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the moment you realize the next step isn't going to kill you and that next step is the first step to evolving changing growing and learning and becoming literally the best version of yourself that's the most beautiful thing it's not going to kill you and putting yourself in the game you're giving yourself an opportunity to achieve something that everybody else that was impossible everybody welcome to impact Theory you're here my friends because you believe that human potential is nearly limitless but you know that having potential is not the same as actually doing something with it so our goal with this show and company is to introduce you to the people and ideas that will help you actually execute on your dreams alright today's guest is one of the most prolific ultra endurance athletes in the world he's a Guinness world record holder two times over first in 2010 he broke the record for half iron man's by running 22 in a 30 week period then not satisfied with Pat in 2012 he set the record for most iron distance triathlons in a single year by doing 30 then because he didn't feel he'd been adequately tested yet he set out to find the very limits of mankind's capabilities by completing 50 iron distance triathlons in 50 states in 50 consecutive days he was told he was crazy people doubted it can be done but in his heart he believed he could find a way through during the ordeal he rarely got more than four hours sleep at night and all in a moving vehicle had five small kids in tow was so tired he'd fall asleep while eating while talking and most terrifyingly while writing during the biking portions of the race he suffered from catastrophic cramping swollen feet mangled toes inclement weather including extreme rain extreme heat and at one point getting hypothermic during his swim but despite all of that he still managed to finish it is an accomplishment so incredible that ultra endurance athlete and best-selling author Rich roll called it one of the greatest achievements in the history of human endurance four-time ironman world champion Chris mcCormick has said of him that he has proven that if you want it badly enough you can achieve anything so please help me in welcoming the man known as the iron cowboy the incredible public speaker and coach and the author of the iron cowboy redefined impossible James Lawrence thank you for coming on the show absolutely what you've done is pure insanity and it would be crazy no matter who did it but that just a few what years before you really got serious you were huffing and puffing your way through a four mile fun run isn't that fun that is so weird like I really do want to dismiss you as just being like gifted in some way this is my biggest pet peeve understandably so because like when somebody does something perceived as great it's almost written off because they're assumed to be gifted for sure like Shaquille O'Neal dude's got some genetic freak miss about him when somebody says you only accomplished this because XYZ I like that that that's pretty understandable what is it that you tap into that you focused on is it just insane training is it mental toughness like what have you done to be able to do this yeah I always like to say that the secret to success is doing a lot of little things consistently over a long period of time like people to see the headline the 50 yeah but they don't realize there was a decade that went into that of training and building up to it everything you know you can only get so physically fit for a challenge and that at that point in time you're mining your body have to come into alignment and then the mind takes over and you know one of the biggest questions I get is how do I come or become mentally tough and you know a lot of people say oh you're either born with it or is it something that you can develop and I'm in the the camp of its it's a development process it's anybody can do it and I mean it started for me in seventh grade I grew up as a wrestler in Canada and I lost my very first match in fact I lost almost every match after that the entire season why did you keep going yeah I just you know I'm the type of person that I don't I don't love to be defined by those moments it was like the fight the 5k that I have fun for the four mile fun run I don't like the word fun and run together but either yeah yeah how many people do you see running around smiling yeah but but for me I I don't I don't enjoy those moments to define me and and I want to I want to overcome that and and so I I would wake up and study the sport and and show up and you know that you always here is show up early and stay late and and I really did that and by the time I hit my senior year went undefeated and it's not because I had any talent it's because I was willing to show up that that's really incredible that notion of consistency like your message is intoxicating to me because I really want to believe that if you really want to do something that it can be broken down systematically so walk us through that the like what you were doing to your mind what were you doing to your body post fun run so you do the fun run people are passing you with strollers you're a little bit embarrassed you don't like that clearly don't want to be defined by it the worst part was when your wife sits you down on Thanksgiving and and and clearly says the words you're pathetic Wow yeah lovingly she said it right but says those words and had liked like only a wife can but then she says you know what I'm gonna sign us both up for the Salt Lake City Marathon and we're gonna go on a journey all together and it's in five months and and so I just no idea what I was doing Dovan and just tried to figure this out and ended up running the the marathon and no word of a lie I hated every single step just because I was way out of my element I'd taken on too much too early and when I finished that race I had some some tickets I'm a big mixed martial arts fan and there was a local event