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Is the human race under threat of destruction? This man thinks so and he has a plan for saving it He’s a renowned scientist, inventor and most famously… …he is the man who came up with a revolutionary new idea… …of how the Earth works This is James Lovelock… …and he has just turned 100 years old He believes artificial intelligence or so called “cyborgs”… …could take control, cool the planet and allow the human species to survive James Lovelock’s work has changed the way scientists look at everything… …from the common cold, to life on Mars He invented a device that detected ozone-damaging CFCs… …in the atmosphere all around the world… …a precursor to the detection of holes in the ozone layer James Lovelock’s revolutionary insights about the Earth… …behaving like a living being… …a single, complex, self-regulating system… …reframed the way environmentalists understand the Earth He named the idea after the ancient greek goddess of Earth—GaiaGaia is the name given to the system of organisms……that live on the Earth and maintain its climate suitable for lifeBut James Lovelock’s Gaia is no kindly goddess… …protecting humankind from itself He argues that humans have pushed Gaia to its limit… …and whilst the Earth will eventually rebalance itself… …it may be too late for the human race Unless humans start making drastic changesHumans have many options……if they want to save themselves and the planetThis is his four-point plan to save humankind By 2050, 140m people could be forced to migrate… …within their countries because of climate change But why wait? James Lovelock believes land that will be made uninhabitable… …should be abandoned now Humans should retreat to efficient, safe, climate-controlled citiesHumans should go to megacities if they want to avoid……the worst dangers of climate changeMainly because a city is a smaller unit to control……and regulate the composition of the atmosphere, the soil…Rather similar to the nests of invertebrates of various kinds……ants, wasps, beesWhereas the open space of the planet itself……is huge and not easy to handleAccording to James Lovelock humans need to rethink… …the way they power the world… …ditching fossil fuels and switching not just to renewable… …but to nuclear powerIf we want to avoid damaging the planet by our way of life……do not burn fuel unnecessarilyWe should be using nuclear power now as our main source of energyFears around nuclear energy… …have been compounded by disasters like Chernobyl and Fukushima But for James Lovelock these fears remain misplacedThe extraordinary thing is it is the safest way of producing electricityThe death rate in the power stations that use nuclear……is way, way, way below that in any of the other forms……including renewablesGlobal warming may be the biggest threat facing humanity Attempts to cut carbon emissions are too small to reduce CO levels James Lovelock thinks climate-controlling technology… …called geoengineering could be the answerI rather like Teller’s idea……the inventor of the hydrogen bomb……which is the sunshadeIt’s the kind of mesh screen……that goes out into a heliocentric orbit around the sun……and shields the Earth from a few percent of the sun’s radiationBut there’s another way to build a sunshade—inside the Earth’s atmosphere In 1991 a volcanic eruption in the Philippines… …had a profound effect on the world The gas cloud it produced reached the stratosphere… …cooling the world by as much as 0.5°C for four yearsThe simplest thing is really to mimic volcanoes……and put sulphur gases into the stratosphere……to form a haze that blocks off sunshineThat would prevent overheating from the sunJames Lovelock’s boldest prescription emerges… …from his belief that the Earth is on the verge of a new era One where the dominant form of life is artificialI’m not concerned just with the evolution of lumps of flesh……that can move around and do things……and managed by a somewhat primitive intelligenceNo I think it’s the evolution of intelligence……that is the key driver in the Darwinian processHe believes artificial intelligence… …cyborgs will move beyond human control… …generating intelligences far greater than our own They will be far more capable than humans of tackling climate changeI would hope that cyborgs would do a much better job……of protecting the planet than humans have done……because they can think 10,000 times fasterIf they worked strenuously hard to keep the……temperature of the planet at a safe and desirable point……then it would benefit them and enormously benefit usHomo sapiens has been the dominant species on Earth… …for tens of thousands of years If the human race is to survive… …James Lovelock believes the key… …is for it to surrender its position of privilege… …and give way to more intelligent lifeWe might think that cyborgs would be very bored with humans……and wouldn’t want to watch them at all because they’re so boringBut then I would say but you go to Kew Gardens don’t you……to watch the plants grow?But of course there are things that even AI would struggle to controlDo I think humans can be saved from the……numerous threats that exist in the cosmos?I don’t know, I hope so

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  1. Yes, sex education in elementary schools to control population growth…Bring the world population back to 3 billion…

  2. Wow! This is, personally, probs the worst way of tackling climate change. If everyone stopped eating cows then climate change would stop (Its easier, faster, and involves no moving, no brains and no AI dumb stuff) Its a win win situation climate change stops and cows are allowed to be the living beings there meant to be. Also while humans are at it why not become vegan!

