How to Present a High School Financial Literacy Program

I wanted to make this more of a facilitator be movement be more but still there as opposed to present her so I'm going to give a little bit of ideas and suggestions of things that i have used when I present to a high school class but if you have other ideas or resources or you know cross the things that you use that if I'm ideas across the kids I think that's great so the first thing that I do to try to try to start off is I use jump-starts test the national test that idea so what I do is I give the test to the teacher one week in advance at least a tween the two weeks in advance and I haven't presented to the kids so the kids get an idea of what we're doing what I'm coming in for etc so the it's a 31 questions I just give them the there that I have a copy of the test here the test here is kind of all this it so I I give a copy of the test and then try to have a teacher get it to the students and got rated before I come in alright so the first thing that I do want to go on is I do ask if there's completed discuss and then typically the teacher will have the scores listed so you know when class I went in you know people were getting 31 30 29 28 was getting about that much higher than the national average and that's what ever is about 45 or 47 percent so you know you come in that class you guys are much better than average etc the ones that were getting 3 5 10 right that wasn't that wasn't so good so I kind of just just tell them that you're particularly the norm happens so now that tough idea what I do with it now the brutal if so based on how they do you change your approach and curriculum based on not at all no nothing all I do is like give it a prompt to be able to let them know of what it isn't might be talking about in terms of finances etc so so most of the teachers ask me I only have one class courage to do this in a typical so they usually say discuss two or three of the different topics so that's something I do here is I'm going to go over a couple of topics spend about 10 15 minutes on each one I have been asked to do you know full sessions one whole class period 50 minutes on budgeting and on credit and on savings and investing sitter so I can give you some ideas of what I've used to incorporate in terms of the classroom with the sizes that we've done for that but typically it's very quick you know they're in an in and out it was just one semester during shooting one class period during during the semester we do all right so what I knew was that going and not I got the test but got a little bit idea what I'm going to do so I introduced myself like I say I'm glad you are with kelsey PA and the first thing I do is I asked them I said ok who knows what a CPA again you know what you get some pretty screwy answer they can actually have something to eat but they really don't know what we do so I indicate that i'm i'm here from California cfa society you know where we have a focus on financial literacy and that is Rob you're doing volunteering our time to try to teach you kids a little bit about finances visa and 2010 you made a servant they surveyed Americans and ninety-three percent of Americans indicated that there should be a financial literacy or some kind of a course closet of high school students but as at this point only four states require a semester-long class finance so I'm here to teach you guys a little bit just a very high level affected information about finances about credit about savings and investing and I know you've come to me and you're looking to go well you know I want to pay attention it's just like a substitute teacher and I'm going to tell you one important thing is everything I've talked to you about today you're going to learn you have to learn you're going to come across it at some point your life is going to you your spouse somebody is going to come across the stuff that I've talked about today so I know you talk about I don't need to learn out of our kitchen my kids said what I can get learn about chemistry and biology okay sometimes I agree with it all right but hear this financial stuff you have to learn I'm only here for 15 minutes but it's very important for you to pay attention so I try to get that point across some attention so I talk a little about the program if they have some if it is a little bit if it is one session I talk about that if it's a longer session and put the more detailed echo they go to that as well the one thing that i do do if i do have some time is on the test i don't know if you know but there are there are some questions on the test where the majority of students is also high school seniors then they you know less than half pick the right answer so i go through two of them one of them is sarah and joshua just had a baby they receive money as baby gifts and want to put it away for the baby's education which are the following tends to have the highest growth over periods of time as long as 18 years okay first choice checking account all right only five percent of the students picked up next choice the US government's Eddie's mom thirty-seven percent of the kids accepted at us next towards the savings account forty-one percent selected a savings account the last choice stocks okay on seventeen percent of kids to pick stocks all right a little bit of information about what they what they actually don't know about another question that get us on the same line if your if your credit card is stolen and a thief runs up a total debt of a thousand bucks but you notify the issue of the card as soon as you discover is missing what is the maximum amount that you can be forced to pay according to federal law first answered five hundred bucks seventeen percent said that a thousand dollars you would owe seventeen seventeen percent also said that nothing the vast majority fifty-three percent of kids that you would owe nothing well the actual answer is fifty bucks and only thirteen percent so less again I was a percentage very low what kids thought that they