there and I went to the fight with the but to the fights with my buddy and I was so exhausted i sat down to enjoy the evening and the fights all ended and I went to get to stand up to leave and I couldn't whoa both my legs and knees had swollen up so bad so in the matcha twist of environments I've got to get a wheelchair brought in well cart me out of the stadium because I couldn't walk and again it was one of those moments that I wasn't gonna allow that to define me I was like that that's that's where my endurance journey ends or is that where it starts right and so me for me that's where it starts everybody says I have bad knees and I say you have bad knees because you don't run and because that guy right there in that Stadium that couldn't get up and walk after his marathon shouldn't have had gone on and did what I did which means also that I'm not talented or gifted it was it was a process that I went through and figured it out hmm I was I was obsessed with was not with that not being my defining moment right that's really interesting so I'm imagining it you're sitting there MMA fights super macho wheelchairs coming yeah at that point are you planning about like okay I'm now I'm gonna kick this thing's ass or ya know in that moment I was never running again walk me through that process so I get asked all the time like people ask you how to develop mental toughness people ask me how do you find that passion and one thing I'm obsessed with is obsession and I think that when you and I believe it's cultivated right so if you can cultivate create an obsession in your life then there's a certain momentum that carries forward so how did you go from I'm never running again to really becoming obsessed with getting good at these three sports one of which by the way is running yeah what was that was that a process for you or did you feel like now it was like a bug that bit me and it just sort of took over I think there's a little bit of both because I really gravitated towards the cycling and the swimming was a challenge for me and the running in in a sprint triathlons only 5k and it's it's more speed and explosiveness which was fun because I was you know from wrestling it's its endurance but its strength and speed and so that was kind of my background and to have the early success that I did in sprint triathlon it was a lot of fun do you think about winning or is this all like you versus you kind of thing it it's both because I've won some races and that's always fun but now as I get old and older perspective always changes I honestly still think my fastest Ironman is still inside me really yeah and you want to bring it out or I do yeah again people see the 50 which was a kind of an endurance completion type of thing and I've been criticised that I don't have speed well again they don't see that ten years prior to when I did have speed and the foundation that I built the biggest mistake that I think people make with with endurance racing is the same mistake that I made a decade ago was a marathon was the pinnacle of running at the time and I only gave myself five months to get ready for it and I I coach full-time now with athletes and one of the biggest things I try to get people to do is back down off the hinge duration and let's build a foundation because because having a giant goal is phenomenal and you should but as long as the time frame associated with it is has the proper balance because when I when I did the first world record had I had the idea to do 50 consecutive it still would've been a great goal but not in that year I had to go through the process and take my knocks and learn and evolve and grow to get to that point where I could even you know toe the line for 50 how much of the learning and growing was your body growing and getting stronger and more capable and how much was knowing how to deal with what you were gonna go through mentally yeah both play a very pivotal role because the amount of volume that I was doing it's the smaller stabilizers ligaments tendons that that don't develop as fast as as muscles do and that's why a lot of people get hurt because they go too quick with the development of these things and their muscles will always grow faster than the smaller stabilizers things and people aren't paying attention to those details and they just get so excited with with the the enormity of the journey that they're not paying attention to those small things and if you overlook those you're gonna get injured and you're gonna be sidelined mentals obviously huge and that is the sword that you have to continually sharpen so again the goal would have been great in 2010 I wasn't nearly mentally tough enough I had to go through that process to where I could wake up and and do it it's just it's like a muscle it's like a cardiovascular system it's it's something that you can develop but it takes time confidence builds confidence and success builds success and having not taken the right steps I would have I would have ultimately failed come come time for the 50 now you've talked about the development of the alter ego the iron cowboy and man at first it came to me is like a passing reference and then the more I researched it the more I got into it I'm utterly fascinated get us inside that like what does that look like is it flipping a switch what are the traits that the DOE has yeah so initially the iron cowboy literally was I work how do I hat during the marathon or run portion of my races so my kids could see me coming right and then the beard evolved and if you take a real close look at my logo it's the beard in the cowboy hat okay right and then yeah yeah and then turn it sideways it's I see for iron cowboy nice that's a lot of thought went into it but day 30 wool fast forward all the way to day 30 of the 50 when massive struggle massively trying to figure things out incredible amounts of trauma day 30 I'm in Connecticut and I'm 80 miles into the bike ride and I literally pull off to the side of the road i Chuck my bike and I curl