how to play "Here Comes the Sun" by The Beatles_George Harrison – acoustic guitar lesson

you you you you you Oh you you you we've got a cape on the seventh fret which puts the song in a but I'll just call the chords like you you know we recognize you shake d 87 just go over the cords go to D a7g sometimes you've got a G but play like that that a string muted we got an a set or an e7 little finger here on the Dino and that's about it it's in essence a very simple song but it's the strumming that really makes this so what we want to think about is think about down and up down and up down and up or up and down right just constantly think like that and also before we get too much farther you want to use like a medium kind of pick for a song like this okay this this thing's got some bend to it it's not super light but it's it's not hard either okay probably a medium or so maybe a little less than a medium but it's got some give to it and you want to just hold that thing super light because this song has a real soft touch okay real light touch you know you don't want to you don't be pounding away you want to just kind of be brushing like hold this hold that light so it's it's got give ok so and just take up and down like I'll play it without playing that without picking the melody out just to give you an idea of what you've the approach you've got to have so okay so that's what you got to think you think light strumming and just up and down okay so how we start is like an arpeggio Maddie we just pluck every note and we do the melody okay so we're kind of bouncing off that D string okay so we just just got to keep that just think this back and forth and just pick out the notes that you need right so that's how it kind of comes out with the strumming is you know open E and then you hit the D string that's just the open D and the D here on the on the B string and then it's it's down up on the d-string okay so okay Oh East ring open e the D note on the B string we're always bouncing off that D so it's really tough to explain this stuff it's more you just got to get to get in the feel of and get the approach going okay so and when we hit the G it's like we we downstroke on the on the bass strings and we it's like on open right and then we hammer on the G and the B note there okay so it's and as we hammer that on we're going to upstroke on that open B string okay so that's it's cool I mean it kind of happens naturally you know but but technically that's what's going on okay and then we're just it's just up down up down up down up down you and we want to play our G like that here for sure because you can hear that that third in there okay so okay so that that part of their there is a it's two on the openiy and then we strum the D chord okay so that whole part so for real slow okay up to speed okay so it's it's some tricky strumming going on all right and honestly like it really doesn't matter if you miss some of those notes but you don't want to become mechanical when you play this you don't want to get into you know what I mean like like that's less important really than just keeping the feel like if I miss a few notes you're right you know it doesn't really matter you know I'm showing you the notes that they play it on the record because that's sort of what I do right I like to try and get things as close as I can to what was recorded if you're playing the sine you miss some of those notes it's a way better to keep the feel you know and miss a couple of the melody lines than it is to you know just be super precise and have no feel right okay let's move on so where are we now and then we're back here we hit there that G that major seventh of the the G is beautiful right nice chord just down up down up again right and that a that a7 is on an upstroke so okay and we want to we want to start that from the B string this matter if we hit that low it doesn't matter you know that'll work but we don't want to hit that high heat we don't want to go you know that's not what we're after but we want this so right okay so that basically is the intro but it's also the verse okay so once you get that together you've got the verse okay and that verse is like what there's three verses in this song so you've got a big part of it I just want to mention also you want to definitely use dynamics when you play this intro because if you listen the guitar builds all the way through and it starts are really gently right so it's like this I'll play it without dynamics okay and you see how not to do you okay all the notes are there right sounds okay but I'm just pounding away right I'm using no dynamics at all okay now I'm going to play it with dynamics and you'll notice a huge difference okay so with dynamics we're going to be more like this okay so you notice the difference right so keep that in mind when you're home when you're doing the intro and the verse is too right okay so then it goes into the chorus and the chorus is you know on the record it the guitar is minimal it's just going okay so you know you want to fill that in a bit if you're playing it without you know the orchestra right so you're going to go like this you know just kind of in keeping with that strumming pattern in that strumming feel just real simple there that's on the e7 then we do