How to speak fluently during interviews? –Interview Tips,Communication Skills,Confidence Building

47 thoughts on “How to speak fluently during interviews? –Interview Tips,Communication Skills,Confidence Building”

  1. My mind while writing acts like Shakespeare but the problem begins when I begin to speak English. I stutter and stammer a lot and make a fool of me

  2. Any tips regarding mass communication…mam plzzzzz upload the video related to mass communication…how to face an interview of mass communication

  3. Don't get too close to someone because a small chance it their behavior hurts a lot ko hindi me kya minig ho di bataiye na

  4. I got miss ..u r reading the english in front of u,u wrote this on board and u read…….first u learn and tell us

  5. If fear engulfs you then for the sake go for it. After that you will feel like warrior. I am telling my experience from my on campus interview. Round one was aptitude. I passed it. Next one was that fearful group discussion. But I was okay coz we might be speaking with having our frnds seated around us. Suddenly the recruiters said as tym is short you must prepare on any topic and speak in front of everybody. We were given two minutes and not to discuss the topic with others. I was taken aback. I have never even participated in anything even held within our class. I just messed with the words and the recruiters laughed at me. I was literally embarassed. But I didn't curse me for that.
    Even though I just went to these interviews for making me confident, this incident made my mind say "I need again hold my head high".
    Then I was selected for well known indian IT company. Sorry I can't disclose the name.
    Don't lose hope. Never take embarrassment to your heart but try your level best to fix it. There lies the true success.

  6. thank you madam, but i am nervous in every part of time like teach a lesson in the face of students, to speach in the prayer ground, talk to my principle. how to face this problem in every time.

  7. I want to practice English can anyone please help me. I'm working professional and I'm struggling to speak in English. my problem was I can read I can understand but I can't speak fluent. here is my mail I'd ([email protected])

  8. What type of job would yu prefer for a MBA graduate…. Can you upload a video regarding payscale?!??

  9. I am good in speaking but during interviews exams i am blank i don't know how to answer the question.

  10. I speak fluently my voice is clear and sharp but I am nervous during interview how could I face this????

  11. What do we do (during an interview), when we get too nervous and can't even answer the questions being asked properly …?

  12. I have understand for English ,then i will writting ,knowing but i can't speak English in fluency ……how to face this problem in my life pls reply me …

  13. Here are few more common interview tips which can help any person to crack their next interview:

  14. I also practice in my spare time…. Bt I really dnt hv companion with whom I Can converse contiousily… Major problem… Bt one perfect thing I dnt loose my confident during my interview although I give wrong reply… Bt still I get job easily….. 😂

  15. Mam I am engineering student but I am having a arriers but I need to go other states expect Tamil Nadu but I need a good job to learn everyday any special thing do you please suggest any good jobs for me now I am final year

  16. Hi
    Dear mam,
    If I have to say something during interview and I don't know the meaning, how should I disclose my thinking in front of interviewer?
    Rply me pls mam

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