into a ball and I start crying and I had to start focusing on all the reasons and and whys I was out there and by themselves one reason was not enough for me to get back on my bike and do 20 more ironmans but as I started going through the list of everything that I was doing and why I was doing it it's interesting I would gather them all together and I'd focus on this this big ball and I would bring it in close to me and as soon as I focused on that I started to experience a rebirth because now I was focusing on the very very next moment that I had control over and everything that I was trying to accomplish and why I was there and and I call this process now looking back on it both a rebirth and putting on my uniform which was the alter ego and my uniform is those yellow sunglasses you've seen me wearing some of my pictures and when I put those glasses on that's when the iron cowboy comes out and that dude is a bad bad man and there's nothing that's gonna get in his way and and I do a lot of speaking from stage now and I want to encourage people to find whatever their uniform is find whatever their alter ego is because when you discover that and and how to flip that switch that that's when nothing gets in your way and that's where you shift your focus and you realize what your purpose is and and I knew if I had the courage to get back on my bike and and finish that day and then do the 20 more my life would be different that you're thinking that while you're there on the ground and this whole process was about eight minutes the whole thing from complete meltdown to breaking all of the purposes and wise down to the realization the rebirth and getting back on and going and it can happen that quick and we're we're moments away every day from a decision that's going to they change their life every single moment of every single day has a massive impact on where you ultimately end up and so that was a huge turning point but it was all the decisions before and after that led to that moment if the journey you're on is big enough and it's gonna have enough impact and and change your life and other people's lives one reason it's not gonna be big enough and you need to put a lot of thought and a lot of preparation and a lot of meditation into all of the reasons why because at some point in time you're going to need to gather all those little bad boys up and then and intently focus on it to have enough courage to get back up and do 20 more irons after everything that we went through and let's talk about the whys for a second because so putting you in context I love how you said when I tell people that it did this everyone's assumption is that I'm rich and single and I'm married and I have five Kit five kids and we're not rich so it hearing some of the struggles that you guys went through and you know like the kids having to sleep around the fireplace because there was no heater in their room and you know living like literally near starvation wages and yet you guys were setting these grand goals for the family why well here's here's a lot of people don't know about the journey because they just see the headline leading up to a massive shift in our lives you know I was middle America owned my own mortgage company I emigrated from another country and I was gonna live the American dream I was going to be a business owner and and I had the future my hands well if you follow the u.s. economics at all in 2008 the mortgage sector got hit the hardest and we lost everything we fought and fought and fought and they just continued to take and take and take until they took it all and again it's one of those moments where you can allow it to define you and continue to beat you down or you can look at it as a blessing and a turning point and turn it into a different future and for me it was the greatest thing that ever happened to me to hit hit that rock bottom because I would have never made the shift that we did and I would probably still be miserable today writing loans and it wasn't me it wasn't who I am authentically and and once this happened and they stripped us away of everything my wife and I sat down as a family and we talked about what do we want to do what direction can we take what are our passions and how can we evolve and do something together and we started to plot all of this out and minoo we were heavily heavily criticized for the decisions we were making early on but because people couldn't see the big picture they couldn't see what we knew in our minds as far as where we were going and like I said it took a decade but now looking back on it it was just a decade and we have the rest of our lives now to go have an impact and hopefully change the generation I would have never ever in my wildest dreams thought I'd be sitting somewhere like here talking to you I am currently booked in 40 countries to speak in the next 12 months wow that's uh that is astonishing so why through how you didn't panic when everything gets stripped away cuz in that moment most people are in fight-or-flight we're literally blood has left their prefrontal cortex the their higher-level cognition is gone and they're not able to think clearly most people panic take the first job they can or whatever they certainly don't map something out that's a grand enough vision that they can survive criticism yeah I am very easygoing and and I had an upbringing where my mother is there's a dreamer and she's never been able to figure out how to turn the dreams into something tangible or profitable and then my dad is a blue-collar firefighter you work 40 years you get a pension and you take no risks and and I I didn't love either of those paths and so I I married the two together in order to kind of make this this person that could could have success and I'm my personality to bring into that mix is a very calm and easygoing person that just goes with the flow and I think it takes a dreamer with vision that has incredible work ethic that has the ability to move and flow as things evolve and