How to Teach English to Kids with Meddeas

hi my name is Bridget I'm 24 years old I'm from Boston Massachusetts and misses my experience teaching English through experiences with the dais in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria being able to get outside the classroom and learn through science and exploration has been amazing at my school we took a field trip to the Jardin canario to study the plant and animal life in the natural botany of the island of las Palmas de Gran Canaria students also enjoy using science by looking up recipes in English to make slime using health and wellness vocabulary students worked in groups to brainstorm and to present to the class their health story teaching through movement and music is a large part of my curriculum students love getting up jumping around and really shaking out all the sillies teaching some american dance moves is fun too they often do yoga with my students to calm them down Center them and start the day it's also pretty cool that they now know some yoga and English we also do obstacle courses and of course plenty of laughs and fun my students really enjoy learning through arts and crafts by giving them a simple project they have to learn the different colors shapes names and numbers of what we're doing in order for them to be creative and make their own arts and crafts students are always proud and eager to take home and share work with their family their new arts and crafts that they made English class we also do many arts and crafts around English and American holidays and traditions students then share their traditions with me a fun way to learn vocabulary and get creative is learning English through reading English books and then doing little projects about the books we also love to play games games are a great way to encourage students to really express themselves and learn English in different ways and of course who doesn't like trying new foods in my class I also focus on learning through technology there are many great websites to play English games and students love feeling independent on the computer and of course don't forget the most important friendship my favorite part is seeing the friendships grow the bonds strengthen and all the fun that I have had with my students Thank You Matias

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