I'm gonna go ahead and start today
is the first of three workshops in a row about the subject of memory and i don't expect you to actually answer me on this
on this just want you to think about it
but if i ask you how how's your memory how do you
remember things do you remember well or not a lot of people tell me terrible memory i can't remember anything you know the answer to that question is everybody
in here has a fantastic memory even if you think you don't it's just that some people don't know how
to actually apply it to school related things i talk to people all the time who say they
can't remember anything so they read their book but i have no idea
i can't remember and then i ask them what their favorite
hobby is in a lot of people say music love music and so i have them tell me their favorite artist they tell me and i say do you remember the lyrics to their
songs every one of them they say and they're able to give me this
long list of lyrics that they have memorized and then when they're
done i say that's really good you have a great memory i said no it's terrible i said that you remember
all that they say that's different okay so we gotta figure out how to get that
knowledge of that memory that you have for other things applied to school and that's
what i'm gonna teach you so today's workshop is called how to remember
for tests next week is memory tricks and the other one
after that is more memory tricks so it's kind of a three part series if you're only here for this one you'll get some things that i hope are helpful
if you're here for all three of course which i would love then you'll get a whole bunch of teaching
about memory and you'll find out that your memory can work better than you think it can
okay so uh…to start today what we're gonna do is i'm going
to test your memory 'cause that's what this is all about uh…
memory so what i'd like everybody to do is to make sure that you have some paper in front
of you which i think everybody does and to have your pen or pencil kind of ready but what i'm gonna ask you to do is to go
ahead and do something i rarely ask and that is to put your pen or pencil down i actually don't want it in your hands at
all for the next couple of minutes i'm going to up do what at what i call the
sixteen card activity and i wanna make sure everybody can see these
i think you'll be able to but what i'm going to do in just a minute
is i'm going to show you a word on a card and i'll sort of uh… rotate it
i'll say it outloud and then i'll go to the next word and the next word and i'm gonna end up showing you sixteen words by the time i'm done you're going to think
it was like forty but it's only sixteen and i want you to try
to memorize them all which is easy for me to say not so easy for you to do but here's
the little trick to this as soon as i have shown you the last word i'm gonna say the magic
word which is ok as soon as they say okay hurry grab your pen or pencil and write down as many of these words as you
can remember before you forget 'em and you don't have to write 'em in order just whatever's
in there hurry and write it down and then i'll explain
what all of this is about okay so that's the goal of this and again i want you
just to stay quiet and concentrate and i'll go through them pretty quickly

32 thoughts on “How To REMEMBER FOR TESTS | LBCC Study Skills”

  1. Great lecture and well presented. I'll be looking for the followup vids as well. The public school system in the United States has failed each and every student by not teaching this from the beginning at grade one.

  2. 2019 and he's still helpful

    Scott Brieckner is such a great teacher but this croud seems very unenthusiastic

  3. My average reading time is 180 minutes, during my free time; this increased during pre-law when I was getting a judicial clerkship. When I was 13 years old I read Treasure Island in one sitting for 5 hrs, no breaks, and gained a tendency to memorize not only every chapter, but every detail of plot progression in each chapter like moving pictures in a film. That's what started it all for me. I'm losing memory as I get older however, and I am no longer as practiced. There's also some memories I'd rather forget.

  4. This guy is spitting fire..and he get 0 credit for it. 778,000 views dislikes thumps and 80k subs only.. I would just pull this video down.. people are ignorant.

  5. I checked the publishing date when he said not to use telephone during a 5 minutes break πŸ˜€ I was waiting for them to say mobile fones πŸ˜€

  6. I have a question and problem as well, am student of mathematics and statistics and I forget things during test and exams, what should I do???

  7. As for continuously reviewing stuff like vocab, use Anki it'll make your life easier. Spaced repetition is best repetition

  8. Thanks…… tends to infinity
    Its a better way to teach alsoπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ‘

  9. Very helpful. ProfessorπŸ‘will try doing that. Am one of those ones that reads 4 hour n come 4 test taking can only remember 40% of the materials.

  10. I also like to use the alphabet to remember word lists, I put the list in alphabetical order with a number for how many words for each letter. I took a spelling test (and got 100%) from memory alone, without the teacher giving the word to spell. The other students thought I was some kind of genius, but in reality I just took the time to alphabetized the list. It works well for lists if 25 to 50 words (I never tried more). This was great to remember spelling and definitions, but if course I did not retain the actual list long term. I can do the 50 states with state capitals, and am working on countries of the world. Math tricks are another favorite. This all helps to keep my brain in good shape!

  11. Yes, thank you, I love it, great subject, I learn a lot and it's true specialty in terminology to learn the meaning πŸ˜ƒ

  12. at 16:10 that girl is 16 min and 10second late to class, she missed the most important 15 min part, she will not learn anything!

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