change and to me that is is almost a perfect storm to achieve something that everybody has said impossible because you have to be calm you have to not listen to all of the chatter and the noise you have to be able to block that out you have to have extreme vision and then nothing happens without that work ethic that I learned from my dad and so that all of those things together is what allowed me to conceptualize and become in those moments because I took all of these beautiful things that I had learned in my upbringing and applied it to tip towards this how did you find your authentic self like as it's all collapsing and you realize hey maybe this actually is a good thing how did you then look inward and find what you and Sonny could collectively fall in love with yeah I think for me is it was it was a moment that I realized that I needed to stop listening to everybody else we're surrounded today by people being satisfied with mediocre and and for me as soon as I realized that I I could believe in myself and I had a supporting crew beside me and around me that it opened up a lot of the doors and the moment I used someone else's standard of excellence that was just enough to get me moving and then you need to put that person aside or look past that person and create or do you create your own lane and so so for me you know once I stopped looking at what everybody else was doing and then truly believed in what I could do that you know combining it with all those character traits that I talked about before that that's when human potential is truly truly can be found and experienced how did you develop the belief in yourself I think just over over a long period of time again it's that whole mental aspect of sharpening that tool and putting yourself in in situations where you can learn and grow success field success and confidence builds confidence and just over time as I started to do things I was I was becoming successful at them and I was taking as did a lot of little things consistently over a long period of time and that's what allowed me to build the confidence to take on the next the next the next and so it's just it was learned it was learned by doing and taking massive amounts of action you have to have to immediately act and and go after it yeah and what are you teaching your kids about failure for instance like how do you talk to them about the loss of the business yeah we're really open about stuff like this with our kids because we want them to learn and evolve and grow and you know if they make a commitment we hold them to it good example is my daughter she wanted to do gymnastics and about halfway through she was like this is too hard and I was like yeah you signed up you've got to you got to see it through and she did and she's a she she advanced so quickly and started to see success she loves it she stayed in it but it's something she said she was going to do and she needed to see that through and so and that's one thing I'm really big on is if you say you're gonna do something you do and that's just example I try to set now and I also believe that kids are a product of our environments and if you want your kids to be excellent you have to be yourself and so it was one of the things that I'm laying there on the side of the road at 30 with 20 ironmans to go I said and I told my kids I would do this and what what type of example would I be setting if I if 30 would have been okay now it would have been world setting I know it's the world setting but I would have been the guy that said he was going to do 50 that did did 30 and it would have been considered a failure and so it was really really important to me to do what I said I was going to do at whatever it took to do that and and I think that's a very valuable lesson for for kids to see and to learn as you said any goal you want dream vision whatever you do the work it takes to get there and then once you start executing you see that through yeah it's just just a legacy that I want to leave for my kids oh do you think about identity at all like do you think this is who I am and I'm a collection of basically things that I say that I am yes and now what I've what I've learned kind of looking back at what I've done is those are they're just milestones I've crossed a lot of finish lines I get the question what's next a lot and what's next doesn't have to be in the same physical or mental category and for me what's next is this opportunity now we've written a book and I get to like I get to go around and I get a speak and my the only thing I'm trying to do is to get people to open their minds as to what is possible we're just we're living in an age where we're limiting what we think is as possible we're getting in our own way and and my my thing that I want to get people to do and you've probably heard somebody say before but motion creates emotion the hardest thing to do is start moving engaging once you start to move and engage you realize two things one it's not it's not as scares you thought it was and two you actually start enjoying what you're doing it was the only thing that was scary was the the first moment the first action dude I'm I'm just like every ordinary dude that's out there I just have learned to put myself in the game I've learned to show up every single day the moment you realize the next step isn't going to kill you and that next step is the first step to evolving changing growing and learning and becoming literally the best version of yourself that's the most beautiful thing it's not going to kill you and putting yourself in the game you're giving yourself an opportunity to achieve something that everybody else said was impossible yeah it's really incredible what do you teach your kids about that what about goal-setting like do you tell them two huge goals or what does that look like yeah you know they're young and so they obviously know that I'm an advocate of huge goals I heard one of your guests recently say there's a difference between vision and huge goals