How To Sharpen Your Knife Skills With Jacques Pepin | Dear Test Kitchen

22 thoughts on “How To Sharpen Your Knife Skills With Jacques Pepin | Dear Test Kitchen”

  1. That is a nice lesson on how to use a kitchen knife to cut up vegetables and meats without cutting yourself. I like the way the Master uses his knife to work with both vegetables and fruit and have learned a lesson which I didn't know before. I need so save this video so I can refer back to it when about to cut certain fruit and vegetables. I thank you all for showing us how to work with both fruit and vegetables in the kitchen.

  2. I never cared for placing my cutting board on a wet towel—non-slip, non-adhesive drawer/shelf liner works just as well.  The heavier thickness kind lasts longer.

  3. Jacques is the master. I have loved his technique videos back to his "Cooking Techniques" videos on PBS. Wonderful.

    Those are some beautiful knives! Who is the maker?

  4. I wish we had cameras in 1950s french kitchens to see how the greats were trained. Fast efficient no questions oui chef!

  5. My Pop, gone now worked many years as Sous Chef at the Adolphus Hotel Dallas, Pepin reminds so much of him.. miss old pop

  6. shoulda included here how to debone a fish hand chicken by jacques. you'll see how it's done right. also, how to cook eggs. that shit done by the master jacques, will make you just go wow.

  7. Josh, you have to press your thumb into the end hard. And cut deeper to get the perfect plug like Jacques. I also noticed he sawed the apple peel instead of forcing through it… much more control & safer.
    Think I'll film myself cutting. Can see the mistakes so clearly! Thanks for the vid gentlemen.

  8. Dang Josh! How cool was it to work with Jacques Pepin?! I love how his technique disregards what you're taught in culinary school 😉

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