hi I'm yes newsroom and stompy to Torres calm when I first started skiing I had nobody there to help me I just went out and tried it was a traumatic yes it was so I made a video that I wish I saw before my first day of skiing in this video I'm gonna teach you 10 different skills and tips that are really important to safely ski alone on your first day of ski remember this is not a good substitute or of a ski instructor but I know a lot of you guys out there is not gonna see a ski instructor at the first day so it's videos for you before you even head up the mountain get yourself a slope map so you know where you're gonna go so when you're at a base station you need to plan where to go as a rule of thumb first look if there are any green slopes they're the easiest slopes in North America at some parts of Europe and then in some other countries in Europe the easiest slopes start with the color blue so look for green first then blue and you'll be safe in most places the slope should also be rather short next of magic-carpet lift they are the easiest ones on the map you can also see what kind of lifts there are if it's a chairlift t-bar or for example a cable car it's likely that we've heard that ski boots are really uncomfortable and it sucks so that's what I'm going to show you how to get them on properly so you have a bigger chance of having like comfortable shoes and better time simply when you take your ski boots on it's great if they're warm cause cold boots are stiff under all the buckles and bend the shell out and pull the tongue up push the foot down with the toes pointing straight down then bang the heel into the ground to make the heel slide into the heel pocket and tighten this strap then atop the buckle repeat then it feels nice and tight then tighten the strap gently buckle the lower two buckles if you do them too tight you press the foot arch down too much this will cause pain and cold feet this is important you put one slightly higher than down and these two guys they lock the ski in place so that you can lift both skis in this one so if you don't want carry it something like this you can actually carry some weight over the wrists in the binding right I find out that pretty neat way of carrying it carried them straight and the pulse to don't carry anything like this in the beginning because you'll stab people in the legs and stuff don't be too tempted to carry this keep in your shoulder oh now I have it wrong anyway so sharing the skis on the shoulder can be quite dangerous we need to know how to get this key table in the front you have a toe piece of the binding that rejects sideways rare piece of the binding you check up before you take your skis on need to check that there's no snow on a little bit or do like this is my favorite way of getting it off use the poles at alland then you stick the toe end make sure that you are lying to he'll let me push it down to take the skis off you can use the ski pole find that hole look back there and then push but if you're honest I never do that I just use the teeth or boot and kick and used it to pose for battle alright now when we got the skis on and helmet bag detectors also good idea and we need to learn how to move forwards to get to the lift and you take the poles on like this and then down because then you can push with a lot of force downwards and when you drop the pole it's rather safe so to just use your poles is the easiest way of moving forwards but it's not very powerful that's why we're also going to look at how to skate briefly falls down push forwards you can use your legs a little bit that you go down when you push force they put your feet in outward d lift one foot pretty high you start with the poles push and then out with your feet your hands feet and feet okay your man should push yourself over to the left and then look at what other people are doing and they will give you an idea on how quick you have to be alright so wait for the gate and then and then and then you go easy push yourself forward falls in one hand look over your shoulder this one is likely quite slow grab it sit down it's important that you pull this thing down put your feet nicely on it let's enjoy the ride don't do that you can only do that in some lifts some will fall out take your poles in one hand take your feet off the bar and then slowly put it up lean back so you don't fall off and it's gonna be a bit downhill now so I'll have to use that there's snowplow – maybe – safely right off to the slide and stop you want to get on a button lift take it easy both poles in one hand the same thing as on a t-bar and first of all it's important that you point to skis and direction of lift then you look where the lift is coming from and reach out and grab it between your legs if it was a t-bar we could grab the side here to just cruise off gently look on the top just drop the bar and ride safely off to the side so now we're on the slope and we need to be able to take the skis on on the slope and as this year downhill is in that direction and I have pointed the skis 90 degrees and it's important that you start with a lower ski push it in the reason where you want to take on the low one is because you can edge into the snow now to make it easier to take on the top one so both skis are on in order to walk up we have to walk sideways like this gate you can do it but it's really hard so what you want to do is edge the skis up like this you use the knees and hips a little bit you don't have to do very much and then take steps sideways like this but remember to use your poles so in case you start sliding forwards or backwards you can use the poles to slow you down or stop you here arm obviously faking a crash but this is how people tend to land all the time head down the slope with the skis crossed and the way to get up again it'll be first like extend your legs a bit do a bit of a split like that to uncross the skis and then you have to get your feet under here so now it's down here in that direction and I'm going to degrease at an angle with the downhill and up get your feet really close to your body then you can use like the face to the hand to get up that takes a bit of muscle power if you're a little bit bigger than I am that's not so easy and you can put her your poles like this I'm grabbing on the top then this hand on the bottom and then if you use the poles to make yourself stand up if you crash then it's likely that it's gonna eject in the front and leave the back binding down and what's annoying with that it's like that you can't really get in the ski so then you need to push this one down to use your hand your foot so you can open the bunny and finally take it on we're gonna do a snow plow this is what a snow plow looks like you push the tails out and keep the gnosis close-ish together keep a little bit of a distance cause otherwise they can get tangled up like this is good stuff and ski a little bit then press them out so go forwards it's a pretty neat way of stopping and it simplest form of braking