and I really like that I want my kids to have vision and I want them to have huge goals and the thing about huge goals is you almost have to take the huge goal and shelf it don't forget about it but shelf it and now focus on everything that's small to get there you have to be you have to know that it's there but in order to achieve it you have to break it down because it's gonna be overwhelming so for us example my journey started with Hawaii Alaska Washington and in order to get off the island of Hawaii in time we had to start at midnight so we didn't go to sleep did I man number one touchdown in Alaska with just enough time to start our man number two got on a plane touchdown Washington with just enough time to die my number three so three days three ironmans three states a total of six and a half hours of sleep on a commercial airline in coach with five kids and so if you want to back yourself into a corner this is the worst possible way to do it because I woke up on day number four overwhelmed exhausted with no clue how I was possibly going to do 47 more ironmans I mean just just massively overwhelmed I knew what the goal was I never lost sight of it but believe you me I had to focus on literally the next step and that's when it started so early on Dana refirming we were dealing with such fatigue I was falling asleep on the bike I had to figure out and concentrate so intently to not fall asleep on the bike and as you know I I ultimately did on day 18 I lost the battle and I fell asleep on my bike and crashed a lot of people don't know too because I didn't talk about it very much but I'm day number five I tore my shoulder I had to figure out how to swim 45 iron mans with one arm I could figure this out I just had to manage and become mentally strong with the pain I love that your wife sunny said in an interview the problem is most people don't know what they want as a coach what do you say or as a speaker what do you say to somebody who they don't know what they want I've got a friend right now who's massively struggling and it's the exact question I asked him I said what do you want what's your passion what are you trying to accomplish he could not answer the question and so my next question was this is what you have to do first you have to find out what you want and where you want to go then we can start formulating the plan you can't formulate a plan to figure out the steps unless you know where you're trying to go you'll just spin around in circles and it probably move backwards how can you go somewhere if you don't know where you're trying to go and what you're trying to achieve and you have a process that people can use to find that thing to find that thing I'm it's gonna be different for every single person just like my kids with with sports and different things that they're doing they're trying a lot of different things allow yourself to have opportunities here's here's what people do is they get dead set on the journey that they want to take and they're so rigid with how they're gonna get there that they don't see the door over here and they don't see the bend in the river and they try to cut because they they know they're going right here and they try to cut through well they didn't know had this Bend of the river there was a paradise and a picnic waiting for them that would have opened up a door maybe their sweetheart was waiting there for them don't be so rigid with how you're gonna get there because that's how you're gonna discover what your passions are and who and who's who's supposed to be on your journey and that's that's how truly you're gonna discover what your passions are by showing up every day digging grinding hustle whatever you want to call it and being open to all the opportunities yeah for sure what's the relationship that you have to the negative voice in your head because I've got to imagine when you're running or swimming or biking and it hurts it's kicking up the you can stop you should stop what are you doing your foot hurts your knee swollen right like how do you deal with that it knows it knows to no longer even show up really yeah so literally that that isn't your struggle when you're competing no and I think it's because I I overcame and I did the hardest thing that I've ever done and now everything is an is an adventure and it knows it has no space and so you you have you know my mother I love her and she always said to me she said and I know she didn't make it up but she said ten percent of life is what happens to you 90 percent of life is how you choose to react to him and I've even lessened that 10 percent of what happens to you and I don't even the doors not even open he's not welcome yeah and so they didn't come in because I'll just slam in his face I say in one of my videos that you have to have a hundred two hundred three hundred percent conviction on what you're doing it's not even worth starting don't even bother the the panic button for us on the fifty or and anything that I do now it doesn't even exist it's not even an option there's there's there's only problem solving and if people can realize that there's always an answer or always a solution then there is no room for for criticism and you quickly replace that with problem solve if you're busy trying to solve problems you don't have time to have that conversation with mr. negative mr. down talk to me about that standard of excellence you mentioned that earlier and I didn't jump on it then and I really want to jump on it now I have a personal obsession with standards of excellence with holding myself to a standard and one thing that I've I've always struggled with is I hold myself to a ridiculous standard which is the reason I've been successful by the way so like you so the success that I've had in business is not because I presented any extraordinary talents or anything like that my own mother quietly assumed I was gonna fail like just nobody ever really expected much for me other than me and so I wanted to achieve it in just an absurdly