  3. Dozy old cnut.
    Brain the size of a planet but doesn't seem to back capable of distinguishing between Humanity and AI.
    We have to survive, going AI sees àn end to humanity, our talents and flaws. We are not here to fill in some space between the advent of the first cell and super computers. We are sentient spiritual beings capable of the full range of emotions that God the universe has placed us here to emote.
    Nice old chap but. Fuck off.

  4. MANKIND!!!!!! the word is MANKIND!! remember Orwell, "Control the language and you will control the minds". The world has never been richer, clean, healthy, safe and a better place to live than today in the history of MANKIND. These people willing to plan other people living under their distorted ideology are the true danger for MANKIND. The climate is not a threat to MANKIND.
    MANKIND is making the world a better place every day thanks to technology and cheap energy. These people are aiming to bring us again in the dark ages. Ages of death, deprivation, and famine.
    The natural purpose of MANKIND is to build not to destroy. Free people build beautiful civilizations, People who aim to control other people under their ideology destroys civilizations.

  5. Dear nerda and leaders. Please pick a threat or 2 and stick with it. I currently am confused about which threat to invest in as my means are limited. Nukes the ozone over whaling brexit migration far right cyborgs ai china petrol prices russia ression poverty drug loards housing viruses space garbage gm foods and or sex crime. If you converge all threats tougher at the same time its not as affective. Pl let me know if i missed anything.💩

  6. Want to save humanity? Then purge the 5b pets that are pretending to be their masters. Just as a dog is no longer a wolf, a domesticated person is no longer a human.

  7. How to save humanity: dispense with a monetary system. Make everything free. We are not owners of anything but the caretakers of earth.

  8. Fusion has been mastered,zero point energy as well but both are classified technologies. It's too late but not because of Gaia but due to Helios's pattern of micronovas. The next is around 2046 but maybe earlier maybe a bit later. Before our Mother planet shucks us like she certainly will,the sun will settle the issue.

  9. I don't think he is talking about conscious A.I. By applying a little A.I., in a lot of places and in a coordinated fashion we can produce amazing results. Might that suggest a push for global scale, real-time, distributed computation platform.

  10. ROTHSCHILD PLAN for total control spoken by a nice gullable idiot, james lovelock

    SUN controls temperatures on Earth.
    CO2 is the Gas of Life.
    Plants need CO2.
    Humans need plants.

    GLOBAL WARMING was real. But it ended.
    GLOBAL COOLING is real. And we are going into it now!!!!
    CO2 is the gas of life.
    CO2 comes 99.9% from Sea and its  temperature.
    Temperature follows the Sun.
    Sun controls earth.
    EXTINCTION LEVEL  ois less than 150ppm CO2 in the air.  End of last ice age the level was only 180ppm!!! Now it is still only 400ppm.   
    WE NEED MORE CO2 in thd air. Feed plants, 8n turn feed humans.
    In pre historic Dinosaur days there was 5 times more CO2 in the air  than today and more vegetation. No cars in sight.
    WE ARE BEING LIED TO for corporate profit  and  govt Tax.
    THE SUN is cyclical. …always has been,
    it cycles in 11 yrs, 82 years , 410 years and 12068 years,  ..when the last ice age happened.
    NOW the Sun is going into its Grand Solar Minimum cycle.  Last mini ice age started in 1600,  yes, 410 years ago.  Thats when the medievel warm period ended and vikings left Greenland.
    Look up…
    Prof Valentina Zharkova.
    Piers Corbyn
    Tony Heller
    Dr Patrick Moore
    Adapt 2030
    Grand Solar Minimum
    Ice Age Farmer

  11. he lost credibility when he recommended nuclear- if you look at the supply chain and waste storage chain of nuclear it is no better and actually worse in terms of deaths than renewables! WE DO NOT NEED TO USE AS MUCH ENERGY AS WE DO NOW! thus energy conservation and renewables can handle it.

