How to Pass a Driver’s Learner’s (Knowledge) Test

Hi there, Rick with Smart Drive Test talking today to you today about multiple choice questions and my tagline: ‘pick the best answer, not necessarily the
right answer.’ Everyone who takes a learner’s test to get a beginner driver’s license in Canada
as part of the graduated licensing program and has to take a knowledge test to earn their learner’s licence, so that they can
practice driving in a vehicle, whether that’s a car or truck bus, any of the commercial licences. All
the classes of license require that you take a learners test. So that’s what we’re
gonna talk about today. We’ll be right back. Opening credit & music. So today we’re talking about your
learner’s licence, the knowledge test that you must take, and my tagline, ‘pick the best answer, not
necessarily the right answer.’ All of these tests are now computer-based – you take them on a computer. There are only a few minor centers in
rural areas in Canada that you will now be taking these
paper-based. So all these are computer-based. It is a
good idea… there are lots of practice test questions for the cars on the
internet. Just type into Google “learners license – practice test
questions.” My own website, Smart Drive Test has practice test questions for Ontario. And we’re getting the other ones up for
the rest to the provinces They’re more or less similar across
provinces, but the provinces are still responsible
for doing the individual license tests. So there are some minor differences across provinces. So just keep that in mind when you’re doing learner’s test. One of the things I say in terms of practice driving test questions: Practice the tests! You need to learn the
language: Right-of-way; advanced green; slip lanes; painted Islands. All of these are
technical terms that are specific to driving. So, part up doing the practice driving test
questions is learning the language that you need to know for these theory tests. The other part of that is – do NOT read the driver’s manual for your province cover-to-cover. I mean, if you want to
cure insomnia, by all means, pick up the driver’s manual and read it. You have to realize, these things have been written by bureaucrats and
they are boring! So, use the practice driving test questions
as a tool to locate the gaps in your knowledge.
Don’t see it as a test of your ability, rather as a tool to check the gaps in
your knowledge. When you figure out where the gaps in
your knowledge are, go back to the license manual, look up the pages – so for
example, if you’re having difficulty with right way at four-way stops, look up four-way stops; check out what the right-of-way is at 4-way stops. Who has the right-of-way, who you give the
right-of-way to. So don’t read the manual from cover-to-cover! Use the practice driving test questions
as a learning tool. Most these tests you have to get eighty percent, so it’s imperative that you practice. Test question: ‘pick the best answer, not necessarily the right answer.’ For example, four-way stop – who has the right-of-way? a) first person to arrive; b) the biggest vehicle; c) the vehicle on your right; c) the vehicle in the intersection? The best answer is the vehicle in the
intersection, because you’re not gonna drive into the car in the intersection
and cause a crash, or is anybody else. That’s the best
answer. The right answer is also the vehicle on
your right and the first vehicle to arrive. Those are also the right answers, but they’re not the best answer. One more: what is NOT a component of defensive driving? a) managing space around your vehicle; b) looking ahead; c) visually scanning well; d) driving the speed limit? The purpose of this question is to look
for keywords. When you get the question and you got
the answers, make sure you read all the answers carefully. Make sure that
you look for keywords in the question. The keyword ‘NOT’ is crucial to you being able to answer
the question right. Which the following is NOT a component of defensive driving. ‘NOT’ is the key word
because you’re looking for choices that are all part up the
defensive driving. The one that is not defensive driving–driving the speed limit–is not a defensive driving position because you
cannot obey the speed limit all the time. Because often times traffic flow is going
slower than the speed limit. If you drive the speed limit, it’s no longer defensive. So read the
question carefully. Read all the choices before you pick one. In some provinces you can skip the question, it will go to the bottom of the queue. If you don’t get all the rest right, it’ll
come back up. In the interim, you’ll have time to think
about it. In the province of BC, if you answer eighty percent of the
questions correctly, the test is over, so you won’t see that
question again. Eighty percent is the benchmark, you must get eighty
percent on a driver’s license test. Okay. In conclusion, multiple choice
questions, practice the multiple choice questions.
Most of them are computer-based. There are lots of practice driving test
questions for the learner’s licence for cars on the internet. Have a look around. Air brakes, commercial licenses – they’re a little bit more scarce, but you can find some of them. Do the practice driving test questions
to learn the language. It’s important to understand the
language and it will give you an idea how the questions are going to be
formed. Read the question carefully: identify the
key words; read the choices carefully; and read all
the questions. If you have the option to skip the question, skip the question – let it go
to the bottom. Sometimes your brain will think about it.
Pick the best answer, not necessarily the right answer. I’m
Rick with Smart Drive Test. If you like the channel, subscribe below.
Thanks very much; have a great day. Bye now. Closing credits & music.

41 thoughts on “How to Pass a Driver’s Learner’s (Knowledge) Test”

  1. OMG!! thank you so much!! I have never once thought about reading the manual this way. in my mind, I needed to read the manual page by page and study it that way before I took my test but I could never just get anything. anytime I tried reading something, it was harder for me to understand. I have never. never. thought about doing it this way and I'm so happy and grateful you shared this tip. this makes me want to sit down and study even more! 😀♥❤

  2. Thank you! This helped a lot, I thought I was going to have to read the whole "learn to drive smart" guide and I hadn't studied in two weeks because of how boring I was finding it to be. But now I know I can just study what I don't already know and the important topics. Keep up the good work!

  3. Wow, things are different in Nova Scotia, I just got my Learners Permits with the code N on it, but we had the written multiple choice questions on paper then the sign and road rules tests I had to get 16 out of 20 correct on each test, now I am saving my money to take a driving course and defensive driving course and watching as many videos with driving experts as I can .

  4. This actually helped me out a lot before giving the learner's test. I live in Alberta and I recommend studying the cards (learner's licence prep kit) as well as the manual and then give the test online..It is going to be really helpful…Btw thanks for that wonderful video. It helped me out a lot.

  5. It's my third time taking the exam tomorrow. This would help! Do you think every qubicle on their computer test has the same question? Thanks for the info 🙂

  6. Took my learners exam on Saturday and I passed on the 3rd attempt with only 3 questions wrong. I literally studied two weeks prior to the test and read every page in the book. I dident find it boring I just knew I had to do it to pass the exam. Now I'm practicing on the road with my dad to get my license right after I turn 16.

  7. do you have knowledge questions for the state of maryland? i took my test 4 times but i have a hard time staying focused when studying so what tips do you have for people who have issues studying

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