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Frank master cylinder rebuild kit coming at you welcome back to the power of public YouTube channel today we're going to be stepping you through the second part of the break rebuild series for the intrepid now we've got the master cylinder here it's very similar to a CI G barrel most of the 5% of leave our master cylinder is a simpler this so stay tuned and we'll show you how to get it done don't forget to turn on all the notifications hit the subscribe button give us a thumbs up share with your friends and thanks to everybody that's following along on patreon as well so once you've got your master cylinder removed from the go-kart it should look something like this and we go this is the over sent I leave home now I'm talking about the piston is down in here it's got two lip seals so we're gonna pull this mechanism out today remove the cap clean it all out put the new seals in and reassemble it the first thing we're going to do is remove the brake master cylinder feel like at this is where you put your brake fluid in so take this guy off just under your little cap screws lay them out over there so now you can remove the the cap and this little rubber guy so they fit together just like that this one here's a bit dirty but we'll clean all that up and beyond reason this is your brake reservoir here where you fill up with the brake fluid next up we're going to remove the lever our mechanism this little screw here is just a retaining screw it stops the piston from retracting too far in the masses on us so let's remove that and take the grub screw out and remove the whole assembly sometimes it's easier if you just move the piston down in the cellars a bit and take some of the pressure off the screw and then this one's really tight it's probably got some Loctite on there all the threads a little bit damaged now when you're doing this unscrew it all the way and just check the thread for any damages now I get to bit easier so it's just a bit a lot time as you can see there's a bit of spring tension on the lever arm at the piston so just be careful when you're pulling it all apart so as you can see here on the bench we've got the master cylinder body here then the spring the coils go backwards here towards the end of the piston this little guy here comes off the end we're going to be replacing this seal here and this one here that the two lip seals and then this is the the lever arm I just got a little pivot here and over here was the doubt pin and the grub screw that we took out now that was going through this hole that's the pivot and then also too we've got our little locking screw now that screws into the side of the body and stops the piston over here retracting with the under when it's under the spring tension so next up we're going to show you how to remove the seals from the fist so the piston on these master cylinders are a little bit bigger than the Tony cut one if you haven't watched that video you can click in the link in the description below now these lip seals this one on the front it just pulls off okay that one goes on there and then this one here we're just going to use our rounded off peak to get down into the groove and flick it out and pull it out off the back of the piston so what we're going to do here is just push the peak down behind the seal and with the rounded off peak you're not going to scratch the hell out of the aluminium piston and you can just do these these little guys right and then if you just sort of peel it off with your thumb like I like if you're feeding a tire you know you come up over the edge and then peel it around and off so now you've just assembled all the parts give them a good clean off with some brake cleaner workshop sovereign methylated spirits wipe down with the rag explode every bit of compressed air and then it's ready to go back to you once you finish cleaning out all the grease and oil give it a rub down with methylated spirits and blood last bit off with the compressed air so I just didn't follow the brake fluid sorry the rag into the methylated spirits and then just rub it all over everything and that'll break down any of this solver and once we blow it off with a bit of compressed air she'll be like brand-new before you start the reassembly just make sure all the other parts are clean too so you can see although they cover here that we had a little bit of oxidized brake fluid dirt grit and it have blocked up all the cavities here and this is a breather system so this little aluminium guy goes in the black car box also aluminum when you it's got a little groove here and this is for ventilation and so that that diaphragm that goes on here can move in and out as the fluid goes up and down in the master cylinder now with this all blocked off we would stop the brakes from self-leveling properly and make it all sorts of a problem so what we're going to do is get some scotch brite and get rid of all that gum and build up if the old flawed and then put it back together [Applause] now it's time to race them so first thing you're going to do is grab your lip seal and Chuck this little lip down inside the piston so with the lip down inside this part of the piston we're just going to hold it in there with our thumb and then we're going to grab the pig and then try to hold it here and push it around and on and then once it goes up over the edge yeah it'll it'll fall straight in now sometimes you can use a a bit of Lube here on the on the piston and other times it just makes the seal too slippery and you can't hang on to it so I'm gonna just try and do this this way first so we put it on there and then also we're gonna do is just try to stretch that up and over on yes it's time so that didn't work with it dry so we're gonna try the next method with a little bit of lubrication here if you just go with the rubber grease on that side of the piston what we can do is we can put the seal down in there hold it with our thumb and then hopefully we can just push that up and over and with the extra Lube on there ah that's gonna do it it just slips on over no it doesn't look that easy and it's not but once you get the seal on you're good to go now the front seal on these ones is way easier because it just sits down on this little spigot these holes here are for self adjusting brake reservoir so the fluid can come down here and then come even behind the seal and refill as necessary slide those on place this guy back on there and then you're good to reassemble the whole assembly inside the master cylinder and all something like this so next up get yourself some rubber grease pre lube your seals and your master cylinder and put it all back together to get a little bit of rubber grease on your finger and just go over the seal like that and you can also do this back one unless so now that's all ready to go and then we're just going to lube up the inside of the master cylinder as well same thing just put a little bit down in there in the bore of your master cylinder with the grease just so this all goes back together nice and easy okay so now with the piston and the spring preassembled you can put your plunger in now it is under a bit of spring tension so you're gonna have to hold that in as hard as you can ah it is a bit tight and then you can put this little down through there and once you've got that in your relaxed all right push it home with the allen key okay so I'm gonna put a little dab of Loctite on the grub screw we don't want too much down X but I won't get the pin stuck in there as well and then we're just going to screw that home and then now all we got to do is put in our power returning retaining bolt here same thing adding a tiny bit of Loctite as you screw it in make sure that you push the piston down into the cylinder screw that go into there keep it up make sure that's what's up and you've got a perfectly operating new brake system okay so now that we've got the main part of the master cylinder rebuilding done it's just up to the last couple little stages and we're all done so first up we're gonna put the little filler plug in we can leave that loose because we're going to may need to undo that to bleed the brakes this here is the banjo ball this is where our brake lines are going to get fitted we just screw that back in there same thing gonna take it off to reconnect it on the car then we've got our little rocker boot that goes in there like so little guy drops in there and last but not least the cover hold it down with its two screws so that completes the break rebuild for this intrepid go-kart this is a customer of ours Dave Evans it's a great guy shout outs Dave now if you do didn't follow along and have any questions about this brake system or any other brake system please leave it in the comment section below turning on the notifications give us a thumbs up subscribe share with your friends follow along and Instagram and Facebook at power public or go to our website au and grab yourself a t-shirt or brand new master cylinder evil King thanks for watching see in the next video [Applause] [Applause]

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