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hi I'm Anya singleton and we're going to talk about how to sing that so soprano I am myself on that so soprano and basically what that means is it deals with two things range and it also deals with the sort of the quality of the voice where does the voice sit within your body okay so when you're talking about mezzo soprano the important thing to know is that mezzo soprano is a middle voice that's literally what it means so you have some of the bottom notes and you can go fairly high but you're not up here like you would be if you are a coloratura soprano and you don't live all the way at the bottom so you have the kind of difficult task of being able to sing in the middle of the voice people that are great belters tend to be met so Sopranos and there's two ways to approach it if you talk about operatic met so Sopranos you use a lot of what we call a mix where you bring sort of the falsetto down to the chest and it mixes to create a very clean tone and then they're sort of belting mezzo Sopranos Rock mezzo soprano that's kind of what I am and so usually the range is somewhere within a low a okay a low a to about a G a G up here so a two octave range or so and of course there's range below above depending on who you are as a person but that would be how to sing mezzo soprano most of your favorite pop belters are mezzo Sopranos things tend to be written up here C to E so if you're going to be approaching a mezzo-soprano song you want to think about what's the best way to marry the low end with the high end so that you can make a tone that sounds strong and supported without sort of blowing out the voice and I think that is the first way to think about singing mezzo soprano that said that very much is an inborn thing you can train yourself how to hit different notes but what makes you a tenor or bass mezzo-soprano a soprano or an alto a lot of that is that's the voice you have so work within those confines and you'll know because you'll know ok gosh I'm singing along with this song on the radio and this parts really too low for me so this may not be my range so that's a great way to practice it as well

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  1. She played an A2 instead of an A3 as the "low" end of the range. That's tenor/baritone range, lady, an octave too low!

  2. If you are here to listen a mezzo soprano sample voice, please, don't waste your time as I did! Next video cause no sample here. #SAD (I read the comments too late).

  3. Dang, I feel I have such a limited range. I can just hit low alto notes with comfort but can barely reach high mezzo notes. What's it called when you have a three-note range? 😂

  4. what if you are like me and my voice/guitar teacher and you can sing bass baratone tenor tenor 2 countertenor alto mezo and second soprano natrually for a 67 year old woman and an 18 year opd male

  5. Just a theory no examples……BUT Coloratura Soprano is the best Vocalization technique in my experience…..The application is that you can belt easily in doing pop standards….compare to other singer who does not know coloratura soprano…..Anybody can be a soprano or counter tenor…..with the right faculty and lifestyle……Subscribe to my channel and I will help you develop your soprano and counter tenor….

  6. Intresting im trying out for a musical and i want a part that requires a mezzo soprano and i was making sure thats what i was but i have to say the comments helped more then the video

  7. Mezzo – Soprano A5 to A3
    But if you can go lower than an A3
    But you can hit a A5 you're still a mezzo soprano PEOPLE

  8. I was expecting to listen to her voice as an example of a mezzo. Could have made that more clear to understand the explanation though.

  9. Don't forget the rare mezzo's that can actually go just into soprano range, i love to break it down into low mezzo which is the lowest mezzo voice tones and they can still go into E past middle C, then in-between mezzo which can go lower and quite higher it's still got those lovely rich tones but also a nice higher tone too, lyrical mezzo which is really mostly just a limited range but they don't have the power or as much of the deepness as the other mezzos and just sing light and cheerful notes, and then higher mezzo, i envy a higher mezzo because they can go lower and all the way up higher, it's a very adaptive voice. I'm mezzo soprano too id say i'm more an in-between mezzo i can go into the lowest notes of the range and my voice has those powerful and rich notes but then i can sound lighter and higher, id say i'm a bit of a belter really but it's needs work, i'm a natural singer but when it comes to belting the longer notes i become unsteady, i hope one day to get some lessons to steady my voice.

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