would have to know so again a test is a good indication or a little bit of an indication of what they don't know and so you can kind of use that to lead in discipline so the the money talks video I if you guys have seen that used in the money talks video it's a man on the street kind of a liquid people issues about money and their perspective about money and things like that I typically do show that it's free i think it's on youtube as well for the cal cpa side so we can get it or you can get the DVD if you want as well but i do show that to kind of you know break the tension the kids can't like to see something to look at me center so so i think that's the key is to try to get the kids a little bit involved in interactive so i do have a couple of things out how to show you what i do as far as it feels so i do what when I have with a question so I ask the kid so tell me what's important about money to you you guys can respond what's important about money to you what do you think I've a still kid what it was it Ronnie writing part okay go to the prom okay yeah he's a senior so that's the tiny very good cold college yeah people say that to get the get the for any points for members a visa but didn't know what the teeth would some of the kids have to come out of my who was really interested in stuff because kind of interesting to see what the idea is up and what you can get off which you can get out as far as the kids about what's important about money to them so because I'm a little bit idea give you a good idea what's going on with that you know in the first part we talked about you know setting goals and budgeting and things of that nature so what I do what I found effective is you know for kids you know what's a budget you know what's a goal I mean they're very difficult for them to get their hands around if I have a longer period of time I have used the exercises in the book on buying a car alright that seems to be somewhat interesting people have bought cars they're just inviting a car and they go through all the information and you can spend good ten minutes or so about talking about buying a car but the the one that I have used pretty successfully is I typically give it in a sprint about what happens in the springtime is the prom so I use that as I clutch any exercise so that's what we're going to do so prom i divided between the girls in the boards so the girls what do we need for the prompt what is what's your cost in the prom girl a dress stretch okay so if I just a dress it's how much is going to direct comment with coffee how much let's dress cost tens what's your punching bag times gonna tell me anything 100 bucks on a box okay so nice design a box for a dress anybody else till offenders wait wait you got a girl you can throw it if you want fire the business all right what up ladies ok so here okay okay let's choose Carson was very good price 50 bucks for shoes all right so what happens in this interaction is the kids get involved because i get from 50 bucks to getting it from the goodwill to four hundred dollars to going to LA from Sacramento I mean you get the whole gamut and it doesn't have to be a class of kids that are you know how to privilege or whatever I mean it really once again so it's actually quite interesting if they have electronic devices available to have the capsule going search rather than just throwing out numbers no because what i don't think i have a time and the second thing is is the prom is pretty close so they've already done most of the stuff already so that's right that's why the exercise to me is affected because they've already done it and things of that so it's already you know they had by far one of the exercises is getting written some place so it did seem to work so I this is what i have found to be pretty effective so the ticket ok so the ticket i'm at work so what's in it so who buys a ticket is if the girls or is it the boys i buy the ticket and so people are fighting cetera so when one time I gave it the kids said well my ticket was 50 clock and somebody says with my singular 60 bucks and somebody said might take it was 70 bucks what happened is if you bought your ticket early you got a discount can we talk to goggle that's where planning comes in if you did the proper planning well I you know I didn't have a date oh yeah but you know informed is mine for myself so anyhow that was were plenty came in and some people have plans early the ticket was close alright what else nails ok okay okay okay so you have to pay for the transportation of the transportation all right all right now all right now we'll do the boys ok prob go ahead you guys you Larry vickersontour just talk to you okay so tuxedo sometimes it comes from this place sometimes it doesn't some people just say I need a listed they just give the students what else we need guys John's with remember back to your prom date course on there's no corsage what's that Chris honest okay for socks good okay first time you get the flowers but what's a tux on these days 115 signing it is unheard yeah all right personage was that run 760 of course not yeah 00 20 hi good okay listen it's a whole stream all expenses party oh god yeah we had a discussion of that we just kind of didn't talk about that right yes yeah oh well oh nice thing good restaurant or something like that sometimes I go all right they have to pick up the tickets are exactly this Maggie both sides sighs that's right anything else so pictures comes up alright so so I had a guy he wasn't very shy he said well my pictures he had a little he's going to have an Instamatic one of those dominicans he was going to go to Taco Bell I mean he didn't he not heated here just really had not much he's gonna go to Taco Bell you know he wasn't going to buy flowers he had quarrelled somebody else's car he was going to the prom but he just basically had no money so for him that's where there were the priority was okay and I but he wanted to go and then necessary you get to see the dynamics of that so it's a good exercise