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so we are not just doing a laundry room today but this family has nine children there isn't enough champagne in the world for me to be able to keep that many kids alive and well you'd be like bankrupt from spending all your money on champagne bankrupt in hospitalized I'm clear and I'm Joanna I love was looking at the camera I'm so sorry I'm click sorry like my stomach just growled alright do it again I'm CLIA and I'm Joanna we have a company called the home at it we are actually professional organizers crazy people same thing we've clients all over the country including a bunch of celebrities and now we're coming to your house so get ready we might know how to clean up a mess but when it comes to the rest of our lives we're actually kind of a mess ourselves just ask our husband or kids parents grandparents literally anyone who's ever met us so watch what happens when our maths meets yours this is master the maths children it seems like you guys are like ready for some kind of yard sale so I'm glad that we came when we did the laundry room does not function and so I have to bring everything out to kind of sort and organize it's a big embarrassment you know to have all your stuff laying out there anytime anybody wants to come over and like okay everybody get your clothes run twenty two loads of laundry a week at least like a full-time job that is 21 more loads and I've probably ever done in my life so I am so glad you guys are here I feel like bonnie is the supreme superwoman of life we don't even know how to cook we don't craft we don't start I know I mean like do laundry clean we barely are able to raise our kids yeah I mean our husbands are a better moms than we are yeah they deserve cards on Mother's Day okay Oh how do you have eleven people use this ridiculous this is not you cannot project whenever we start a project we want to get really deep into what the client is thinking right and we have to ask a lot of questions but at the same time be super sensitive we don't want to be like how'd you get into this patch right so walk us through we happened everything just gets dumped in here toothbrushes there are five under eleven maybe there's four under eleven it's all beside I don't yeah four or five under eleven that's where they need help brushing their teeth yeah no it's easier if it's all in one spot and this is the way out yeah that makes sense yeah this room gives me so much stress we've actually had a couple of contractors come in we've had the house appraised several times we've thought about selling you know like because the laundry room I get a lot of text messages today about this room about the problems that it's causing and how we must change it and texting life is not a happy life I have threatened to burn it down so I know personally like anytime like a card that has glitter on it comes into the house I want to burn the house top I mean I think we should try to make the laundry room work but if we can't I mean it's like burnt out I agree we definitely have a lot of work ahead so we're keeping it out yeah fitting eleven people and all of their things in this one space is going to be a real challenge I think that we're gonna just need to get these categorized and try and honestly get rid of some stuff honestly you know what it is this isn't a laundry room this is like a household room alright so let's get all the let's unload yeah Jory oh hello Brian don't walk you have no idea 11 people in this space yeah what do you need 11 people like our pet people no Oh Sumner was our first employee it's like our first child kind of like if we raised our real children and they grew up the way we wanted them to she is like our well-behaved firstborn it's like our only proof of being good moms what did you find lizard five lizard I am a project assistant with the home edit what did it look like I like to think of myself as their right-hand person but I'm also the whipping boy the errand girl just whoever they need me to be she said that most of them don't use this Oh what huh is that her placenta she literally just had a baby you think it'd be up there if it was her placenta I don't know don't touch it well it's got to come out I'm not touching I'm thinking god that is so vile oh it's vinegar know what I got a liver oh my god I'm really what category does this go in that category is going very far away from me oh my god it's tripping it's a chest strap guys it's on my hair maybe if I smell it no honestly when we start a project we never know what we're gonna find like costumes not for Halloween grandma's ashes definitely a few sex toys sometimes I find like fingernails and stuff we found this little guy in the laundry room and we didn't know what it was and we thought maybe it was a placenta but then we saw this large one that appears to be the mother in the kitchen are you doing it Instagram frame a placenta well I'm just asking basically on jobs like this we'll pull everything out of the cupboards line it up sort it put everything into different categories soaps like household products like cleaning detergent yeah gentle right by seeing the quantities that we have in each category allows us to figure out which products we can use we're gonna go shop we'll see in a bit call us if you need anything or we'll let's train mentally prepare I mean we are professionals after all professional what professional method right that's valid all right here we are second home we need hampers lots of up all