how to teach a sustained hand touch

so the first thing we're going to do is present my hand to the side of her face it's gonna be an open hand nothing in it okay I know put it to the side of her face don't do this if you do that the dogs gonna move away if I put it here she's gonna want to investigate it the second that she makes contact with your hand you're gonna mark it and then reward so the first thing I'm gonna do is gonna have to smell or food on my hand okay then I'm gonna put it in front of the dog so they investigated yes as soon as they do I'm gonna mark him as she's never done this before yes yeah she didn't even make contact but that's fine okay that heading towards my hand is enough to start with rub a bit more yes I should get on Smith yes yes now sometimes moving your hand out away and then present it again can actually help it go through yes good yeah well done very good that's that one finished so this exercise can actually take weeks for you to train that's completely normal okay so the next step is to only take the touches which are harder so stop rewarding the ones which just make contact with your hand and you're looking for a little bit more pressure touch yes yes not looking for duration touch yes no he pushes that's what I'm looking for yes yes now that you've got your pressure starting to build you can start to look for a little bit more duration we're gonna work on just half a second to start with and then build up slowly not rushing it too fast so the dog is succeeding 85 to 90 percent of the time there we go touch yes yes now once you get a couple of seconds your dog will start to get the idea quicker and you'll be able to build up that duration a lot faster yes good now don't just keep adding more and more time on as you go what I like to do is get about three seconds worth of duration and then start working on distractions straight away once the dog can hold duration for about three seconds then we're gonna stay in traditional distractions and it doesn't have to be anything complicated it can just be hand movements to start with touch yes touch yes yeah you can then start to add a little bit more distraction to yes

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  1. Trying to teach this to my dog but unfortunately he's got into a habit of licking..any tips on how to change that?

  2. Hi Nando! Thanks for the great videos! I have to say it's very eye opening. What kind of treats do you use? Commenting from South Africa here so mentioning a brand probably won't help, if you would please comment with a description of the the type of treat might help. Thanks again!

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