the lick right the lick is awesome so we slide up from that a note on the g string to the D no to the open e drop our finger down to the anal right so open G ooh back up to the a you and those those are both pull offs okay so the picking on that of what I do anyways I don't know how he's doing it but I always do an upstroke on that e-string so you okay okay so then he goes into the first verse the turnaround coming out of that first verse into the first chorus is well actually technically is is the second course because you have a course in the in the intro but anyways okay so that part there it feels that your since we've been here is kind of delayed right so normally it's right it's on every offbeat but on the first verse it's kind of on the OnBeat it's delayed so it's okay and then the turnaround there is he just does is a suspended so it's a seven put your little finger on the D note there on the B string or you can play the a seven like this – it's kind of nice to play that way because when you finish you're just shifting to get to the D right it's it's less than a shift than that you're just going right so you actually one guitar is going and the other guitar is gone okay these these are really minor details but like I say I'm just trying to get it like the guitar port that's actually recorded right okay so then we're into the chorus you you and the lick and now this turnaround coming into this next verse you right okay so now we got another turnaround coming out of the second verse you this one set up its and then we're into the chorus again right okay and to come into the middle section we just hit the a7 once okay like it sounds like twice but it guitar just hits at once I think the bass and a bunch of other things hit it twice so the effect you get is on-the-record is that's the effect you get but but the guitar just hit someone so okay so then we go into the middle part and that's this look here okay so we're ending on that a7 and we go hey open a we go to the third which is the C sharp okay do with a third finger platino so it's like root third fifth right and then we do like an F shape and we just play F AC we do a c-shape we go C and G so okay then we drop our C note to the B and we go to B string open D open G so so far we've got and we finish it off by putting our third finger here on the E string like a G chord writes like that we're just fingering like that and we go the string a string D string so the whole thing is and then we do like it the first time we go the rhythm adjust right just for us okay and first few times you do that the last four times you put this lick in okay so lick you right okay so the last four times you do that and then coming out of that sixth time we do this sort of climbing left from the a seven I do the a seven like this and we just climb it up so it's right up to this this us for the D open e to the G gives you an a7 and we finish it off with this where we bar here put a little finger here right so the whole thing is okay that's kind of tricky that one sounds easy but it's a little to get your so up to speed that's and then we're back into the verse okay so we're heading into the last verse here and yeah so we do the last four and that's your last turn around I actually didn't put that on the beginning part and forgot but that last turn around is just it's real straight it just just four is on that that a suspended okay so and they were heading to the last course okay let me do the lick and he and he does it's alright and I wish you to think that it would go from that lick you right just mirror the vocals but it doesn't he goes okay just like a verse okay so go figure but that's how it goes so from that lick its so coming out of that lick we go into this this the F thing right okay so up to speed that would be and there it is that's your last court okay so fantastic song really great for um you know learning how to use a pick with some accuracy so you sort of mixing strumming and playing melody at the same time right and remember you know use a lighter pick and keep keep it loose in your hands and play with dynamics right don't just be pounding away at the same volume all the time alright we'll be good something out of it see you next time

27 thoughts on “how to play "Here Comes the Sun" by The Beatles_George Harrison – acoustic guitar lesson”

  1. Lovely lesson. So uncomplicated and simple but thorough. You always nail it. Hope to have an ear for music as you have.
    That mahogany Taylor sounds sweet, and your attack brings out its charm. Cheers

  2. Thanks for the assistance. I'm attempting to learn this finger picking the entire song. It's not easy, but the turnarounds make it well worth it!

  3. I remember watching George and Paul Simon doing this song on SNL way back when (just looked it up it was 1976) and thinking I would l’d give anything to be able to play this song…well 40+ years later I’m giving it a go and surprisingly it’s sounding pretty good right out of the box thanks to this awesome lesson….back then you had to do this all by ear and I had no patience for that….

  4. I'm a 70 years old guy and i don't no how long it takes… but someday i will play this beautiful song on the way you play , well done!!!

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