right what's really there down let's pare down obviously 11:00 is ridiculous our plan of attack is to divide the room into two sections a household section and then like a laundry section let's think about the main categories that we absolutely need all right we want Bonnie and Brian to each have one yeah like they deserve it we have to get the shoes up off the floor so we need to get to wall units on the blank wall it'll actually help kind of like free up some flooring counter areas we need to over the door well that's key how tall is the door it definitely wasn't that tall okay well what about the thickness so I don't like that term laundry and the other side is more related to entryway we have to like absolutely have this cleared off this is gonna be the folding area and then I do two alphas on the back of the door we always end up at a crossroads of the form and the functionality we only have one door you really think shoes or the way the shoes are far exceeding that other thing my strength is form and Joanna's is function I think we need two laundry baskets all the way down this row and then it becomes like a actual grudge match where we have to like dupe it out fight it out on the laundry run we can hang hooks to hang those clothes if you wait is that the best you thing Clea has the more strong personality of the two well you did turns out look wrong she is like HBIC guys messing around but she can get distracted oregano oregano it's a regular the burns Johanna I can get herself wrapped around the axle about certain things we just don't have enough of anything these aren't even the big ones though they are definitely more like sisters best friends than like your standard average business partners honestly in order to make this ship run they're gonna need some like house ground rules for this room obeah knows the ground rules at your house work so well hi guys hi you guys guys this is my house and you with the popcorn you're like greasy fingerprints will be everywhere the home edit works out of my house right now cuz our new office space isn't ready and I am literally losing my mind with all of these people in my living space we need to get some House Rules in here and while we're at it when we move into the office the rules are gonna expand number one no popcorn microwaved in my house very smell sensitive I am number two while we're in my house no brown okay I'm totally fine with it out in the open like in the wilderness but like here you're like kind of like throws the vibe like it's not like on brand number three no glitter it is the herpes of the craft world and we have my word list she doesn't like the word moisturize or moisten know enough should we be taking notes okay also a rule for my house and the office if anybody has any like bathroom emergencies I just feel like you can find another place for that you know what I mean what this cubby system it's clearly not working so we needed to do another workaround I'm trying to figure out if all these socks going to the same person's like that I don't have their mate and then once I figure and if their dirty socks putting your categories into bins turn tables etc is key if you're just lining things up on your shelf they'll never go back to the intended places and you'll always end up with a hot mess in your cabinets hot mess Express oh that is really excellent Bonnie gets her own and Brian that's their reward for raising 900 children oh I think it looks cute I do too we gotta we gotta rock okay okay we are done officially are coordinated enough to like actually barely I'm exactly no athletes athletes Wow well you can see the table it looks so much bigger wait oh my gosh I cannot believe the difference this is amazing this is so much storage when we hung the wall units I think that yeah really drilling and right you can put clothes hangers on here and now that the hampers aren't on top of the washer and dryer you can actually fold there we actually left you quite a bit of room to breathe on the shelves it's so functional it's like very inviting also we did a dental station we actually hung magnetic strips that have magnetic cups so it freed up the sink area basically every surface was clear normally we would tell people like you're not allowed to have 17 hand soap spread in this particular engineer actually laughs like that's like what a week and a half I am totally blown away Oh guys knocked it out without a fight they fixed what contractors never could it's gonna be life-changing for us I don't think we need to move anymore and I think we'll be staying here for a long time we came across something that looked a little bit like an intestinal organ we had some questions about it oh it's kombucha it's like yeast and bacteria and that's the it ferment see just like beer or wine major plot twist on the way it's actually grosser cheers to your new space yeah thank you so much you're so welcome oh my god they keep coming I think that this laundry room is gonna be great for a family of 11 if it ever gets to a family of 12 she's moving oh she might turn me oh my god my god she's so cute you you

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  1. Started watching this because I like Reese Witherspoon, although I didn't realize she was just the executive producer. So really all they do is buy bins & put stuff in them? Wow, that's hard

  2. I think I am in love with watching Master the Mess! I so love this channel – you guys are so awesome!

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