How to Teach Music Theory

hi I'm Gloria st. Germain one of the most important lessons I learned as a teacher is to always continue learning I started teaching at the age of 16 while I continued to work on my music degree I wasn't a very confident teacher in fact I was overwhelmed but what I didn't know knowing theory concepts is one thing but teaching them hmm that's another thing so what I've discovered and what I'd like to share with you is how to teach theory in 15 minutes covering all the concepts and being sure your students understand everything how to teach theory in group providing individual attention and what to do if they're not all at the same level how to incorporate ear training and sight reading into a theory lesson so students learn to hear what they see I'm going to share all this with you in our new teacher certification it's called the ultimate music theory certification course in this new exciting course you'll also learn exciting new techniques for teaching that'll show you how to introduce complex theory concepts with a step-by-step method that makes it easy to teach quickly and effectively so students will really get it helping students build confidence self-esteem and have them running into class excited about learning theory how to teach theory in private or group classes with UMT done-for-you lesson plans that will inspire your students to learn understand and retain incredible amounts of information while addressing each individual learning style cutting-edge teaching strategies that almost guarantee every student scores above 92 percent in preparatory basic intermediate and advanced rudiments while showing them the right way to study the right way to take a test and the right way to implement the concepts that they've learned you will learn all this and much more in our incredible three-day ultimate music theory certification course

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