to do a little bit about budgeting is fun like that so we asked for them okay how you gotta pay for what kind of a form okay so then the guy start you on sight other day chicken okay so the guy take a ticket what else how about the dress our parents ok so that's often the answer his parents pay anybody else some people say they have a job some people have been saving since they were you know they have job at didn't Navy savings since they started school so it is same for a number of months so than that that's a good interaction because then they say in data sitting for a long time and then talk about short term short term plan long-term planning etc so that's where that comes to live it comes an employee so anyhow you know I had one guy who was gonna you know guys really doing their hair and you know getting fancier shoes and all I kind of I mean they were really getting quite involved so it was it can be very expensive so then I totally up to the numbers and you know price is so much similar because you know the dresses can be can get quite high but it's about it where to get the money and how they save it said so something that's occurring I Vegas is good in terms of trying to get back that is sure that come across and that's what I thought to be section on the budget side so any questions are awesome Bruce to find the kids are going to have jobs or respect you know I think out it's less than half probably about a third maybe a quarter you punk like I did a presentation on saving for college whether it's south of weakness of a wall pretty fun but the biggest push back the students is they really haven't thought getting my hypothetical some jobs every second job right 40 go to school could save this much to borrowing this much when you graduate which have different say what they say and that was think they couldn't get jobs oh and this was like a the best academic school in San Francisco the public school system so it completely blew me away but those kids are having trouble John to our immediately turnable veterans have you gotta get cpa firms you know hiring these kids staff staff clips in the summer summer because so what a cpa is academically qualified kids don't have drama possible yeah I'm some of those some of the jobs for that we use the season that we had during the summers just just aren't there yes they're just not there or taking fire so you can better what are you going to my god yeah so it is damaged entering that kind of income so that's what some of the modules relate to you know your income your pay stub those kind of things you know you have to kind of be kind of cured because if you don't have very many kids that have a job and they're not gonna understand but the ones that do have a job I do try to get across a key point you know I do tell them I want you guys to you know before you me today I want you to understand the three letters stand for okay and then three letters are not CPA because they blew that one out all right the three letters are pyf pui yeah it said i could pay yourself first so some people do know what that means my my my son was a boy scout well you know what in the Boy Scout personal management merit badge it is it is in that merit badge of Brooklyn I mean it's big enough for probably 25 years so the Pater software's concept is not is nothing too unusual so I didn't try to get back my across for this for the kids to try to remember which ready to try to understand so they can keep that in mind that so that's when I kind of go on a little bit in terms of the budgeting side any questions on that as a male have any ideas of what they've done when they've gone into high schools and what's worked or other things that had talked about and talked about budgeting or flying I didn't senior trip since the coast was pretty similar like they were all example do you want to bring a camera are you planning to travel places are you paying for the ticket yourself for the ticket to gift and then we also actually I had them calculate based on their allowances how much they would need to save so I had three people give me how much they got their land race seafood happily they wouldn't mean in Saudi allowances they would have needed to be staying since their sophomore year every week to get the amount of money back where I wanted to have but they did participate in automatic the you know along that line when we it's good to talk about saving and how long people have to start saving in advance etcetera so when I talk about saving I i use this example it is it is a worksheet destined that that's in the book oh by the way so as a most of us said you know this is the old book and if given the opportunity i did send it to the teacher at a time and we could utilize the book however as I'm doing now I don't give them the book ahead of time because they're coming to the book and they're not paying attention or not that and there's only it's not even more mature exercises that I use out of the book so I give to them as a resource and I just given to them after I did it I'm very kind of get it wrong now one thing I talked about in terms of the identity starting early if that comes up is if we have two people persons eggs for nine years another person books this person's 22 years old all right 22 year old person stays for nine years and it doesn't save any time after the second person at 22 doesn't save anything but at age 31 starts 72,000 a year until the age of 65 and given a nine percent rate of return very hot so who has the most money what why do you think that is 579 thousand over here and we have 470,000 over here so we're right so the so the the person that starts to relief because of compounding is able to have much more when they signed at age 22 so I give this example so I say make this interesting Oh what is what is this tadalafil okay Monty sets up to da ba that's incorrect this is Bruce's bonus buck all right person fahnestock it still together who's the bonus buck so this goes to the person that answers the question correctly all right