How to Pass Your Interview and teach English online with PalFish

hi everyone my name is Cassie and I am a teacher for the pal fish kids official classes today I'm here to help all of you pass your mock class to become an official pal fish teacher like me let's get started you will be teaching a 25-minute mock class to a pal fish representative you have to pretend that the PAL fish representative is a little six-year-old who does not speak any English the slides are provided to you ahead of time so you have time to practice during the class you are able to see the student they can see you and you both share the slides so you will be able to both the draw on the slides and interact that way together first thing to think about is your classroom or your background behind you you want it to look very child friendly colorful fun something that when the student first logs on and sees you they get excited because it looks like a fun class number two of course you have to think about lighting it is super important because you want to have a high quality video and the lower the light below over the quality three your positioning you should be in the center of the screen the little room right above you and you shouldn't be too close to the screen so then when you're speaking with your hands and you are using your body language they're able to see you now you have your background set up it's time to start teaching first remember you were teaching a little six-year-old in this mock class who does not speak English so your teaching style has to be very very simple and very fun and exciting you want to keep them engaged in the class the whole time I'm very very happy you want to be very smiley have a lot of positive reinforcement high-fives and thumbs up and clapping one thing that the PAL fish app comes with that I absolutely love is an AR feature there are glasses so all I'd have to do on the screen is click a button and a pair of glasses will appear on me or they have a hat they have some clothes they have a lot of different options and that makes it very fun for the kid if they see a big red nose on then they're going to be more engaged because you have their attention and you're funny and they want to listen to you and hear what you're saying and see what you're doing props props are very very good to have they sing the ABC song a lot so if the ABCs are up here dancing with the kid and having fun and encourages them to sing with you you need to add some 3d depth to the video instead of saying what letter is this I'd say what letter is this another fun prop I like to use mr. smiley kids lovin they laugh every single time Oh how's it going good job there's also a really great idea to have some kind of puppet or stuffed animal for a conversation for leading and guiding the students showing them what you want them to do especially for the beginner students who don't quite understand full sentences when you ask them to do things you can use the puppet as an example then they kind of catch on also the student is distracted you can use the puppet or some animal to help that way so my puppet is currently being watched but I have a nephew today the kids love him also so if I am trying to get the student to understand that when I say what is your name I want them to say my name is I can show them what I want them to do with hippie hi what is your name hi my name is hippie what is your name I have my pair of silly glasses these are really helpful especially if the student is distracted maybe there's TV playing in the other room and they're not really paying attention to you I'm wearing them like this and suddenly I'm trying I'm looking really silly trying to get this ball in the basket then suddenly I'm a lot more entertaining than this show that's in the other room how fish will reimburse you for up to fifteen dollars worth of props that you buy beak oh these kids are young and they don't speak English if you were speaking very fast they will not understand a word of it speak very slowly it is very important to use simple language very simple sentences so that the student can understand you remember don't speak English so you have to use simple sentences and show them I like foreign activity to show them what to do by myself and then have them do it with me and then have them do it by themselves so for example let's say this is the activity so if I were to say I want you to circle each word and then circle the picture that goes with each word and then draw a line between them the student is going to have no idea what to do a better way of doing that is this flower flower tree flower bug flower flower draw a line and then as I said I would have them do it with me and then eventually at the end I would say draw a line for bug for example I know I just said to use simple language but you still need to be grammatically correct so in this case if I want them to draw a line between flour and flour I wouldn't say draw line flower I could say draw a line for flower or draw a line between flower but between might even be too advanced for them so always keep that in consideration you want the students to be speaking as much as possible keep that in mind one thing I do to help encourage them to speak more and to use full sentences is correcting their answers so for example if I were to ask them what is your name and they say Mae then I would say my name is Mae I feel like this and it made understand and then they would say my name is mace you're encouraging them to talk more and use full sentences synthetic phonics super important a lot of people don't think about this when you are teaching a student a new letter and how it sounds you need to make sure that you're teaching it to them the correct way so for example if I have the letter M and I'm teaching them how it sounds I don't say ma ma because n doesn't make that sound when you were putting letters together to sound out an entire word it would be mmm or same thing for our people will say rah rah Bertie it's or that Ebonics last time I'm going to talk about is T PR and I know you have probably heard of this if you're watching any other video that's a remotely like this one but it is true total physical response is really important it helps make the class more interactive and it helps a student learn and be able to understand what you are trying to say so for example I say I listen for you to repeat the cow says Moo and then the student would say the cap says I say it I'm waiting here you repeat it there's so many different ways to use it so I would encourage you to use it as much as you possibly can okay guys that's about sums it up so just remember make sure that when you are doing the mock class you're having fun and there's a lot of energy you have a big smile on your face you're making the kids laugh use a lot of great props hopefully when you speak speak slowly and articulate every word and make sure to use a lot of teeth pee are out of body language and everything else that I mentioned earlier so I wish you all the best of luck and I hope that you will join our Popish team very soon

29 thoughts on “How to Pass Your Interview and teach English online with PalFish”

  1. Hi Cass, I'm guessing this vid you made is old . Nice way of explaining.
    I would like to see you,or any teacher actually doing the demo/mock class.
    I did the demo and they want me to do it again.
    I've had 15 yrs ESL teaching live, and in Asia. I know how to teach.
    I felt I was doing fine, taking my time with the kid (pretend kid),using a puppet,etc, till about midway through , then
    I saw I was running out of time, and then did rush through, skipping some things.
    How do you do all the prop stuff,AR,circles, tpr,etc. getting thru 19slides , in that time frame.
    I know very well about using body language, etc, props, it's doing all that getting thru 19 slides in the time allotted.
    Would love to see someone do it

  2. Hello, Cassie! I am wondering, when you set up your account, how long do they give you before scheduling an interview?

  3. I had my interview that I don't feel went well. Still waiting to here. It has been 2 full days. Will they contact me one way or the other. How long until I can reapply?

  4. You suck palfish!!! The staff from palfish are very rude also!!! Its not a good company to work for !

  5. The app has very few downloads and very few actual students, you're betting off with vipkids, many more students and much more opportunities to make real good money.

  6. This company is a joke, first of all, they have an abundance of teachers and very few students. The process to apply and get approved as a teacher takes several hours, once you finally get approved you realize there are more teachers then students on the app, with many teachers having been there 1+ year and have less then 20 hours total taught, this explains why they only have 10k+ downloads, I'm making much money money using vipkids.

  7. Why are you so happy I find people who are so happy so irritating… As for teaching English well I'd like to do it but I don't see why you need to do TPR Sounds like some acronym invented by some gormless education educator or Oxford or Cambridge

  8. Very nice video Kasse. I’m on the free talk portion already. I have my interview next Tuesday morning at 11am Beijing time. This video has a lot of good advice. Thank you very much.

  9. thanks for this very helpful! I have my interview coming up this monday and have some questions I am hoping that you can help me with! For the interview does it just go straight into the mock class? Or will I speak with the representative for a bit first? For the mock class, you did mention that I would get a chance to see the slides first before the mock class, I am a little nervous for this as I have not done any online classes like this before and hope to know how to use the material and slides etc. Do I have to have all my own props like you did for this mock class? Or just for the real classes? And last question how long is the entire interview I know you said the class would be 25 min is it any longer then that? thank you so much I just want to be prepared. πŸ™‚

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