How To Price Your Social Media Marketing Services and How To Write Proposals

hey guys only Chaplin here welcome to this video and today we're going to be going through how to price your social media marketing services and how to write proposals so I get this question a lot people always ask me hey how do you write proposals or how should I price my services and packages and stuff so I'm going to go through in this video exactly how I do it and exactly how I go about writing proposals and also how I convert convey value in the meeting so business owners believe that I'm worth whatever price right because that's more important than the actual price is getting the owner to believe you're worth that right and a lot of people fail at this because they end up giving free trials and stuff which isn't really good however if you use this system in this technique like that will never ask you for a free trial because they'll believe that you're actually worth it right so this this is going to help beginners a lot because people say well how do I prove to people if I don't actually have results right I don't have clients well this is the video for you because I'm going to tell you exactly how to do it and it's and it's through the meeting is how you convey the price of your services okay so before we get into the video if you like social media marketing affiliate marketing entrepreneurship make sure to subscribe follow my Instagram below like I'm really active on that at the moment answer anyone's questions so you hit me up on that if you've got a question and I'll be sure to answer it but yeah let's jump straight to the video so we'll start off with actually pricing the services and how you price your services right it's based on value it's based on how much value you can provide to a customer so say if you have a restaurant for example and the average price of a customer may say like a hundred pound or hundred dollars and then you take for example like a cosmetic surgeon or a dentist they're they're average price and tick is going to be so much higher it's going to be like 10 20 even 50 thousand right for some of these procedures so your services are going to be worth more to the dentist than the surgeon than the restaurant so you charged the dentist and the surgeon more right but most of you are probably doing restaurants and hair salons in kind of low ticket places so your average price is going to be around one to two thousand but you can target that even more within a specific niche ending on how big or how high-end a restaurant is so say if it's a small cafe that has 50 40 CEOs you're not going to charge them enough a lot because you can only bring in a certain amount of people per out right however much that the capacity of the diner restaurant is wherever if it's a big high-end restaurant with four or five hundred seats and the average price is say a hundred dollars per person you're going to charge them way more because you can bring more customers in right so that's kind of how you go about pricing it's all about based on how much value you can provide so let's jump into how to actually convey the value so the owners believe that you're worth it so this is going to be really helpful for all your beginners out there but also anyone who's been doing that it still has still applies so how you do it is you want to show them exactly how you can get results why people think you can only show previous examples but just sitting them down go through the app manager and show them exactly how you can do it so what you want to do if you haven't got any clients right is you want to find a good example of Facebook advertising that's really easy to find just go on Facebook and type in restaurants and look for good restaurants I've loaded likes and comments and shares right then screenshot map put it on a PowerPoint and then say hey look this is a great example of restaurant marketing and I'm going to show you exactly how your restaurant can look like this or your salon could look like this and then take him through the app manager and show him exactly how you do it like showing them the detail targeting showing the different age ranges showing traffic so you can drive traffic from one place to another show them the reach ads on Instagram show them all that stuff and then eventually they'll believe that you can actually do it and then not only you want to do this but you want to show them how you can make them money okay so show them how you can get that Instagram and Facebook to look good and show them how you can make them money and how you do that is you take an offer that they already do so screenshot that so go on their Facebook page or their website find an offer they already do screenshot that and then show them exactly how you would get people to get this off or buy this offer right or come in for this lunch or whatever it is and you kind of do the same thing you teach them you say okay so we'll run a traffic add to the website and I'll run load of P P P P E ads or we'll run viral video ads we'll get a lot of people talking about it and we'll run offers and we'll get people in this way okay so once you've shown them how you can actually create like Facebook pages are really popular you've shown them how you can drive for the moment and betroth drive them traffic and make the money you then want to break it down and kind of show them ings that tell them exactly how much money you're going to make them and how you do this is through the average price of a customer right so say if it's a restaurant and that have rich ticket is say a hundred dollars or a hundred pounds and you want to say to them okay on average like this is a like a true statistic right on average one person will bring another two people into a restaurant right because no one really eats on their own so you can say for every one person I bring in on Facebook I'm not just making you a hundred I'm making you 300 right so if I bring ten people in that month they're going to bring an extra three people with them right so I'm gonna make you an extra three thousand this month like you see what I mean so and then times up by twelve and say this is how much it would be over the year if I only made you ten customers so and obviously you're going to get the more than ten customers because local target in a facebook advertising so powerful and also you've shown them how to do it but just just bait just give them realistic numbers to start off with and say hey look I could I could easily make you an extra three grand doing this then imagine what I could do when when it really gets going after a few months then they're going to be like actually this guy was always talking about he shown me a good example as Facebook advertising he showed me how he can do it he's then showing me how he's going to take one of my current offers and make me money and then he's broken it down and showed me exactly how much money