22 thoughts on “How to teach and train your brain to Get What You Really Want ? – John Assaraf”

  1. And a very very very IMPORTANT news for me and you, I'm doing a Public Talk in Los Angeles, "How to be more confident and live an inspiring life" so if you are there join me 🙂
    If you know people share them the info :

    You will learn a step by step process.

    ps : It will be a in very small group, so it's your time to book your seat 🙂

  2. If you could just interrupt a bit less and deliver longer, more clear (slower if you have to) English language sentences for your questions this would be lot more watchable.
    John is an amazing guy.

  3. I have a question, why is it that when am on the bed immediately am awake after a nap or sleep, I worry so much and get scared of dire things in my life? This is unlike when am fully awake and out of bed.

  4. I’m not impressed with your fake French accent. You lost credibility immediately and showed disrespect to your audiences mentality. Windbag joke

  5. Never say that you are willing to do whatever it takes. This is what causes people to lie, deceive, cheat, steal and do other nasty things. It is the epitome of justifying immoral actions, as you tell yourself that the end justifies the means.

  6. I wish I could see the "before" … For someone who looks so cool and collected and together, I'd love to see what he was like before to see how much he has changed. That would just finish it off … to see the before and after.

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