take anything out of the box and I'm 22 real-life example my brother doug is 22 what does that make us 20 okay that's not correct funny kid we're both aged 22 what is it yeah we're not twins we are brothers correct but that's not what I'm looking for no that's not it either so I tell the kids you got think out of the box I am smarter thank you very much i can you the two books anyway but we've got professors into what exactly she is actually correct yeah for the first japanese chuckles born United States never try a Japanese so I had a kid who didn't believe me so I said on the ark so yeah I'll go say hey win that two dollars pardon have they ever won the two-dollar ah yes they have and I give that example every time I've actually mount probably 50 60 20 bills so anyhow it's just a little bit fun to get them to think I'm a mom so so I emphasize the point I said okay so what do you kids have an advantage of over it myself and teacher mr. Jones what's the advantage you guys have you started early exactly yeah you say all we're better okay you are going to look at but the event without distract you were younger these energy have to have you have time all right so you see that goes on that you don't pay yourself first you see that goes long as you don't plan to the future you lose that opportunity okay I've been in the business 32 years all right I've been doing financial planning all my basically on my life I get pipe it comes in there there 1555 and they say Bruce you can you help me I wonder I'm going to retire I'll take them okay the kids are out of school you don't think can i meet my goals and if i tell them they can't meet their goals what is their response yeah well that's it but not what can i do but what do you think they kind of conclude they spend too much earlier in the state level exactly they say I should have started soon so I emphasize are the kids sooner is today don't let you don't let a day go by don't let any your go by without you focusing on doing some kind of a safe because I can teach you God investing I can teach you about investments mutual funds stocks I can talk about risk etc etc what I can't do is I can't get that time nobody can so then you have the time take advantage of it okay so pay yourself first all right I try to yeah so that's a and you guys can't use our exercises I don't think anybody really trippin I have a story to three outside the box and I use this in a class awesome you're driving down the street in your car just a sports car and you pass a bus stop and it's raining and there are two people at the bus stop there's a friend who saved your life there's a little old lady who looks like she's about to die and there's the woman or man of your dreams what you do okay I know and I let him think about it what it happens is most people assume it's my card and they'll pick up they'll choose one of the three and the best solution is that you give your car keys to the friend who saved your life presumably you trust them they take a little old lady the hospital and you stay there with the manor very good but yeah essentially you can make two points that one is that you get rid of your assumptions this is my car and with that then you would think more broadly anybody any other suggestions or ideas on on saving or emphasizing savings there anything like that has come up in your class with ruff what I show is about college funding if your parents started and I used like the eight or nine percent if you use eight percent you know it would double twice by the time they're 18 so I say you know they're putting in you know twenty thousand dollars when you were born they would have to put in forty thousand dollars if they start with your nine to get to the same amount by the time under 18 so it's the same principle but it just you know it emphasizes start early so and I did try to talk about part of that concept of saving and investing in the book talks about stated in short term and investment being longer term you know i divided a little bit differently you know I say saving is really an active discipline it is taking whatever you receive from allow as a gift or paycheck and then physically putting it aside it is something something separate and not spending it and to me investing really is a is a it's an active of optimism because you put some money away hoping that's gonna drop so me it's not just Nestle is short term long term to me it's kind of different focus of what you turn look at in terms of saving and investing first the other thing i have is the technique you used in your flip pure is exactly right as simple as possible for when the numbers where's over the biggest mistake i made the first time i went to high school kids was I talking like that was teaching kind of sees then I gave them a schedule it sort of did something sure year by year numbers you know you handed to them on a piece of paper you're reinforcing those numbers you know you need three things it tells a simple favor and keep it simple right yeah I thought I'd have it there so I can make points after your 5 and i know and i think lauren said something about using the rate of return my purse i like a lot that's the way to live you know i just used that because that was was in the book and you're probably right anyway she used six or something like that the kids don't know trying to go straight to point but yeah I should probably do that what's only other you give them an unrealistic view what they might actually be able to say yeah yeah yeah yeah and the point being is to try to try to get them with the discipline of say how much the credit card so how much money in credit card is paying off would say what's the price and ipod shuffle or whatever and then how much would you pay if you hated initially paying off over 61 she can pay off every year so calculating that I'm doing something really simple like ten percent interest that they do understand the cost of a lot and so I say you know think about that me in the oxen that you're saving up so but when I talk about