How to Teach Online: A Day in the Life of an Online, Independent Teacher

so we have a problem hello this is Jack from teaching ESL and in this video I'm going to give you an insight into an average day of an online teacher and if you're new here then know that I teach English as a second language and I also help English teachers or foreign language teachers with their online business – we may need to make this video for a while last night I just decided to do it now I am in Bank Creek which is an area near where we live and the reason I'm here is because a lot of my students on my English Learning Channel really like when I make videos outside in nature and it's a beautiful day in November I thought why not take a long walk make some videos and make this video as well now I'm going to be sharing lots of different things I'm going to be in my office later I'm going to talk about email marketing teaching one-to-one lessons my story and hopefully this will give you a great insight into what online teachers do now if you would like to teach online and learn how to do this then there is a link in the description that gives you a free mini course and it goes over how to get started as an online teacher so definitely check that out just picked up a coffee now I am back in the office this is a really cool place for me to work there is a balcony that overlooks one of the main parks in downtown Nashville a meeting room kitchenette and this office in general is just great before I mentioned I would talk about one-to-one versus online courses because when I got started teaching online in 2011 I focused on one-to-one lessons and this is where as a language teacher you can meet students on skype at them the language that you're teaching and I did this for about three or four years before I started to do other things and there's something called the baby effect my son was born in 2013 and that's when I start to get really motivated about doing other things so I tried a few things at first I created a book that was for people taking the IELTS exam which is an exam a lot of English learners take I then started a new course a program on a platform called whiz IQ you can see the artwork on your screen now that went pretty well it was like six lessons they were life lessons but it was moving towards the one-to-many model I repeat that course in May I think it was of that year but then in November of 2014 I created the to fluency program where I took the idea behind that course put it into about 30 videos and they created a membership site where people had to pay to access those videos and then since then I've focused solely on creating online courses and selling these online courses and I have a course for English teachers and one for English learners so like I said if I have two different brands some teachers starting out will go straight into online courses because they think okay this is the model I want to work with and they are willing to put in the work to build an audience to build the product and to create everything you need to do in order to sell those courses other teachers prefer to start with one-to-one teaching well they work with people understand the problems that they have and then in the background their building towards having this online course so if you're thinking about doing online courses or teaching one-to-one think about your current situation whether you want to get that experience teaching one-to-one or if you want to just jump in it and sell online courses what I'm going to do now is edit a video that I recorded yesterday I'm using Final Cut Pro to do this this video is a little bit different for me because I'm I'm going to show you a little bit this in British and American English I have a headache I've got a headache I have a headache I've got a headache what makes this video a little bit different is I'm trying some new things normally I have very structured videos where I try to give English in context this one it's more about teaching people phrases but what I'm going to do is offer a free download with it so people can get the repetition they need and I'm also going to send people to a video my wife and I recorded so that they can get this English in context because we use a lot of the phrases I use in this video in that video too here is my youtube channel I have fifty two thousand six hundred subscribers and I've been doing YouTube videos or making youtube videos for about four years now I used to have a different channel but this is the one I focus on at the moment it's called to fluency I'll leave a link in the description so you can check it out a lot of what we have discussed in this video so far is making videos because that is what I spend a lot of my time doing but if you are new to online teaching you don't want to make videos straight away know that you can find students without having to make videos having a welcome video does help you connect with the learner who visits your webpage or whatever platform you're using but just know it's not necessary you can do other things instead for example you can create an online calendar using Kevan Lee calm I'll leave a link in the description then ask people if they would like to take a free trial lesson with you they choose a time and a date enter their details and it automatically goes on your calendar too and then when you're in this lesson discuss the problems that your learners have and talk about the option of taking further lessons with you what you can do from there once you have this calendar set up is to share it with people who would benefit from your lessons so think about old students that used to have friends or friends people that you're connected with on social media I do share this online calendar with them and then ask them to share it with their friends too so we have a problem that video I filmed for learners is not going to be usable and the reason is it went in and out focus so it was focused on my face and it went to the background my face the background and I thought well if it's only going to happen a little bit that's okay but it's super distracting it happens all the time therefore I won't be able to use that video that I filmed in the forest today these are some of the things that come up when you are creating content and being an online teacher in general what I'm going to do instead right now is record some audio so here is the microphone that I use to record audio on there is a link below there's a link below for everything for this microphone if you do want to check it out I've been using it for a long time now and I use it for when I'm filming videos in my office normally also I use it to create audio for my program and like I said before the video that I was editing before I'm gonna include audio phrases so I've actually written down in Apple notes about 30 different phrases that I'm going to record the free resources I'm creighton also going to be my program and people can join the program to get those extra resources so hopefully you can see how it all ties together I give away this free audio and a free pdf if people want the flashcards and all the other audio and flashcards then they can join the program so it kind of gives them a taster of what the program is about because in these phrases usually takes me about an hour so that's what I'm going to focus on now change the setting a little bit I'm here in the meeting room luckily it's free right now and I want to talk about the three-step plan to help you get more students or more people to sign up for your courses it's a very simple plan and it can be executed in many different ways and I'm going to look at two ways right now the first way is what I was talking about before if you're given one-to-one lessons then you set up a free calendar or a calendar people can sign up for a free trial lesson or a low-price trial lesson and that's your system it's a very simple system where people click a time and a date and then book a lesson with you the three step one is this no or be clear on who you are and how you help people have a system in place and then build awareness for it the calendar is step number two that's the system where you're telling people to book a lesson with you and they can do that easily step one is being clear on how you help people and you need to get that across in everything you do so if you create a video introduction of yourself get it across in that on the calendar page talk about why people should take a lesson with you be clear in the trial lesson why they should continue taking lessons and a lot of this comes down to who you are as a teacher what you teach how you teach and who you help and this can take many different forms so if you are new to teaching English you can offer conversational lessons but you just need to be clear on that to help you get the message across in the right way to the right people the calendar is your system it allows people to easily put those trial lessons with you and then the next part is to build awareness and I talked about this before where you contact people and tell them that they should sign up for this free trial lesson what I have been working on today with my different videos including the one that didn't work is a more complicated example of this where what I'm doing is I'm offering a free video I'm sure people who I am as a teacher and give a call to action so this is how I build awareness is by built by making YouTube videos that help people but then my system is more complicated people from that video I have the download a free book or a free resource which is directly related to the video so I create those audio phrases and I tell people you can get these for free if you click here and give me your email address once that starts happening they are in my email system under try and follow me here if they are new to me if they're not already in the system then they go down one path if they have already downloaded a book before and gone through a sales process then they go down a different path and this is where you can start getting really sophisticated and I use an email software system which is incredible once again the link is below in the description but it's very simple to use and it's very sophisticated as well the system works because it gives people what they want and it gives people the right message at the right time email marketing allows you to do this it allows you to craft a message in a story and to lead people down a path according to where they are you can give the right message at the right time in the right sequence it's really powerful once you get into it but all of this the system and my videos is based on my method of teaching and it's congruent throughout where I talk about get repetition get lots of repetition with your with your English to get these fluency phrases use your English speak as much as possible and everything I do is about this message and then the system gets quite technical and it leads towards my program I apologize for the noise well it's like around here at the moment now I figured out the whole focus an issue I've just made the focus in square a little bit smaller which means that it won't go back and forth between the background and myself which is great so what I'm going to do is I'm going to go out and film that video again tomorrow I really like the way I did it but there were a few things that I wasn't that pleased with you know apart from the focusing which was a light and the shadow was cast in the shadow this way he sort of been on my face and it made me look tighter than I am even though I'm really tired now I'm gonna end the video here I hope you found this useful I'm gonna go pick up my son now we're gonna spend the the evening at the Botanical Gardens because it's so nice out and again if you are new to online teaching then be sure to get my free mini course that goes through what you need to know to start your own online teaching business if you've enjoyed this please like and share and be sure to check out some of the videos while you're here like to watch it

