How to teach a swim lesson with kids scared to put eyes in the water

how are you mr. oh man are you okay hey I typed you crazy oh this is your goggle right thank you for the ball okay can I see your covered on your eyes can you help me with your hair hey Luz wow bigger huh I can see you can you see me okay hi again they have to send you the bull where's my ball hey Bobby Wow very good peek dig dig dig move your hand yes this vacant Kiki laughter to keep the gluten into the water movie okay with you and the water keep moving into the water okay stay closer it's very very large you oh when can I see the bowl with it look I will do bubbles on the boat can you try bubbles on the ball oh very good I fight nice bubbles again like this much I blink like this yeah hey I can keep my nose inside the water and blow bubbles look slowly continues in the wrong oh it whoa raise the ball this way the water water that quick the bodies here we have to go bomb before relax I can do for five super missiles can you go deeper with your nose there we go now we use my sugar I will try to make a point we blow bubbles and we look in the water with your high switch hey one more time and we get the boat are you ready look in the water Wow I went very good okay blow bubbles Wow catch the ball slowly keep the water move you can move you in the water and move your hand you under mister oh when oh okay look I put the ball inside the water and we look at the ball look at the ball where's the body oh wait I need to wait to wear your goggle our living wait let me check if you check better look at the ball we don't want you yes me go this way and I see you would you lose Oh big bubbles diesel this is more bubbles small big is like this listen boo deeper oh very good big Bobby don't mean the water flow look you try big Wow big Bibles bigger go deeper no don't drink the water look look look let go deeper you try yes big bubbles big follow me me me me me me me me because I touch the water in my nose try during the water you need a water Oh in point do not change watch blue bomb Yujin Wow did you go deep yes look at me you can don't ring the one don't watch it why do you drink the water just grow bubbles away let's go get my mask up again and we'll try with the master joy and gig gig move your hand take the water move your hand e Sai Baba's where you keep the water take the water and blow Bob bubbling tiptoe edit and move to hand your turn no no paisa don't go in relax five seconds slowly you can put your nose in the water my nose is wet you try the Train okay just one time and then me stop very good let's go this way whew take the water move get ahead oh yeah the water the water do not forget to move your a the ball you get them okay we try this trick all right can you jump it mister yeah okay here we need to build the trust of a day come and jump I catch you I catch you don't get jump jump jump in my hand when just get down here I'm here okay I got you promise you one more time again I guess you don't worry I'm just right here one more time come closer give me your hands whoa good boy yes okay look we can look inside the water with the mask whoa this is a prawn well my name is Rodney look look at me like a froggy hey we can look inside a water stay in my legs okay look can you look in your mask can you see can you see the ball tonight yeah the boat is doing inside the last you can see in the water because you have the mask you can see in the water Wow right Wow can you see sperner do you like it do you like it yeah we're not look in the water with the mask wow so nice right don't forget to glue the bow how you want to try the mask okay we can try to mask the mask give it in the water company we do ll in the water yeah whoa hey we do LOV babbles look at me wow so cool did you see the water look at so nice clicking the mask again and don't ring the water win okay are you feeling okay are you okay right yes I okay don't drink the water when you look in the water blue bar look if you don't drink you should don't blow the bottles you can drink water like me look if I forgot the bowels look what happen I drink water I forget bubbles don't forget mammals and you are fighting one time on only one time yay Quinn think a very good one okay let's see if she can wear the mask give it to Christian why we keep on your head wow it looks like you're flogged like this like this rip me yeah okay we get the boat keep the mask on your face move your hand keep the water okay let me fix it okay okay don't touch the mask oh good kick kick kick come on you hand kick keep it down again very good don't have some ask you was very good it was good where's the ball burning let's go get another ball oh let's go to the screen where we can cut the bottom it's easier right look the ball inside water Hey right the buddies on my feet relax looking the mast you look at it put the mask on one can you see the ball wow so could we ask my friends on skit don't overdo everybody stop in me the consider booth can you in the master this is a bird you like dirt what that is this is dumped in Philadelphia Danny asleep can you hold it for me charity pills I need you we try to fix it together very good reason relax relax relax yes with your mom yes nice Jacqueline respect them you want to see in the water you did see the work okay look in the monitor why you get in the water don't forget River security single rod can you see the wild amaz soku right well I seen you seen the water did you Wow see I need to hold this hand otherwise you remove the mask good again very good no where's the ball look your mask you can see I went to the track let's see look dumb you see today I must go underwater put the mask on you can Wow now I remove the night you very good boy high point yes it's good a very nice

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