How To Sneak Candy Into Class DIY Hacks & Pranks!!! So Funny! (CC Available)

Doreamon? Candy? Can I have some, please? Class, be good, I will be back soon Banh Bao, Can I borrow your correction pen? Ok Thanks Banh Bao You’re welcome, Leo What? Say cheese Guys, It’s time for art class Yeah, this is my favorite guy, if you know who this character is, leave me a comment down below Is is edible? White chocolate Food coloring Wait I need to use my super power to turn it into candy Now, for the magic to work, close your eyes now, open you eyes check this out it’s all yours Thanks, Leo This is disgusting! Guys, please do not try this at home we’re just pretending My crayons are made from white chocolate Never eat your crayons eww, you’re so nasty Leo. Stay away from my drink oh, Look over there Give it back Teacher, Banh Bao brought her drink in class No drink is allowed in class Guys, me and Leo, we’re just having fun. Please do not try this prank on your friends:) Make sure to clean your glue bottle thoroughly, so no clue remains Gatorade So good Hubba Bubba, Hubba Bubba Class, time to hand in your homework All done Thank you, Banh Bao Leo Where is your homework? Did I do my homework? I’m sure I did Wait a minute Teacher, May I be excused? I need to go to the washroom I’ll be back

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