching private English conversation classes but you just don't know where to start in this video I'm going to give you five tips and resources to help you get started and if you'll organize teaching private classes so hi my name is Lindsay and I make videos on teaching in Spain and career and life topics in general so if you're interested in those topics please subscribe to my channel and give this video a thumbs up so in this video I just want to give you guys some ideas and help you get started teaching private English conversation class so tip number one first thing you're going to want to do is advertise your classes so I recommend using Craigslist or any like online classified website to advertise your classes for free and also you kind of want to do a little research to figure out what is like the going price in your area and I recommend starting out a little bit high you can always lower your rates but just go ahead and start out a high on the high end or something that you really think you want and just start advertising on the website every single day now if it's like really urgent and you want to get classes as soon as possible then you're probably going to want to start with like maybe a lower rate just to go ahead and get people interested in your class now weird a caution once people start contacting you um sometimes has happened in the United States I don't know if it happens in other countries but I'm assuming it probably does but often times of using Craigslist or another like open online classified website there are so many scammers out there and they're people even scamming you with ESL classes for example people often contact me and say hey my son or daughter is going to be in your area for a month they just what inless class is three times a week how much will that be let me know and that you'd get you guys are just texting whatever but then as soon as you like send them back a amount that's going to be there like okay alright give me your name give me your address I'm going to go ahead and send you the trick so you guys can get started next week red-flag any time to ask for information or they ask for information like this affront scam just run away don't text those people anymore only contact those people willing to meet in person and paying in cash tip number two once you start to develop interest in your classes and people are contacting you real people you're going to want to set up days and times to me with them and I recommend meeting at least twice a week if not three times a week for a minimum of an hour to an hour and a half to get the most bang for your buck in addition the first meeting I recommend it to be just a free meeting just so you can kind of get to know them so that goes into my tip number three when you're meeting for the first time and you guys are just getting to know each other make sure you bring a pin and notebook and write down topics or interests that they're interested in talking about or learning about it might be just um business topics it might just be like conversation it might be topics for their specific field or career field but just go ahead and start making notes of all those who can plan your classes around those topics also don't forget to ask your students to bring a pin and notebook as well to take notes alright so tip number four you're going to want to go home and start preparing the curriculum now you can go online and just like Google different topics related to their interest and just find articles that you can take and talk about you can find articles from like Huffington Post or like New York Times or like the big newspapers to talk about or additionally like something I recommend and I like to follow it's like a book the book that I recommend that a lot of websites and people recommend for private english conversation classes is this book right here it's called compelling conversations and this book does say it's for advanced ESL textbook students but you can also use this for intermediate or just like upper beginner you can kind of adjust it to whatever level your student is at and the thing I like about this book is that it actually it talks about all boy from just getting to know the student it talks about like everyday life it talks about like career topics and just other areas of interest and honestly it covers a really broad range of topics so for getting started and just having a curriculum to kind of go through I recommend using this book I'll drop the link below if you want to find out more about it generally I might print off like a couple of chapters the questions and just use those for a couple of weeks until we go through all the questions and then print off a few more just as needed it's pretty easy pretty basic um in addition if you're interested in adding grammar topics I'll add some books below that are also good for you know having some structure in your grammar lessons um for me like I prefer to just teach mostly conversation so you can find the link to this book and other books below in the description alright so tip number five as you're going through the lessons with your students make sure they write down like new vocabulary or just things that are new for them so when they do this you can actually get them to turn this into homework so for example if they write down five to ten different words you can say hey go over those words and go home for homework and write five to ten sentences or we know one sentence for each word so that I know that you understand really how to use this word and when you come back to class make sure for the first five or ten minutes you go over the homework and you go over those sentences and the vocabulary to make sure that they understand those words and additionally if you want to practice the vocabulary pronunciation out loud two or three times but also be really helpful for your students usually another thing I do for homework is also print off articles like I mentioned before or recommend a YouTube video for them to watch and just make just write a little some Brown in five to six seven sentences summary on the topic or the article and just go over that when they come back to cost and just have a little conversation to see how well they understood that article or video alright so there you have it those are my five tips and recommendations for resources and getting started in teaching English conversation classes if you have any other suggestions please write them in the comments below or if you have any questions you can also drop them in the comments below if you found this video helpful please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel if you're interested in seeing more videos like this and thanks so much for watching

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  1. Do you have any questions or suggestions for teaching private classes? Please share in the comments below!

  2. Lots of useful tips there. Thanks!

    I just have one bugbear, and it's a widespread error that I hear many English teachers make. The word is 'pronunciation' not 'pronounciation'. It's pronounced like 'pro-none-see-ey-shun'. So important to get this word right as teachers considering what the word means! 😀

  3. what kid or rate do you recomend for a 25 min lesson. I have no experience teaching nor a degree but I think it would still be helpful for a non native to talk with me and practice convo skills. thanks

  4. great vids and tips as usual, Lindsey…  just out of curiousity, are you back in So FL to stay, or are you looking to keep going abroad to teach? What are you doing for a living now, teaching ESL only?

  5. Ooh your videos are so helpful, subscribed! You might have a video about this, but for moving to Andalucia, how much money would you suggest that I arrive with, for a pretty simple and modest lifestlye? Thank you!

  6. Thank you for these tips they're really useful, the books you mentioned are great specially the one in the links Practice Makes Perfect English Conversation because it explains common phrases and idioms which is crucial if you want to learn "real" english and not standard text book english if you know what I mean. Another great book I found is Social Expressions by Betty Kirkpatrick if anyone wants to check it out, thank you again!

  7. hello great video !im starting a begginer class ,do you think its helpfull to speak in their native language to explain or to conduct the whole class in only english?

  8. I hope you don't speak that quickly with children – jesus christ. Also, I hope you don't say LIKE as much as the video. LIKE LIKE LIKE.

  9. Great video. Just a funny comment! Idk why your way of talking looks as if you were about to yawn all the time hahahah. Thanks for the tips!!!

  10. I've only taught ESOL K-5, and helped one adult who was just at the beginning stages of writing and the only resources I had were those I used with my elementary students. Granted, it was very effective but I would never want to teach an adult with only children's material again. This video was very helpful. I feel like I am incredibly qualified to teach reading, writing, and conversation to an extent, but it's the grammar work that mystifies me. My Master's was not in ESOL, and so I'm pretty much self-taught. That's why I need my CertTESOL. Thanks so much for this video and your tips on teaching adults!

  11. Hi Lindsey. If you ever want to come to Lima, Peru to teach English conversation, I can help you. Peru is a great country and there is a real big demand here for native (American/Canadian) teachers. The secret to make money is to teach upper class business people conversation and listening skills and not the basic skills (general population.) Hope to hear from you soon!

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