I would back them all laughing do you want free night happy you're going to earn you know hatred and so that's free money and about the rights I'm going play I say with new money free money them right there's the other thing that I felt is if you've got a subject matter here here's to what I was doing saving for college don't lose the opportunity of asking for experiences in the classroom lesson knowledge every time I do that somebody has an older brother or sister or friend or cousin just graduated with 150 thousand dollars of student loans they're struggling on trying to figure out how to do that you'll get some like real credible because the biggest problem I think we have to overcome is credibility of the the old person in the front of the room with my young people you know have a recent graduates of college we were high school grads I didn't sell it the fafsa bonus situations so he was describing worms of Burbank where they went back with her it's really good remember Lee the younger people have the ability to have it if you want more just facts about kids getting out of college lastly it's time and whole section on it and how many people go back and mom and dad and how much the average and stuff like that so there's good again you're not the person Sookie on it there are some other oxides of you in terms of that as well so if you have that those are definitely something that you know sometimes I try to talk about i'm talking about budgeting and time out like that you know I ask kids okay so where we order where does the money start it starts on the patient typically a paycheck or give or something like that so you know talk about income and what can they deal with I think I what do you do when you click here than income ok you can spend it ok talk about my handwriting you suck yeah if you spend in it it goes down here just it just comes out of out of the loop if you say that it goes into cash what can you do with the cash just able to do what mark I something future right so we use it to this is a choir as a choir we use it to acquire the choir and asset so we get money that comes in we can spend it it goes out or we can budget for it but you forward reallocate separately it becomes cash with the cash we can acquire an asset and then the asset hopefully if we manage it properly this is managed depends you probably don't also generate income all right so what I have here is I call it the circle of wealth kid stuff up circle of life from Lion King and honest the circle at well that's what i call it circle of wealth so i try to get the concept in there is that you know kids once you guys get money in this circle you got to keep you in there as soon as you spin it it comes it goes out of the circle as soon as you get an asset that doesn't do what you'll mention properly it comes out of the circle so doing this the same was in the circle that's where they can really start to build up true well and sometimes the concept they get something they don't but i'd like to get that point across because as we're going through and talk about different things to talk about finding etc than I remind a circle back to the but when you talk about the rule of 72 I mentioned that sometimes that's good information that you know we talk about them sometimes the kids you don't know what that is you know all to take your money to devil and so it kind of know that sometimes they were paying attention in math class is because it can't do this tickle division and multiplication but again the rule 72 being how long it would take your money to double given a certain rate of return there's a number of years so we talked about 72 okay I asked a student in kc make an intro sent eight percent rate of return if I into semi to what do you get I year about 69 years to double your money in a percent rate of return and then I just use different different numbers of different calculations instead so somebody won't rarely ask but what's it take a triple so who knows that number 114 which are for your lunch sing the same calculation I think four times is 144 so they do if they can understand the various concepts and said I think that's pretty good for something to get across I you guys will send me to that much in your business yeah a little bit so to me it's good to understand in terms of you know for us in terms of numbers instead of going for the kids it might be something for them to get so it's just a little think little ticket that they can take away the last thing I'm saving and investing I mentioned that same thing is like not eating off if you search for dinner all right take a lot of discipline it's like fic fun stuff you gotta save for a future point time hopefully they don't need to desert next week to get the point so it's postponing and delaying gratification and then if I if I have time so I'll go over a little bit more must've talked a little about it they usually wanted to go to talk about credit card in credit card debt so you write the statistics that you came about I have differences nevers credit card debt is if I have an extra two dolla bill I'll fill that out there to make it feel good there was credit card data beast in this study i saw was 4088 dollars the average student loan debt i think john said it was city with an Amish what was there were two 2525 okay my number said my name is the 20 maybe not as much the kids but something that I heard given by those people that are lectures conference she said when you invite somebody how much student loan debts would you have and what she said which I thought was kind of interesting is don't take out any more debt than what you expect to earn in your first year on the job so if you think you got 50,000 in your job don't take any more than 50,000 for the entire four years is what the was but her her feeling was I thought that was just kind of interesting I don't know how I did it to do that but I did think I was kind of more typically people spend up to twenty four percent of income just not decades so it becomes a lot when you're