How To Paint Like An Old Master

to inspire young people in community groups to connect with VanDyke we have been sharing his portraits from Dulwich picture gallery and discussing old master techniques take the time before you start painting to choose your subject matter carefully and set up your studio correctly this way you avoid making big changes to your composition later on and can find your rhythm quickly today to coincide with the exhibition we will be focusing on the portrait portraiture as demonstrated by Van Dyck is a way of capturing a likeness a social status or a psychology in this gallery you can see all different types of portraits all different types of materials use and different paint surfaces so there are so many choices to be made before you even start putting paint to canvas choosing the right light is pivotal the light will affect the palette you choose a strong light source will give more drama and richer colors as with Van Dyck Sampson and Delilah a subtle light source will convey softness as with Lady did be obviously pre 20th century artist was painted with natural light now the light setup is from here so we've just got a soft north light setup brushes are differentiated by their shape filbert's flats and rounds and the type of hair use to make them hog sable or Mongoose today we have many more colors to choose from than artists did 400 years ago I am going to use a limited palette of ultramarine blue burnt umber Chinese vermilion red yellow ochre and LED white through subtle mixing we're able to create a myriad of options my palate runs from light to dark but generally by the end of the day I'll have the same value so it's kind of going from the very lights to the light in mid tone to the darker mid-tones to the darks and it should be running along a kind of a cool channel and a warm channel so whether you're working with watercolor gouache egg tempera that the pigment is the same and it's the binder that changes for oils the binder is cold-pressed linseed oil Canada Belgium and damar varnish can also be added to make the paint more versatile if you start on the the crude white background then when you put your lights down it has no effects so it's nicer to start with a mid-tone background and going both darker and lighter the best method to start as a beginner is in moderation establish your shapes and values first and then add the correct colors on top within the correct value pattern today the most commonly used method of oil painting is direct painting also known as a la prima or Pamir cool the paint is applied directly onto the canvas ideally with the correct color value and shape for each brush stroke and what's amazing is at the end of the session how there are areas of the painting that haven't got any paint on them it's just the first blocking and WebP at the top of foreword eyebrow I mark and chin us are still exactly the same place you don't need to cover everything that's not the purpose of painting the setup the lighting the tools we use and the manner we apply the paint all affect the final result to be a painter is not just to capture a likeness but to understand and manipulate our materials and to make choices on the design of the painting you

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  1. Can you please do a full recording of your tutorials for rent or sale to share your legacy with the rest of the world please.. all the best wishes from NZand a blessed Easter🌹❣️

  2. Alla prima is great. It's beautiful mixture of realistic + impressionist and little bit abstract as well. It's look artistic, beautiful and attractive. It's quick too. If It's not greatest than it's surely one of the best way to do painting.

  3. The video was good. The comments for the video were very nice and true. Everyone is little correct in their own way.

  4. Nobody can teach to copy an old master !  Work like you work, but never copy!   Influence is good but you have to search alone!

  5. I come to watch how to paint like an old master and see the end result looks like student work. Lady needs to put in her full 10k hours to studying.

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