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  3. Great video. I am also a teacher but I am just no good at making and editing videos and I can't find my market. It seems like there are so many Chinese companies but they want you to only teach small children and act crazy. Mmmm

  4. Hey! Thanks for the video, really helpful. I'm just wondering if you ever used a site like Udemy for your courses or do you only use your own site.

  5. My intention is to teach business English online to foreigners whose grasp of English is usually very poor. How would you recommend I make initial contact: could I email larger corporations and travel agents offering my services? I have lived in both Finland and Thailand and am aware of the awkward silence that answers my inquiries about the people I meet. People will completely clam up, even if they have a little ability to speak English, rather than make themselves look stupid in front of their colleagues. So I see a possible opening for face to face instruction, but how to alert them to the opportunity?

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  7. Hi, i have been watching your videos to help teachers to teach online… It was a huge challenge for me to speak English, and i still not so confident to put myself out there, however i have been helping people with their English in a small community.. Kind of hard to go big, because My challenge with small details, but i have been thinking a lot about teaching portuguese (my native language), actualy now Im working in getting a channel to help people with portuguese, because its my native language, i am confident enough to do it.. Making videos is harder than i thought, but im working on it. And you are being a huge inspiration for me!!!! I still a lot to go till i start, and any advice towards my idea is very welcome.. And anyone who wants to speak portuguese, i really hope to be able to help them!! Thanks so much for everything you have putting out there for us!!!

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  17. A great insight into your daily life. I have had problems with the quality of some of my first videos. However, I have decided to upload them because I feel like, at least at the beginning of my journey, getting content out there might be more important than the quality of the content.

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