26 thoughts on “How to Teach Primary Music Lessons”

  1. This is not easy for children. I prefer Orff Approach, with lot of movement. This is like a dressage.

  2. You can tell this is a young woman who doesn't have children herself probably, not very warm and children friendly feeling from her. Kind of rigid and uncomfortable to be around. Loud and annoying voice too. Would be a great for teaching cheer leading for football teams :):)

  3. Pretty horrible lesson, honestly. The children were barely engaged in most activities, and singing loud isn't actually very good for children's voices. Music is individual and flowing; this is a great example of how large-group, one-size-fits-all classes stymie a child's artistic expression.

  4. Really good! It's a very nice way to makethe children feel and live the music as they are learning. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Hello I am keith and im a music teacher. im opening my music school soon. i hope i can ask advise from your academy and i hope i can link my school to your academy. hope to get connected with you

  6. This is a very well done lesson. Culver's guide to evaluation: high energy in beginning opening routine, good review of skill beat and rhythm with song, refinement of skill with students learning song game, then large chunking of song singing of Afrikan song play-through, showing rhythm with song and students echo, tying back to refinement of skill in beat, uses question, voice inflection with variety of high and low, nice facial range and envelope of eye contact with students. Closing routine is excellent with slowing down of energy for preparation to next class. Bravo, this is a highly trained music instructor who is well prepared, courteous, a good role model, and knowledgable in music learning!

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