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isn't it insane that in three years we have managed to grow this business and be work lives who are not even on the brink of divorce it's amazing it really truly is amazing the ninth wonder of the world there are seven wonders I think I feel like it I think it counts for two right given the fact that it is our bursary it's actually super appropriate that we're working for a couple we got to organize their pantry as an anniversary surprise I feel like we got to have like dual anniversary celebrations and you know champagne drinking I'm clear and I'm Johanna I love looking at the camera I'm so sorry I'm clean sorry like my stomach just growled all right I'm Clea and I'm Johanna we have a company called the home at it we are actually professional organizers crazy people same thing we've clients all over the country including a bunch of celebrities and now we're coming to your house so get ready we might know how to clean up a mess but when it comes to the rest of our lives we're actually kind of Emes ourselves just ask our husband or kids parents grandparents literally anyone who's ever met us so watch what happens when our mess meets yours this is master the mats we're so excited I'm dying to see this pantry so my wife Kelly and I are celebrating our four year wedding anniversary today and I thought what better way to surprise my wife to have the best in the business Kelly is a huge fan of clea and Johanna she's always showing me photos of what our house should look like she's an aspiring nutritionist and she loves healthy food that's all she dreams about we moved out here for my career I'm country music singer here and she sacrificed a lot by dropping everything all of her friends her work to help me pursue my dreams and now I want to make her dreams come true so you owe her over okay the suspense is literally killing us you have to show us this pantry now this is what I call the pantry of doom all right I don't know about that we've seen quite a few day this is a situation like a situation why is there some dolls back in the back you might find some weird stuff in here these are actually Kelly's childhood dolls okay look why does she have a three P doll but second of all why is it being stored in the pantry the last thing I would want to see when I'm going for a midnight snack is a creepy doll with her eye twitching I think the childhood dolls definitely need to go but there's also some other stuff I feel like there's a lot of opportunity to weed out of here I mean this has been going on for since we moved in three years ago it's just paralyzing for her yeah so it's up to you guys now this is gonna be the surprise of the year no pressure Clea most importantly right is she home six o'clock so you ladies better get to work yes all right you need to go all right all right yikes I really love to do like a focal area of all of her health things whether it's nuts so I totally agree and then maybe we do like a beverage station first thing we need to do why don't we just get all the stuff start making piles and then let's just start grouping the food I guess we can maybe on the floor we can do Anna oh oh think of this in here we're really excited that we got to do a pantry but three of us are gonna have a real time fitting in here also here's the fun part his wife doesn't know we're here and this is an anniversary present so we're hoping to pop out of the pantry like a cake but we'll see honestly I feel like there's a lot of pressure we have to finish on time for this one it's like a surprise party you can't write the time no going over a little bit writing like hold on just give us one more minute one other thing Sumner yeah she is like an aspiring nutritionist so let's just think about that as we like create a space for her protein business whatever people could IDE yeah exactly now that she wants to be in the world of nutrition I feel like pantry is gonna be a really key component so if we can turn this into a little bit of like her home office I feel like that'll change her life you guys there are three baby dolls this one L what what is diapered and literally looks like a just born we just found these children of the corn dolls the pantry that we're working on joanna is making that weird twitch in her eye because actually the dolls have weird twitches Joanna you look honestly creepier then it's all right now that's hard to do this is the beginning of a bad movie and so ooh guys yeah there's this count as things that don't need to live in the pantry put it in a removal area unless this is the outfit they cook in you're not gonna enjoy this one what I'm not a gynecologist but I'll take a look at it like what I mean it's an obvious joke but it's not that empowering it's gotta go okay no we need a real product list okay so Sumner we're gonna send you to the store to get product today but we have a very scary time limit so I'm gonna tell you what I think we should get Oh like this the cans stair-step yeah the stairs stuff we need canisters because she has literally like look at all these different races or so that we can like line up all the stuff make sure you get a lot of different sizes and options right they need to ask is Chuck oh turntables we need literally we need the divided we need the double-decker yeah probably some singles too I'm gonna go do you guys want to text me some of these ideas maybe okay okay I hope she got it all what is that hemp milk yeah I spent put away the bone bro oh do not say that again I just hate that work I'm sorry but if I avoided every word you hate I'd be left with nothing in the English language oh my gosh are those hear these Peaks would be good for something what kind of pantry play was happening here I don't know allowed for these these are definitely don't belong we need to categorize all the food and household items and get rid of anything that doesn't belong here purple fuzzy handcuffs do not need to be taking up space here hello worker bees I hope you remembered everything I'm just too good to you I'm of the month for sure all right all right let's figure out which categories could go in the big guys all of these pastas like this could go and one some of these boxes will look better in the bins something as simple as just removing awkward packaging and like excess wrap and putting the food into canisters makes all the difference in the pantry right it checks off form and function and basically makes us wanna die of happiness die love it these are so happy you go cute I can't even stand it having brightly colored multiples is basically the most we could ever hope for all I have to do is line it up in rainbow order it just elevates the whole project like it gives us our signature look what could I possibly want more than this hello I would say it in progress we can get it done solo surpriser we're gonna pull out husband of the year for you I'm counting on that okay but we're gonna get off the phone right now we have to go okay goodbye thank you guys I think it's the best thing we've ever done Clea I have to say today the labels are looking particularly fabulous first of all what do you mean by today Oh what nothing you just look a little bit in the lower back thank you Jesus Christ we only have a few minutes until she gets home there can be no remnants like everything has to go right you take all the returns load them up in cars you go we're gonna hide it's not here I've had my fight I'm shaking right now I am absolutely shocked Clea and Johanna I seriously love the two of them I probably watch like their stuff on social media more than a list celebrities I am one of their superfans for sure you've done a lot for me over the years to get me out to Nashville to pursue my career and there's not a lot of things that I could do for you and I thought that the pantry could be the thing right here I want to I can't believe you did this all right now can we show her okay yeah here we go Telly's shake them it is breathtaking you have a whole strip of food station set up now all of your bulk things can go into your canisters what their parrot Bart I know mine fabrication now I don't have to have ugly boxes everywhere in bags of things you guys are miracle workers lights of heaven shining down upon it no more fights about the pen no I promise no more fights I swear as long as you keep it like this court was really angling for husband of the year do you feel like he made it um yes this job was special to us because we got to pull off our first ever reveal surprise I've never done that before that's good we know it's your anniversary your four year it's also our three year work wife's anniversary I feel like it should be like dog and dog together seventy two years in honor of your three year work wife anniversary I have decided to stage a little newlywed game I will ask each of you a question about yourselves we're gonna have the answer that you feel is appropriate and then the other one will show us their answer clean Johanna let's see how well you two really know each other oh we do Clea what is your biggest pet peeve loud chewing Joanna Joanna we asked Clea what is your biggest pet peeve being late off to a nice start lady alright I think you're compatible what is the thing that is most likely to make you nauseous probably her mixing a shape the thought of warm one is most likely to make you nauseous driving in the car I said windy roads I'm into acceptance sorry pal what is your biggest fear the snakes what isn't she afraid of ooh well that thank you what is the one thing that you would bring to a deserted island obviously champagne Wow Joanna candy okay obviously candy is this a trick question what is your favorite thing about being a mother just pick one I don't know when they're asleep sure seems fair having an extra excuse to go to Target actually like cuddling in bed with them watching cartoons lies excuse to eat more candy shocking that we would both get no points from the mothering score well I don't want to leave to the Travel Cup you

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