How to START your CITY! – Easy Road Layout/Tutorial [ENGLISH/GERMAN] | Cities: Skylines

Wähle eine Karte aus, die du bebauen willst Pausiere das Spiel Baue eine normale Straße, damit du eine Einbahnstraße freischaltest Später kann das zu deiner Hauptautobahn werden Jetzt siehst du ein Zeitraffer, bis wir bei 1000 Einwohnern sind

100 thoughts on “How to START your CITY! – Easy Road Layout/Tutorial [ENGLISH/GERMAN] | Cities: Skylines”

  1. How can I create a road over another one, shown at 1:04 I think its called highway? never found out how to create one I have 44 hours playtime

  2. This works for the beginning, however later on when you have more traffic this will cause some issues. Nice video though!

  3. As with every other video like this, be prepared to bulldoze, rip out streets and move a ton of shit around. There's really no wrong way to start a city if you're going to do it like this since all you're really doing is unlocking things by hitting milestones and saving money. The best way way to start your city is to plan for it! Plan for widening roads, keep your industrial and commercial away from your residential zones and have at least a semblance of a plan for how you want your roads to be laid out.

  4. The only thing I differ of is that I would had put horizontal blocks to avoid having many close intersections to avoid traffic

  5. Nice little town 🙂
    I'm fairly new on this game, so there are some things i don't master yet, but your video give me some good ideas ^^

  6. The best way to build a city without traffic is roundabout and more road choice. If you have a map that have 2 high way, don't connect it you should make a road for them because they will use your high way for shortcut, make traffic stuck.

  7. Anyone who has yet to play this game – be warned, it sucks hundreds of hours of your life into a black hole. But, I always come back for more! So satisfying improving traffic flow for some reason 🙂

  8. Du hast ja auch den Network Extension Mod drin. Bei mir ist das Problem, dass ich dann kein Grid habe, welches ich zum bauen nutzen kann. Weißt du wie man das beheben kann?

  9. My city is the the worst city ever made in City Skylines, but… the traffic flows brilliantly and It's very easily accessible.

  10. good layout i like it,i just use infinite money and go on my favourite map and use different layouts to see which works the best.

  11. I like this interchange. Nice and simple. Doesn't use too much room. But better to build it closer to the middle of the tile and spread out from there. That way the traffic can spread out in all directions.

  12. rebuilded it and the runnway for the cars thaat come into the cioty, it is sooo full sooooooo DO NOT TRY THIS WONT WORK PROBABLY

  13. I use a fundemantal different approach on starting a city – I let the terrain decide where I start building houses and put out a minimal 2 lane road pattern. One way roads are for much later in the game. Hell I have made video's where I don't even connect the exit at the beginning….
    This is such a lack of creativity to just follow everybody else in starting a city near a high way. Which city has ever started like that besides here on Youtube people playing city skylines.
    Tip: first citizens like to live around the water for that is for a lot of cities has been the means to provide for themselves through fishery or trade over water.

    How do these video's ever get 217K views?

    Ps there is also no tutorial as promised in the title 🙂

  14. Tip: Build a water tower instead of a water pump, you can save money that way. Once you have more money and your newer citizens don't have enough water, then get a pump.

  15. I have no idea how to gate this Cities: Skylines Software. Do you help me who to Download this Cities: Skylines. I have try it many time for Download it but can't.

  16. I did not start my first city by building another interchange after the one provided at the game start. I continued the road as an expressway with no zoning on it. But I did leave plenty of undeveloped corridor space to later build it to a freeway design, starting from the original T-interchange. Much later on, upon buying more surrounding land parcels, the original game supplied T-interchange got rebuilt to a full 4-way interchange with fly overs.

    Also, my arterial road intersection spacing and freeway interchange spacing are much greater than whats shown here. Distances between arterial road signalized intersections is at least 4x what was shown here. Then often use a 4-lane (2lanes each way) wide road segment to act as an entrance or a collector road to a neighbourhood from the arterial. Then 2-lane local roads (1 lane each way) within the neighbourhood. Rarely do I connect the small 2-lane roads directly to the 6-lane (3 lane each way) roads. Neighbourhoods are built as cells to prevent community vehicle traffic shortcutting. But pedestrian trails provide shortcuts for people to get from inside the community to the main roads where commercial stores, offices are located and buses are running. Elementary schools are built in the neighbourhood, not on a arterial road.