one cool thing about the snowplow the right ski in this case want to ski that way and the left that way if she stands straight like they cancel each other out to go straight when you're in this position to move the body weight a little bit on to the left in this case it's gonna start turning that way you need to be centered to feel the front of your ski boots just rest in them a little bit you don't need to lean my forward sore or absolutely not backwards just easy shin pressure and arms in the front if you can see them they're in a pretty good place all right so I'm gonna stop slaying this way and put a little bit more way to my left leg I'm gonna make one turn to stop then we try the other way we're going to snow pluck a little bit more weight than the left but a little bit more weight and outside foot it makes me turn until I go slightly up the hill so use the terrain to slow me down so now we're gonna put more weight on the right foot to make a turn to the left it's confusing in the beginning it's not that hot get into this nice snow plow get more weight on it ah sick right try that a couple times we isolate it do one turn at a time because now we'll try to link the turns together so we go straight down the mountain more weight on the left foot and then we put some more weight on the right they can just turn this way do that for several runs until you start feeling comfortable now I'll try to at the end of the turn bring in the inner ski to parallel and then in between turns your parallel for a moment then we plow again making our turn and bring it in again this key comes in naturally but doing this you need a bit more speed No and then the knee comes in you'll notice that when you're snow plowing that can feel like the ski is stuck and if you don't push the knee out that's gonna make the skis slide in easier try that several runs this is quite difficult next good skill to know is side slipping because if you come by a steeper section of a slope that you're not comfortable with this can save you besides slipping is when you slide sideways sort of like a snowboarder would do about on skis so as I told you when walking up we angle this skis up to be able to grip the snow and walk up but if we angle them down then we can start sliding like this make sure that you find a flat area where you do this this bumper this is very difficult to do so our angle them down and I start sliding down angle again to control the speed to side slip in a smooth motion it's important that you keep your feet for the close together makes it easy to keep the feet parallel and reduce unwanted movement in this case the next thing you have to have in mind here is that if you lean forwards then the edge is here and I'm gonna grip this no more than details and then the tails are gonna slide out then you're gonna ski backwards this is scary so what you have to do if this happens is that you lean back a little bit down here you don't sit back you hang like back a little bit there then the tails for this piece I've gotta grip this no more making this skis or nosis point downhill and then you go forward so if they just side slip and lean back I'm gonna start moving forwards so if I then lean forward I'll start going backwards and it's a very small tipping motion I'm doing here this is very small just this little makes me go forwards or backwards so here it's a little bit steep too steep to snowplow so will side slip down if I'm leaning back we go forwards if I'm leaning forwards I go backwards always looking where you want to go you can make a scary steep section very easy if you get control of the side slipping because you can brake much harder than with the snowplow here's a quick simplification of the parallel turn and it's just you get a feeling for how you can start it if you're out there practicing this alone how I was taught this first when I started skiing starting as you know you start doing just a parallel like Traverse and then you extend your legs for words then your arm weight then the tails a little bit so they can start sliding a little bit and then you're like you look over the neighbors fence over here let starched and a left turn and at the end of the turn you compress and then you traverse a little bit and then you repeat that movement again and I'm bent I extend the legs patiently wait go down and I repeat it's quite difficult at slow speed so maybe you can see they're in the end they got a bit too flat and too slow and that is a little bit tricky so you need to have a bit of courage and do with a bit of speed but make sure anyway that you're on a really flat slope but you go with decent speed on this flat slope and this up and down movement is crucial otherwise it's not gonna happen for you and as men should you know see a ski instructor get this right in the beginning great idea but at least for this video you get a bit of a feel for how to get started with the parallel turns and all the things if you're getting the turns quite alright let's try a couple of jumps some people say it's too early but freestyle is so much fun there's worth having a sneak peak off as soon as possible when you jump to bend down a little bit first look forwards and then you quickly extend your legs and it's important that you extend it all the way forwards your legs are completely straight because you have to really move forwards because when you hit the jump the jump puts you up and then you have to pop so you go forwards so your land perpendicular to learn it like this if you see it from the side hip goes all the way forward let's try it with some speed on the flat like that they go something like this from a plow curl up jump jump if you felt good you can try jumping over a roller or something that resembles a tiny jump because here you have to bring their hip forward sill and perpendicular to the landing I hope you enjoyed this video and know it's quite a simplification of skiing that is difficult so maybe you want to see an instructor but if not good luck learning from this video if you want to learn some tricks in the park later on you can check out our first hand tricks video or you head over to stumble tutorial home slash beginner and get our beginner pack which is two hours of beginner trick tips and techniques it's pretty good for you just getting started but join one of our camps I am looking forward to seeing you again so hit subscribe to be notified when we drop the next video thanks you


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    on the other hand: you could have been a great teacher. you make it sound so relaxing and the way you build up the explanation is also entertaining. I am saying this as a professional. I constantly train people and hold presentations in my line of work. allow me to give you one small advice. You should take averagely 1 second pauses between sentences and avg. 3 second pauses between paragraphs. This will help attendants absorb and process information 5x faster.

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