How to Teach a Toddler to Talk – 3 Tips- Speech Therapy for Toddlers

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  1. My youngest is turning 3 and half and is not absorb at a nursery class because he cannot talk and has having a hard time expressing himself. I got him sit-in at the same class for months hoping he would cope up some activities and words with children at his age. It's killing me to think that he is way behind other kids but still hopeful that this is just a temporary thing.

  2. I'm at the point that I give up when it comes to teaching my child…they diagnosed my son to be mild autistic at two years. I try my best to teach him words and have him try to eat solid foods…I spend days depressed and unmotivated because I just see no difference even with on going therapy and now I gotta do ABA therapy. I look up videos here to see if I can do anything different…do you have any suggestions to make a two year old eat solid food?
    I'm in tears sometimes because it's difficult

  3. I had to take speech in elementary school and still sometimes slip with my speech im scared my daughter will come out with the same speech problems i have i can hwar the same letter i have problems speaking she has problems with too

  4. Thank you for your very helpfull vid. Puttong all my hopes into this now with my late talker

  5. Just a nun taking care of 4 years baby boy he can count Alfa bets ,,he knows furniture's by name..,he counts 1_100, now the problem is he doesn't listen to anybody nor talk to anyone…, and he can't repeat anything you tell him to…actually whatever he knows he just learned from the YouTube… What might be the problem?

  6. My Daughter is 3.5 years. She can only speak limited words. She has no problem with her motor skills, able to understand and able to follow instructions. But just that she used more actions than words.

  7. This was very encouraging I can’t wait to use this on my son! He’s 2 1/2 and is a late speaker yet he’s fully potty trained and feed himself with silverware lol. He is just not into talking yet.

  8. Moms don’t beat yourself up. Look into early intervention in your state. NY provides it for free. I was worried about my 2 yr son not speaking. He was evaluated. He is going to get speech, developmental and occupational therapy 2xs a wk. Best of luck to all mommy’s out there. I know it’s not easy raising these little ones

  9. Hi , my baby 12month old but she doesn't understand anything she understands just give five that's it(( it makes me feel bad , what can I do please answer my question thanks so much .and one more thing maybe she is confused?we speak 2 language is it make her confused?maybe thats why she doesn't understand?

  10. Ur videos really nice helpful how to teach my son to cha la tha x plzz upload video all phonics sound to teach child

  11. Hi. My child is almost 4 and only speaks limitedly with 2 to 3 words at the most in a sentence. She also cannot use a spoon and fork without struggling. Is this normal? There is a lack of understanding. I asked her to get her chair and she was lost and went to her closet. She babbles a lot and it is soo difficult to understand her when she communicates. Is this normal for a 3 year old who is 4 months away from being 4

  12. Hello thank you so much. I have a 2 and a half year old baby. He knows his colors abc some counting and animals, but refuses to repeat words after le. What do you suggest?

  13. hi my daughter is 3yr old. and she is not speak yet. she speak mmy papa normally but when we are asking her call your mom she donot speak. but she knows who is her mother father but i donot know what is the reason behind

  14. Hey ! My girl is 17 months old and doesn’t speak like don’t communicate with us. She just say mummmm bubbbb that means nothing as she doesn’t know to call us as mama or dada. She is my first child and brought up in isolation with less social circle. Is that normal?

  15. My daughter just turned 3 and she’s still very behind all of the other kids her age. We try everything to get her to talk and repeat the simple words like; cup, food, more, etc. but we aren’t really getting anywhere. So I was wondering if you would give me some tips on helping her out. Please and thank you

  16. Oh wow I have to try this with my grandson he is almost 3 and does not talk like he should be …he will repeat color words but not number words…

  17. My daughter will be 2 next month and says about 10 words but understands what im saying and follows what i ask her to do. Do u think i should take her to a speach therapist

  18. Love your videos. As a new SLPA you bring so much information and teaching techniques that support my new skills.

  19. Wow… Amazing.
    My child is 8years, he started talking at age 5. He still finds it had to read and pronounce clearly. What do I do?

  20. My son is3yr. Old he is late talker. When I ask him questions. He repeat this not answer. Like… u want rice or roti ? He repeat . Can you pl suggest me something. Waiting for ur reply mam. Pl

  21. Can I ask why you sign the words to the child? For example, you were signing "more" for the bubbles. Doesn't that hinder the child from speaking further because they can just sign rather than speak the words? I ask because my 18 month old speaks only a handful of words and very much only on his terms. They do teach some sign language at his daycare and in place of saying "please" when I ask him to say it, he just signs to me and won't even try to say it. Thank you in advance!

  22. Hi, My 2 y/o daughter can and does speak. She will watch the educational vids on YT and repeat. a a a a alligator, b b b b b ball etc etc. But no interaction speech, eg she knows the word cookie but will not ask for one. She knows mummy/daddy but has only used it, without prompting, once. How can I get her to speak more? I talk and read to her all day trying.

  23. hi everyone ,if anyone else needs to find out about how to encourage your toddler to talk try talk fixer formula (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my friend got amazing results with it.

  24. Do you have any suggestions for helping a child who does daycare in one language and home in a completely different language (no overlap). He will be 3 in October and speaks minimally. His comprehension in both languages is excellent and he is very verbal, just not really words.

  25. Gracias por el vídeo y es muy cierto que con los niños se aprende hablar ingles, ademas que el niño tiene fluidez en el idioma también inocentemente te dirá donde te estas equivocando

  26. I have a 26 month old, she points at things and knows a lot but won't talk. She speaks about 10 words and try's to imitate what I say. I was even worried about Autism but she doesn't have any of those symptoms other than the late talking

  27. I am trying your technique I’m trying to make it fun and simple for my 23 month old but she is not interested in repeating or attempting to repeat after me. She understands the word and performs the action but without attempting to say the word. Can you give me any advice please Kayla?

  28. Thanks for all your videos it helps a lot. My 2 year old has really taken off since I started implanting your tips and tricks. He went from saying one word to now knowing the entire alphabet, animals, shapes numbers and colors. But the only thing we struggle with now is getting him to verbalize his needs like telling me when he is hungry. Do you have a video for that?

  29. My daughter is 24months .she is saying only letters.sometimes she understands some instructions and sometimes she dont listen to us.she will point our hands to what she needs example water etc.she had an eye contact,when we are saying pointingly some words she examine us problem is she was not saying words ,sentences,no fingure pointing.please help me say some tips to solve my problem.

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