trying to set money aside for those future twenty-four percent with that include mortgage I think so I think so at an artist I'm not sure it might have been the last thing I guess kids wanna talk about is credit card debt so I asked okay so how many of you here's a credit card you know some of them are raised their hands how many of them have heavy at your own game okay maybe less cuz some dudes I'm having a long name but these are types of parents what level of place is your mostly all seniors so I'm talking sophomores probably anybody has a young yeah good I don't buy because I thought it was earlier but it's not sophomore school so usually see you at the scene you ignore typically get up and having to go in so do that credit cards and talk about that so I'm just you know adamant they don't want to use credit cards when you step in cars so we talk about what are the advantages their credit card what do you guys think the advantage so I have any limitation advantage no Dylan image is a credit card an advantage in terms of frog yes yes cuz that fifty dollar that's correct did any cars up so it is an advantage it is an event i get r example of myself you know we i bought some furniture when we used to live up here in the bay area we've got it on credit card and then the company you know screwed us over we didn't like something about it we had sent back and they just were not given us some money or anything like that and we did get off my money back of the credit card company so it was we were thankful then that we did advantages in credit card emergency where do you see very good that's that's very important what else it's good cool right good credit good for record-keeping good for convenience ok so those are the ideas that we try to get across to the kids about when to use a credit card ok I want the bad side of credit cards I just rated you don't pay it you can spin more than yeah exactly it's been more than you have which i think is very cute very bad so I just I just happen to see them so in this book there's a quote here by will smith and i think i always do credit card too many people expect money they have a car to buy things they don't want to impress people they don't like drinking like that the kids will stay linked to that so anyhow that was in this book on so in talking about credit cards and then some some of the kids will talk about debit cards so what are the advantages and the good bad about debit cards what's a good what's a good about a debit card guess we're more than you have don't have the carry cash it's convenient as well what about that on you attention what did this relation yeah so that get any that becomes an issue so just just last week my daughter uses her debit card predominantly she gets a phone call from chase saying you know we just think sometimes have been going on with your debit cards were sending anymore so she's asking me when I get my money out can I knock and they go oh yeah look at your money out just for point of time and the cards came in the mail yesterday so I said what what are they how do they know how do they find out she said that they have set they just they just potential sister find something that's not your normal spending it like a particle it does that to me too right I bought something I think was a present sports fan yeah I got the teammates charge something called them and said I've spending money today and they usually ask if I travel overseas all right eyelid I let my credit union know if I'm going to be out of state yeah other than the battle but young so because because they know then that that any charges from not a stated business is still on my car physical teachers you know usually want us to talk about credit because they hear about all the issues that have been happening about you know they probably overextending themselves instead of Sarah but in reality the kids you know they haven't had that much of experience with a credit card and so it may be Marva of a college or an adult issue than it is basically a high school issue but I think would you want try to get across at the point that you know they need to have a discipline don't try to spend more than more than what you're earning don't be less a credit card as a you know the credit card is is it's paying for something with money that you haven't yet are you know because if it's for next next month credit cards you're going to do it based upon possibly what you paid for the next month so trying to get them to not use credited as not using credit card as money if you don't have it's just a convenience and just a way to pay for something you know something kiss talk about miles on the issue of trying to get to pay attention i had a very humbling experience of the first time I presented the academic school San Francisco before I began to speak the teacher said what we were going to do that day before I begin to speak to students with their headset and I've had this responsible for you know the sleepy students on the college professor well but before I started to state and the teacher he didn't do anything you know I have a role the excess and what he said was and this is real issue for certain kids at different differently this wasn't part of the great these are tremendously stressed his that are not sleeping you know and he said it's a huge problem in that particular school so any time it's not going to count for their GPA and he really apologized the fusili local road and I were in the room and getting the kids to buy into relevance places if you have like obvious things yes I mean to manage intent upon the teacher so I didn't want that out at a high school these are all in Sacramento but it was a it was a pretty rough group of kids and they were and the bad name was as the teacher did not have any control over the kids I mean he sent the probably four of them out of the room to the principal's office with pink slips because they were misbehaving and the kiss just did not care I mean we had candy that we gave out for people that just asked