high level but that meant that I had to be relentless on myself about it's not enough it's not enough it's not enough you have to get better you have to learn more you have to learn faster you have to be faster right just like always always about skill acquisition so it was only very briefly about something external and then very quickly became about the internal journey of just getting better and better and better but then I don't hold other people to that standard and then and I always thought that was a good thing and now I'm going through this period where I think it's one of the biggest mistakes I've ever made in my life as a leader is to not hold other people to my standard and to let people off the hook but I don't know if I'm right and so I'm really hoping you got some answers for me yeah for me I one thing I've learned as I can't I can't change anybody they have to be in a space and ready to do it and do it for themselves and so for me to hold somebody to my standard I think is somewhat unfair now I hate excuses I hate entitlement I want to hold people to that standard but it's not fair because they're on their own journey and I and I I'm not living from their perspective everybody's heart is different and for me to judge somebody else to my standard is unfair because I don't know where they are in their journey and they could be at a beginning stages and it would have been unfair to judge me at 24:41 today learned a lot and I've grown a lot so my standard of one is different than my standard at 24 so if I'm trying to hold a 24-year old to my standard probably not realistic maybe I'm cautioning people that are listening to take a step back and to understand take a minute to understand what that person's heart possibly is and where they are on their journey in retrospect to where you are in your journey that's really really insightful I love that a lot and knowing what somebody's heart is I think is I'm gonna use that that's really really interesting I want to talk about your wife for a second who like did this whole journey with you guys as a couple is pretty extraordinary oddly enough my wife and I have been together for 17 years as well how have you guys like learned to communicate what are some tools and tactics that you guys have used like my wife and I define terms so what does it mean when you say I promise what does it mean when you say it's important to me so we have a bunch of things like that that we call rules of engagement where it's like we know how to act in a given scenario and I know there was one time where I can't remember what Ironmen you were doing but you had crumbled down and you didn't want to get back up and your wife wanted to speak to you on the phone you refused to take it because you knew yeah that she'd never take no for an answer yeah you know obviously my wife and I've evolved a lot together and I'm a huge part of that is is communication and we apply we do the same thing with our kids did if you're struggling in what you're doing and getting on the same page over communicate and then just love each other for who they are all right before I ask my final question working these guys find you online everything is on iron and all the links and everything on there all my social media is iron cowboy James and yeah it's all there nice what is the impact that you want to have on the world and the impact I I am not here today to change anybody and we just had a good conversation about people at different times of their journey and for me I literally just want to have people understand that you have to move to start feeling something and if you move and start feeling something you're on your way to the best version of yourself and the impact that I want to have is just to have the ability to get you to live outside of the existence that you're in it to open it up to what's truly possible and if I can just get people to understand that you're in your own way and to open up Pandora's box per se then you'll truly find what your limits are and I hope that you don't find your limits that you exceed your limits I love that James thank you so much for coming on guys guys trust me when I say this is a world that as you go in you are truly going to be empowered there is something about watching another human being struggle with their own limitations to overcome the unimaginable and the way that he documented his journey so that you're really there with him whether you're watching the videos the documentary reading the book all of it really invites you inside his mind so that you can understand what he had to overcome so you can understand how he functions with his kids his wife it is this absolutely incredible story of making no excuses of being able to do all of this stuff with a family without huge financial backing it's really just about somebody that dared to have a huge audacious goal and I hope everybody heard then break it back down to what's the step I need to take today how do i execute today how do I get better to have that plan of execution in order to be able to pull off the grand thing that you want to do and knowing that he did it not from some extraordinary gift of genetics but really just doing a lot of little things consistently right so show up figure out what your journey is get as he said to get that feeling and to know that success breeds success confidence breeds confidence and you guys will be able to do anything you want that is what everybody says about this guy that his journey is gonna prove that to you in no uncertain terms and I'm telling you researching him was such a powerful reminder for me that the only limits are the limits that I set for myself all right if you haven't already be sure to subscribe and until next time my friends be legendary take care hey everybody thank you so much for watching and being a part of this community if you haven't already be sure to subscribe you're gonna get weekly videos on building a growth mindset cultivating grit and unlocking your full potential

