100 thoughts on “How to read Al-Quran | Learning from Farha”

  1. Really happy for you 😍
    And happy because I am one of your followers
    The girl's voice is so beautiful I felt comfortable and peaceful 😮😲
    I hope you will continue to see more and more videos, and also I hope in the future that the videos will be translated into Arabic so that we can understand
    I love you and support you Daud ❤❤❤❤❤❤
    from Egypt 🇪🇬

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1lP80wN-bo (for better tajweed, use this video to practice your letters, even I go there from time to time to sharpen my tajweed. )

  3. السلام عليكم ، ملاحظة الحاء (ح) التي فوقها سكون لا تنطق (خ) ، لأنها سكون وليست نقطة فوق (ح) ،مثال الرحمان وليس الرخمان ،وفقك الله أخي

  4. Mahsya Allah…😍😍😍😍
    YA.. Rabb…berikan
    Taufiq hidayahmu untuk seorang Hamba yg sedang mencari Ridhomu.. semangat koko Daud Kim untuk belajar nya

  5. Thanks brother
    I'm Somali I am Muslim
    I watch your Videos
    We are praying ( Due ) for you and your parents and your friends to sow them the straight path
    Thanks again and again brother

  6. one step at a time Brother. It's hard but the struggle is Insyaa Allah will pilled up as your good deeds . Thanks for making me cry actually

    try to training your tongue, perhaps making it more flexible. tho arabic syllables are quite hard, because like Mandarin, some have a similarities (like /Dza/ and /Za/ )

    fighting brother, and for all of us too! May Allah S.W.T give us eas.. 🤲

  7. Don't give up on reading Allah gives ya double reward if u read it in difficulty like if u find it difficult to read or pronounce Allah gives ya double reward

  8. ماشاء الله .ربي يقويك ويثبتك .سيكون الامر صعب قليلا في الاول لكن ستجد في المحاولة راحة وقوة

  9. Wowww i like her vooce.. DAUD…. U trust me
    .. u will be soon xan read as good as her … just the matter of time n effort… just doit everyday and listen to recitation in youtube.. insyallah u will be able to get them

  10. the way easy to learn alquran is use muqaddam, learn firts about spelling and alphabet…. step by step until u ready how to reading alquran but dont ever study whiteout teacher

  11. You have to study the iqro book first, to be able to read the Qur'an clearly 💕☺️ hello me from Indonesian 💌

  12. You are doing very well mashAllah. But i want to share something if it helps you. Try to learn the correct pronunciation of arabic letters first. Then you will slowly learn how to recite Quran correctly.
    May Allah bless you.

  13. Maybe you can try with IQRA book, in indonesia children for the first time try to read quran with IQRA book. So you can try to know about hijaiyah letter…do you want it.. daud kim ssi?

  14. لقد شعرت بالخجل في نفسي حين أضاعت القرآن ما استطاعت له في قرأته وما إتاحة المدرسين . الله يثبتك يا أخي الله و خطو خطو بكرة تصبح شيخ إن شاء اللة.

  15. ما شاء الله تلاوتها جميله أفضل من أناس كثير عربيين. وما شاء الله هذا الأخ الفاضل مجتهد ويريد التعلم وربنا سبحانه وتعالي معك وأن شاء الله تحفظ القران كامل وتدعوا إليه الناس بأذن الله

  16. Mula kn blajar dri iqra..
    Memgenal huruf dh mahraj huruf..
    Klu dh kenal huruf..
    Secara x langsung bole membaca mna2 ayat al quran..
    Belajar x perlu membca ayat pnjg2..
    Sian… susah nk ikut..
    Ape lg nk ingt..

  17. Masha Allah Farhatul Fairuzah your voice and pronouncation was so perfect. Mashallah it's so beautiful😍.
    For brother Daud may Allah bless you for your effort and help you to make it easy for you to read the Holy Quran 😇😍

    For you to make it easy you must first learn the Arabic alphabet to practice your tounge

  18. Belajar hafal huruf hija'iyahnya aja dulu. Lalu belajar tilawati. Kl langsung gitu susah di pahami. Belajar harus dari dasarnya dulu baru akan paham huruf gandengnya.

  19. assalamualakum thank you, I am Anisa from Indonesia, I am Islamic, but I am still not perfect in carrying out my obligations as a Muslim, but after I watched YouTube, brother I became excited to carry out my obligations as a Muslim

  20. Maşallah sana ya maşallah ne kadar güzel dinini öğrenmek için çabalıyorsun.çok çalışkan ve gayretlisin 👏👏👏👏👏

  21. Malaysian Muslims are very good Muslims. We can tolerate the ever great demands of non Muslims in Malaysia and yet we are able to stay steadfast in our religion. Non Muslims in Malaysia have pressured Malaysians to embrace secularism, but we held fast saying that Religion Al Islam is Ad Deen, that is "A Way of Life" and hence Islam cannot be separated from the state.

  22. great work mayt allah grant you paradise you are a role model for everone ,,
    i cant express in words more . but still you are really positive

  23. ما شاء الله ، هذه الأخت صوتها ملائكي ، سبحان الله …. اللهم أعط بنات المسلمين من نعمة ما أعطيت هذه الصبية

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