a question but I answered a question and it wasn't in a cent we had people that were just it was it was it was somewhat disrespectful I mean that's just the problem not being part of the pretty one it's correct I big time of day also placed into that IV news can be you never right after lunch who should I have more if you have if its first period it could also be a right if everyone also works is you of the box of materials just drop it on the desk what I did go here and spoke loud just running it look good that was a technique so I can you might have to have done that but the classes better better longer why I have our meeting two or three times to not bring doughnuts on the last day or something like that but when you're there just for that one time for it you know the teacher always says hey show you respect for the guests we're taking a time out of your day to be able two percent but you're right if it's and so I got a fight coming for those other professors and those people that teach I mean I have a totally different respect for teachers I mean completely the time it takes me to do 50 minutes and they're doing it by days a week for all your eyesight it change dramatically but that's a great point to discuss I'm so glad that you guys bring that up from practical experience because imagining one of our volunteers going out for the first time and then any not response and you know taking that personally or going out like this but to know about it in advance and think a little bit and be prepared that that could happen and understand it a little bit helps tremendously and in the changing I've got power program quote with the great you know but I don't have prices my assurance in the right field command and control that absolutist point things right page it looks like exactly so they said that you can don't you can Adam exercises that that involvement kids i think is very helpful whether it's a budgeting example etc if you do have a gap to me into a longer budgeting session there isn't in the least in the NEPA book there's a session in there called budget busters and there's got to be 30 or 40 different items of budget busters you know I didn't plan I spent my lunch money I'm impulsive I didn't comparison shop does a person there was a number of them so what we did was with the with the teacher that she had to play mine and she had monopoly money and so we give every kid ten bucks a monopoly money and so I ask a question anybody who didn't do that question had to give up ten bucks of shooting how to get up at all and so okay we didn't do planning on none of them good planning so we all gave me a doll okay who did comparison shop when they when they did whatever they can be back at all okay whoo-hoo-hoo spin spontaneously at the cafeteria got sorted okay and then they go through that so you go through that exercise and then some of you were giving up you know six eight ten dollars and of them have a little bit more left over you can water prior to something like that but it gets them involved in this one was helpful because the teacher was very involved and know that kids were lying so the kids where the interaction as good as where the kids are getting on each other that's where she was really awful and still alive and you're gonna have two students who are leg asleep I'll come and stand really close or if they're on their phone I'll just walk up and say person is on their phone I guarantee you'll be off the phone by the end of the sentence because you know I'm talking to you and really quickly their fusion in three of them actually mean so their peers will start to look at them and they're very comfortable with someone could have not been like I'm not going to interrupt my lesson but if I see you doing something I'm more than happy to call you out on and I'll tell them that the beginning and so when they get caught I kids take out a magazine like that time that interesting but I'm positive it'll be just as interested in lunch so when I'm finished eating more welcome to take that and that they're usually that's that meant you know any event there they're too busy yeah that's good yes I styling you that's good if good idea would be able to do that i had this was the last one that I did you know I was just part I don't think the kid did intentionally but you know you basically costs while he was pretty already was mentioning something to me and I just says you know what you know you know what your high school senior you're old enough I think you can find a different word and it's time you express yourself and so that I didn't kiss get going on laughter the class he came up and said to know something I apologize and you really felt bad because it was part of a bigger vocabulary nice patina you just got me I do try to get that point across an experienced abilities but basically that's that's what I do in the quickie you know two three sessions it should be 10-15 minutes but you got to make it interactive you got to get the kids involved i think as best as you can or do we do to your cheek it's the last thing before you close the kids know exactly when the period and so you gotta cuz they got it in if you want to get points across you know before you close you got to be sure that you get those points across knowing exactly with the time period that's going to finish but but i do close eye and I try to remind the kids you know I confirm for having having festivus having me attend I do tell them that you know weird available so if you have other talked about the classmates in classes of a friends come be organizations we can do it for your parents if you think they need help etc I make it out then we as kelsey PA have a lot of volunteers and a lot of resources to go out and get this to get the point across and I just try to remind him so you know what were the three letters that I wanted you guys to go away with an African you pay yourself first so if you keep that concept in mind then you like taking something

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