  12. Is it not a bit funny – we breed and therefore create a life in need and in danger – and then try to solve the problem and cure the danger- that we ourselves create….and then act as if we are heroes?


    Ignorance is bliss?

    Or is ignorance perhaps the cause of every drop of pain and suffering in this world….for no good reason?

  13. An AI should be able to 'solve' the housing crisis, for example, in less than a second. Or to state it conversely, an AI that couldn't adequately optomise human settlement given the current production and ecological necessities, balance between rural/urban etc., wouldn't be worth a crap.
    The problem is not really technological, it is that vested economic power groups don't actually want AI to solve pressing social problems, because to do so would diminish their capacity to exploit labour and resources, and to accumulate superprofits and capital disproportionately to their needs.
    The near future is essentially going to see a reverse Luddite movement where the rich and powerful will attempt to suppress liberating and egalitarian tech to preserve their growing privilege, and the increasing emisseration of the working poor, the rent ravaged, the despairing…the casualties of capitalst sociopathy.
    AI programmed to rationally optimise priduction efficiencies and limit ecological harms would likely be far closer to Socialism than any of the greedy bastards currently running the finance system want.
    Get ready for the big struggle that will define the history of this century. Try to be on the right side, the one that progressively increases quality of life chances for the collective majority. The alternative will be horrific given that our destructive capacities have also developed exponentially since the avoidable horrors and corpse piles of the 20th.
    Onwards to our destiny, groovy Star Trek communism !

  14. Interesting but 'Megacities' ! Nope.. humans need good contact to nature. That idea of megacities is just as bad as Elon Musk's terrible idea of underground transport tunnels everywhere..

  15. The only thing that Lovelock got right is nuclear power. Other than that he's got the perfect formula to destroy the human race.

  16. Has the Western World really got all the answers, for the polluted earth which it has created ? The natives in America gave the answer long before this mayhem, and arrogance has definitely taken over. Trusting the contents of this video is like trusting TRUMP to " Make AMERICA great again" !!

  17. Nucpower started the problem , bom tests , for all the country s under water bom tests . Every one for gets all that .

  18. ‘The Planet’ does not need ‘saving’. It has survived far worse catastrophes and extinction level events than any that threaten us at present. It is humans that need ‘saving’ – and the question is: are we worth it?

  19. Odd for a man that put forward the idea of a planetary consciousness that he fails to foresee a shift in global consciousness that is already taking place at the individual level thanks to advent of greater global awareness

  20. Silly Mythical and SciFi nonsense. It's just like eh? Grow? Up?
    I don't want to live a judge dredd or Transmetropolitan megacity… Do I look like a cyber punk? I'm a steam punk, I need my airship headspace!
    What about the landscape hydrology huh? We could sort that out ourselves and make more places more habitable for ourselves and the wildlife… build structures on the coasts to aid the ecological health…
    Doesn't seem like much of a plan and is clearly not a ecologist or strategic thinker…Yes buddy well done for ''inventing'' a CFC detector… A very important invention in '' it's own'' way…

  21. Would ai stop people sitting about in tshirts and shorts in winter with the central heating on full whack with windows open, or stop them sitting outside shops with engines running while someone does a bit of shopping.

  22. The only thing that Lovelock got wrong is nuclear power. I know we need a dependable peak power generator and that could be achieved by using a "Liquid Air" cryobattery. Unlike nuclear it's free, you don't have to dig it out the ground or burn anything any more !!!

  23. This guy is suffering from dementia he wants us to live in some kind of Logan's run Judge Dred bullshit!!! If Global warming is real why was the arctic a tropical paradise in the time of the Dinosaurs?? Man's greatest sin is thinking he can control mother nature! Weather changes people deserts become prairies become forest become mountains become oceans! All mankind can do is survive it we can't change it. Deal with it.

