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hello this is Jamie from useful knowledge I'm gonna show you how to plant tomatoes today I'm gonna be doing something you probably haven't seen is something I've perfected over the past 20 years and it works one of the things I do is I add cow manure and lime in when I plant the tomatoes the lime actually provides calcium and magnesium and what that's gonna do it's gonna help your tomatoes not have the blossom end rot if you plant it tomatoes before you know what I'm talking about blossom in right basically your tomatoes are beautiful they start turning red you notice that on the bottom of them it's just completely rotted so what the plant is missing is calcium so if you add lime when you plant you're gonna get that calcium about 20 years ago I had a lot of tomatoes and they had blossom in right and so I was reading an article on what to do and it was like spray calcium on the tomatoes so I said well I don't I can't afford the spray calcium but I can't afford the line which is calcium so I took a bag of lime which costs $4.00 and I went down and sighed dressed each tomato plant I never lost another tomato to that summer and I've been doing this ever since so for a four dollar bag of lime you can reduce your chances of blossom end rot okay so what we're going to do to plant the tomato I'm actually going to put a handful of cow manure and this is composted cow manure so it doesn't stink in each hole we put a handful lying in each hole and that's gonna give it the calcium it needs so that you will have walking in right okay so what I do when I plant tomato plants pull the plant out and you're gonna break off these two leaves right here you're gonna break it off to where you've got about that much leaf left you're gonna fill this hole up with water fill it up you're gonna you're gonna feel about a quarter of the whole level water gonna mix the soil in you can do this at home you can do it in your raised bed it doesn't matter you get that so Lynne you're basically making a mud pie kids love it so you're gonna take this tomato and you're gonna shove it all the way down in there so now what's gonna happen this plant is going to grow roots gonna grow roots everywhere that that plant is underground there's going to go roots so when it's really hot and dry here in about two months during the summer time you're not gonna have to worry about your Tomatoes needing water every day so this is a good way not to have to put water on your Tomatoes even when it's hot and dry I play these about three feet apart and that's because I'm gonna come back and I'm gonna use a tomato cage on them as they get bigger and about probably a month I'll come back through and mulch them and then I'll put it tomato cage on each one over ok the sun's going down on this day but what I hope that you learn is how to plant tomato plants the right way and to plant them so that you won't have blossom in raw and you won't have to worry about any droughts during the summer this plant right here is about a foot in the ground we put lime in there about a handful of lime we put about a handful of composted cow manure so the plants gonna grow roots off the stem and you're not gonna have to worry about any type of drought conditions there in the summer if you actually gain some useful knowledge something that you can use hit the like button and if you want more subscribe to our Channel useful knowledge

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  1. Awww I love the dog 🐢! You should do some videos with the dog! Animal videos get the most views on YouTube! I love all your helpful videos but you should also have some with the cute dog!

  2. Hey Jamie this was a great video. I am going to try this next year, if I don't do the BTE garden method. Do you know anyone here in Alabama that is doing the BTE (back to eden) garden method? I am wondering how it would work for our area.

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