    Distances between an interchange on ramp and the next off ramp on my cities are much greater, about 400m with an added auxiliary weaving lane between the ramps. The ramps are built long enough to allow vehicles to exit at 100km/h then transition to 80km/h then widens out to 4-lanes for turning movements at 60km/h at the signal intersection. This makes for smooth traffic flow at high speeds. Exit ramps are either single lane or 2-lane at the gore diverge point. (The gore zone is where the ramp physically splits off from or onto the freeway mainline).

  17. Wide or tight diamonds with 2 signalled intersections and 4 ramps are the simplest space saving interchanges for urban areas. Modifications of it include the single point interchange that has 4 ramps but one single signal over/under the freeway, or the 4-point wide diamond which has 4 ramps and 4 signalized intersections, usually located at a pair of intersecting one-way roads or a divided road that speads out wider at the interchange. Another modification has round abouts instead of signals at the ramp intersections.

    But at start of game play, I do not spend money building any interchanges. The point is to develop your city in step with demand. Budgets are tighter at the beginning of the game, which is also true of any real life community or project, and there are occasional recessions in the game where there is little or no demand for development growth, meaning you still have expenses to pay for, but little ability to gain new revenue. You want to minimize any throw away costs when building your roads or infrastructure too. Building then destroying over and over to get something right wastes money and time.

    My advice to the perfectionists at start of game play is to get things to a reasonable functional standard first while your budget is limited, and later when revenues are higher, then go back and look at making things perfect or upgrading. But obviously, try to build it right the first time without having to demolish or replace is the best strategy. Its how things get done in the real world.

    A big TO DO is pick your ultimate road width first. DO NOT start with a small 2 lane wide road and develop all along it, then decide later to widen the road to 4 or 6 lanes wide. All your developed buildings will be lost and your civic infrastructure buildings will have to be relocated. Note that things like grave yards and land fills are very difficult to deal with after they are filling up.

  18. Eh, you shouldn't have access to those road types from the very beginning unless you've downloaded mods to bypass that intended game mechanic. Feels a bit like a cheat code to have them all unlocked from the outset.

  19. I wonder what the thought process was when deciding part of the video would be in normal speed and the other part would be so fast its impossible to follow along without difficulty

  20. I followed this tutorial 100% did the same thing you did in the video, got to planing out residential areas but as soon as I put residential and shop area down there where gaps so they weren't a big square like yours, and as soon as it got to the point where I needed to un-pause the game my city started to build but after all residential areas, some shops and industry finished building I started to decrease in money after about 10 seconds leaving me to do nothing else to my city (adding more roads so I could build more residential,shops and industry areas.)

  21. I've not played this game in forever, and I remember starting a city being the hardest part. This video helped me barely make it to the first milestone, which got me a cash bonus which let me keep going. Thanks for helping me waste all my time! (I mean it, I love this game, just haven't played it in years!)

  22. This is a solid starting design but could lead to traffic issues down the road (har har). If you rotate the blocks so that they intersect with the main road every 20 units instead of every 10, you will have the same effect, but with fewer traffic issues later as your arterial road will be less clogged.

  23. Hy auch wenns ein paar tage alt, ist das Filmchen schön gemacht. Doch du wirst ein kleines traffic problem bekommen und das schin zu Beginn die eine Brücke isz das problem.. Aber ansonsten hab ich das ganze mal nachgebaut und muss sagen es läuft. Umbauen kann man ja immer wenn das nötige geld dann da ist. So und nun weiterschauen und aktuelle Filmchen suchen.

  24. Your "Industry" didn't have yellow ground around it, maybe it will later? 😉
    I've just started playing and I'm in a testing process on how things work, what mods, assets, etc… to download ($$?).
    Is it possible to create a "Default" page with all the toolbar features (fire, police, garbage, etc…), assets and mods (I've picked) active?
    Does everyone (inc. experienced players) need to start from scratch on every city they create or do they have something like I suggested above?

  25. I have the same problem in Tropico 6. Sometimes, it just won't let me connect one road intersecting another to make an intersection.

  26. Make old street to make new clean, how to old dirty water to make new line dirty water passing with under street road.?
    make this structure

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