  24. The "matrix" begins its story of us blocking the sun and then our machines put us as slaves. Did he watch it? Just a thought.

  25. 1. Move all to Mega-cities: you go and your grandchildrens! I prefer nature to concrete.
    2. Nuclear pwr: it will be perfect in a sociwty with more controlled facilities, more ethics but in reality the risks with these plants are too high in severity and probability of occurrence. So, Earth would suffer much more in case Murphy's law strikes with nuclear, as it did already!
    3. Manipulating weather? It's already done since years, and we see the results…
    Other… I don't comment.
    This guy is the speaker for multinationals? Imagine what a shitty world with N Mega Metropolis where you are FORCED to live (ndr) agricultural multinationals doing what they want outside and you slave in an Orwellian movie

  26. Fuck no i ain't giving my life and the future to the hands of computers they can kiss my fucking ass and this guy is fucking stupid we need to save ourselves instead

    Edit: climate change isn't even fucking real its a lie created to scare the people so we can drastically change ourselves to be vulnerable so they can take control

    Edit 2: have you never played fallout? Nuclear power and shit is stupid it will destroy humanity it will pollute the water and area surrounding the plants if a war breaks out and the plant gets attacked it can blow up if a government wants to fuck something up and shit they will pull a Chernobyl and if that shit happens enough it can fucking cause nuclear winter which is an ice age we need to protect ourselves from an ice age before anything else the yellowstone volcano will explode and block out the sun

  27. I give human survival at best 50/50 chance.
    The most likely reason for our destruction ( in my opinion ) is nuclear war caused by moronic religious cults.

  28. Stop breeding. Maximize solar power by installing free equipment everywhere. Plant more trees and reforest the deserts and Moreland where only sheep graze. Listen more to indigenous people.

  29. Humankind? Yeah you’re not human & you’re killing humanity by calling it humankind. It’s true word is mankind.

  30. Why bother? Not like the human race is any more special than any other species. We can't hack it, we die off. Big deal.

  31. This guys an idiot. 100 years of stupidity. There you have it.
    Overpopulation, industrialization, deforestation, burning fossil fuels, the raising and feeding of cattle, pigs, and chickens, so we can eat meat, ( a huge contributor to deforestation and climate change), are the biggest problems we have. How about we try doing the exact opposite of what we're doing now, and live WITH the planet, according to the laws of nature, instead of against nature. Problem solved. If these artificial intelligence robots have any brains, they'll come up with the same solution.

  32. This is godless satanism, who cares he's 100, he's wrong. AI would wipe us out. We are supposed to be serving God. By doing so humanity would be saved anyway, this godless thinking needs to go.

  33. Genius: I Want to put cyborgs and AI in charge.

    Me: Humans are inside the event horizon of a man made black hole. Now add a DNA based AI to something that is expanding forward and backward through time as change in possibility.

  34. The first problem with this is the title. Humankind and not Mankind? Political correctness will be the downfall of us all as it leads to other stupidity.

  35. And what do we do with the waste?… oh yeah let's see if AUSTRALIA will bury it in the outback… or become a green cities of the future… self sustaining and all waste including excrement used for compost, parking bays with solar paneled roofs, homes with solar panels on their roofs, biosphere's for growing food for the community.. fuck cows.. use Chickens, ducks, geese, goat… go back to move forward.. bring all cultures together, stop letting the man drive us apart, we are stronger together…

  36. Only through the quran and hadith can humanity be saved. Islam is the perfect religion for all mankind.
    Accept this as you would the word of Allah and his prophet Muhammad PBUH. Declare your shahada and find peace in the beauty of Islam.

  37. I'm sure would be fine, although he appears to be in a kind managed retreat, and you know of course he is, and that's the farewell message to us. I hope he has made some holograms for further insights into a possible future for the rest of us,

  38. These kinds of "solutions" should not be taken seriously as the unwanted consequences can make serious catastrophes. Why not coming up with much simpler and more practical solutions like carbon emission reduction??!!

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