40 thoughts on “How to Oil Paint, FREE Oil Painting lesson 1 With Michael Thompson”

  1. Just like William Alexander then bob ross this technique belongs to just about everyone and no one. What people are reacting to and certainly not hating him for is the script is the same as bob ross and bob ross got William Alexander his teacher angry for “stealing” his script I.e.almighty tree phrase. I think everyone should watch Jon gnagge he taught first on tv how to draw.

  2. I also followed Bob Ross and Bill Alexander since I was a little boy and I love to paint I watch many because everyone is a little different and it helps me grow thank you 🙏🏻 for this video I find myself taking lots of pictures now do you also take a lot of pictures

  3. I am actually quite at ease with his instructional video. We all learn from each other…and this gentleman definitely learned and became his own. I see an artist named Michael Thompson, inspired by painting..nothing more. Stop comparing and learn to appreciate his dedication.

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  5. Hey Michael, would you mind show us the picture before you're gonna paint to let us to have a rough idea what kind of picture you are going to paint instead just directly touch dip brush into the oil paint, please. So this is kind thin oil painting ?

  6. Hello would you like to help me to increase thé views for my vidéos with subscribe and share the painter has many wonderfull painting

  7. Michael is a very good painter,had a chance to see some of his painting in person.they are awesome..I'm from the same state Michael from,good Old Georgia..hope one day to do a painting with him…Damon Cash

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