How to Teach English as a Second Language in China: ESL Jobs

hey guys in this video we're gonna talk about the acronym so that's ESL TEFL what what do they mean and then once we figure that out we'll talk about the jobs the different kinds of jobs you can get within that world and then finally you know what what are those jobs like what do they like welcome back in case you remember I'm Zack and this is Heather I'm Heather yeah we would root with EF so we're here to talk about ESL jobs so you know tell you a little bit more about them what you can expect yeah so there's a couple different terms you'll hear depending on where you're from or we've been one is ESL that stands for English is a second language and the other is TEFL TEFL which stands for teaching English as a foreign language and both refer to teaching English to speakers of other languages so there's a few different types of those ESL jobs here in China one is public school so that's actually I got my start as a teacher I was working in a public high school in some tiny tiny town and it was really fun my classes were huge I have 70 kids in the classroom they were shoulder shoulders sitting on these little benches but they had so much energy it was really it was a lot of fun and after doing a year that you know I actually wanted to move in a place that where I get a little bit more support training you know to grow and develop as a teacher and that's how I came to an EF training school where it was far smaller classes maximum sorry yeah what's with training schools that's another area of the English teaching industry basically you'll find a lot of types of training centers here adults kids maybe even online but basically it's schools that focus only on teaching English that's outside of students public school hours are outside of their working hours and yeah the class sizes are definitely smaller ya know its maximum of 16 and our kids and teens classes and then in our adult centers it's we have the 25 student workshops maximum 25 students right which are kind of you know active energetic classes and then we have the face to faces which are maximum of four a little bit smaller a little bit more into for those but across all these jobs you'll find that ours are pretty consistent it's typically 20 hours of teaching per week of course there's additional office time job right so there's lesson planning time what else happens during those yeah lesson planning staff meetings communicating with other other members of staff and there are also international school they're private schools of other kinds in China but the main reason that you would be looking for an ESL job in China is probably to travel while you earn a decent wage yeah so for training centers specifically the wage is definitely comfortable salary you'll be receiving and in other other areas of the industry as well but yeah so it's kind of a sliding scale right so smaller towns the cost of living is a little bit less and you can you know you'll make a little bit less money but you still can live very comfortably you know for what you're gonna be spending your money on bigger cities a little bit more going on a little bit more higher prices and things like that and there you will have a higher salary in those kinds of situations as well and so across the board teachers live comfortably one thing I've always noticed is that a lot of teachers have ice which is Chinese for housekeepers so that's someone who can you know pick up after you which is I never thought I would have oh I don't have one now of course I clean up after myself all the time but you could if you wanted to even if you didn't want to admit to it and another big factor is being able to save money or send at home which I do every single month when I was teaching in the south and now that I've been here so that's definitely possible me too yeah understanding more about ESL jobs abroad and here in China you can ask some questions in the comment section down below yeah subscribe for more videos yes you can I mean it probably really excited ready to go so you can also just go to our website and apply for a job right or you can subscribe just go apply right now so subscribing apply all right but so back to the phone I had to ride the other escalator all the way back down to wait for my phone to finish the slinky ride luckily it's cheap

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