he's going to make me if he only brought me ten customers right so this is how you want to convey the value to them in the meeting it's going to help you close way more as well close way more deals but the most important thing is it's going to show the owner that you're actually worth that price you actually work the two thousand other thousand you're charging because you've shown them you can make them say ten thousand off off your efforts or five thousand deliveries so that's how you do it that's how you convey the value and and price your services and get the owner to believe that you're worth that because that's that's how you close deals right as you get them to believe in you and believe in your services and believe that you can actually help them and make them money so once that's all done and you get to the end of the meeting you're gonna want to go back and it's all well first of all you want to schedule a meeting after like a kickoff meeting right but then you want to get all the knowledge and everything you've learned from them and you want to write it and you want to put it all down into a proposal okay so this is where proposals come in you don't give them at the beginning you don't walk in and say here's a proposal let me will you let me know what you think you know it's like a collation of all everything you've discussed right so in the meeting you'll talk about what your objectives are how you can measure the objective what type of offers you're going to run for them things like that how much it is what services you're gonna give them right you spoke about that in the meeting so when you come back for the second meeting when you actually kickoff and get paid this is where you write the proposal so I've got a proposal here and I'll go through it with you quickly and this is a proposal that I broke up it's just a brief one and I wrote up just for this video but we'll go through it it's basically exactly how I write proposal and give it to a client after a meeting so you start off with writing what the objectives are right what are the objectives of this engagement of this relationship and this business partnership right what what am I here for and mainly it's to get them more clients right get them more customers so in my agency we start off looking at the first three months okay so we don't really talk about the next year or two years we focus on the first three months and how we're going to make the money in that in those first three months so the first thing I say is we're going to hit the target revenue as discussed so we'll discuss a revenue figure but they actually want to hit and then the first thing I've put is my main objective is to hit that target revenue then I say other objectives are to increase things like brand presence and I'll tell them how I'm going to do that so through engagement hats why this is good because it will help them separate themselves from competitors and I'm going to expand their customer reach into other areas so say for example they're in a district in London and they want to help other areas in London I can run ads solely to these areas to get customers in from there and I can increase a number of sales and services that aren't generating the revenue they should be so this is another objective of mine is say if a I know they run like their Asylum and they have had like really expensive hair extensions but they're not selling a lot of them I'll say ok hey well one of the things we will do is start pushing more sales on on these on these hair extensions so that'll be another objective these are all things you want to discuss with the owner and and you want it so each proposal is really personal and individual and then another objective is say grow and grow an email database and then use that for email marketing campaigns right so then the next thing you want in the proposal is the metrics how are you going to track it right so the first thing how you can track it is actually completing the 90 day plan right the 90 day marketing plan and the next thing how you contract it is something that I call social ROI right a social return of investment it's not monetary its social so this is things like more shares more likes more comments more page likes right more engagement in general this is going to be proof of how you can track my efforts because the overall engagement on their pages will go up another way you can track it is like redemption of traceable offers right so you run an offer on Facebook say 20% of lunch someone comes in with this offer then the owner can see that you actually came in someone came in with an offer right so that's another way to track it and then the final thing is just the overall sales will increase within 90 days like that's how you can really track it but you want to kind of break down other ways of how you can track it as well so the next thing I put in the proposal is the value to the business right so what value is our am I going to give them such things like sales growth increasing online brand presence like creation of an email database could get them new and employees and stuff could run Facebook ads for employees that's more value to their business the final final few things are timing so how long it's going to take like so first of all first of all like I said isn't like 90 days the second thing is like the terms and conditions so I'll say the relationship is month-to-month there's no contracts like if you want to end it you need the 30 day notice period then about the options in so options we discussed whether it's Facebook advertising email marketing the viral video marketing bit of SEO website design whatever we discussed pop it in there and then you want to put the acceptance bit right so put like a signature for you and then and then credit card information and details so pretty simple right it's only a two-page document it's nothing fancy doesn't need to be really over in depth it just needs to be exactly what you spoke about in the meetings like exactly what you discussed how you can help them and how are you going to track it how you're going to trace it how long it's going to take and how much it is really so that's all you really need in proposals like you don't need to give it in before it's not like a set package like I said it's just an overview of what you've been known for with them in the meeting so I hope you enjoyed this video I'll run through everything just briefly so remember pricing is all about value and you I show them how show that owner that you actually worth that money right and then with proposals it's just a brief overview of everything you spoke about in the meeting so I hope you enjoyed this video and if you did make sure you subscribe follow me on Instagram got learning new videos coming out some great content some great value so yeah subscribe and I'll catch you on the next one

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