How to teach BOW FROM DOWN – Dog Tricks

and hi guys I wanted to show you how I teach the behavior of going from it down into a bow for dogs that just aren't getting it any other way you need a nice soft couch that the dog feels comfortable laying down on and what you do is while they're in the deposition you simply pull the treat over the edge of the couch and click and the back end movement what you're looking for is the dog missing to start raising their bottom into the air as they reach for the treat now keep us gonna produce a very long neck so here we go awesome now you want to feed the dog in the position unless the dog stands up so if the dog stands out you can just cue the dog to lay down in awesome but if they're keeping their bum in the air you can click and feed the dog with them up in the air so you're clicking the movement of getting into the bag and you can click and reinforce your dog for staying in the back and so I went to add duration right from the start so that the dog doesn't think it's just a movement of getting into the barreling down unless that's the trick that you want when the dog is reliably getting into the battle position when you move your hand then you can start to add your verbal cue so you can say Bravo awesome and I'd like to use the cute bow because I like to use the cute down for the position of laying down and they can sound very similar so curtsy is another one that my friend deuces are you ready keep robbing and tug Bravo splash Bravo all damn good splash Bravo 10 Bravo tug down splashdown all Bravo oh damn tug Bravo splash Bravo

23 thoughts on “How to teach BOW FROM DOWN – Dog Tricks”

  1. This will be a great addition to my dog's other tricks, especially because the "bow" is his all favourite trick. Thank you!

  2. TeeHee… Youtube told me that they would put no adds on this video because of its explicit content!!!

  3. So glad you are making videos again! I seriously copy exactly what you post. So my dogs are like little clones of yours. Thank you so much for all your info!!!

  4. Thank you so much for this video and this tip! I’ll definitely try it since it was being really difficult to find a way to teach this!

  5. I needed this! I was trying to teach from a stand, using my arm to keep my dog up. He kept going in to a down. This seems much better, going to try it out. I also use the word down so I'll try a different cue! 😊

  6. 怎麼與為何要教狗鞠躬邀玩





  7. I love your techniques, I just taught my puppy your right and left paw for hi and bye in just 4 sessions & when we started he wasn't even giving a paw yet. You ROCK!! 🐶💓

  8. This is so so smart! I was struggling with this. Thank you so much! My dogs would get weirded out if I put anything under them to keep their rear up when I tried teaching it. Thank you!

  9. OMG! That is super bizarre! That is what I was just thinking about and was look it up on your YouTube channel earlier today but could find it. So I typed it in on Google on how to teach the "Take a bow, from a down position"! But nothing came up and now her you are with a demo! so strange… but thank you so very much for the video!! You are the best!

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