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  1. "That next step won't kill you, and it will make you stronger." —Nietzsche

    "He accidentally stepped off the roof top and sustained fatal injuries, including a crushed crania and massive brain hemorrhage."
    —Wilhelm von Hagens, pathologist, reporting the cause of Nietzsche's death.

  2. David Goggins got me interested in this stuff. Insane dude. However, this guy has to be the hardest dude alive. 50 Ironman's in 50 days. Nothing tops that. LOLOL. Jesus Christ.

  3. Some nights I go to bed thinking "fuck it all to hell…" too many issues and problems all day…. and yet the next morning I get up and drink some coffee and go at it again —-and again and again.
    The best thing in THOSE situations is some advice I heard from Charlie Munger the investor, which he learned from someone else, and it goes something like this, "the duty of a man is to do what's immediately in front of him to do and can do, and not to worry about what is a long ways in the distance…"  
    This goes/fits perfectly with Munger's great dislike for master-planning. 
    He hates that shit because, like me, he knows they never work well long term, if something works well long term it was not BECAUSE of the master plan. 

    This is ALSO in accordance with something else that great OLDDDDDDD man says, The SHORT term future has already been written with a high probably of certainty. 
    Your success of failure in the short term has already been defined by the RECENT past. 

    Unfortunately, Munger is NOT a feel good speaker, he is blunt and at times rude in what he says, direct, he won't take an hour to repeat the same shit over and over. Like I said before, I rather have a rude great knowledgable mechanic than a very likeable one, that way my car will never leave me stranded. If he is more honest than the rest that is also a plus.

    These things I've mentioned, and NOTHING more, account for 90-99% of all the talks and ideas these feel good speakers selling their books talk about in almost all the videos in this and similar channels.
    Listen to one or two talks from that guy and then come back to these channels and see what I mean.

    You will get off your ass and actually do SOMETHING.

    Good luck.

  4. I guess I have to be the asshole here. How is an iron Man going on everyday for 50 consecutive days? In 50 different states? The logistics of this isn't remotely logical. I'm going to assume the host mis spoke in some way. Just the traveling alone would make it a logistical impossibility.

  5. There have been so many amazing interviews, clear back to Inside Quest. This is among the best. Simple, actionable, you can identify with him. Get moving, break it down into little chunks, be too busy to listen to the whining voice. Thank you to everyone involved!

  6. hi everyone, I just want to share that at minute 35:00 on, he says something that is very close to my heart and as a university prof, I believe it should be applied to the school and university system too. Every year I end up with students who are really smart and wonderful, who are crushed by the system because they didn't check some pre-determined boxes. I try to teach my students that the grade (even if it's an A!) does not define them, nor their abilities (even academic). Every curriculum is a set of goals that someone else externally set for you. The only thing that matters is your internal goal and what YOU want to get out of that class. But alas, they are so stressed about the evaluation and about their GPA (important for scholarships, for MAs etc) that the LEARNING goals are somehow shoved to the background and overshadowed by the System. The same system that they enter supposedly to learn something.

  7. The interviewer is horrible. He has no transitions and it's not really a conversation. He's just asking questions… it was hard to watch and follow. Is he even listening? Lmao

  8. Whatevs. You can put your mind to anything you want to do if you at least try. This guy is just milking it.

  9. Okay, so while he gets the win for metal toughness. Does anyone else think to themselves pushing himself so hard his body falls asleep while cycling and he crashes, seem not normal? Like his body is obviously sending signals that it’s under stress and no okay. Like I don’t know if this is board line insanity, or just that he has an extreme personality. I am really undecided if I like this interview. I see his point, however, that he found out who he can be on the other side of extreme. We can do anything we put out mind to so I’m not wanting to judge him at any point. I just don’t know. 🤔

  10. Jesus Christ, 50 Ironman's in 50 days??? How? I thought David Goggins was insane. This dude is extremely ridiculous.

  11. Jesus, when they showed pictures of this guy without a shirt, he is fucking ripped. I mean I expected him to be in shape, but damn. Don't think he has an ounce of fat on him. People like this guy inspire and motivate me. I'm 49 yrs old have had 2 major back surgeries, including a fusion. But I refuse to allow that to define me. I'm in the best shape of my life. Entered my first race about 3-4 weeks ago, 10k of steep trail hills. Yesterday I ran my first half marathon,over 13 miles, a little short of 2 hour's. No problem. Accept no excuses and get out there and get after it. #embracethesuck

  12. Love the emphasis on breaking through our perceived limits and its power to evolve our own natural capacities, thanks Tim and James!

  13. An amazing interview and an incredible man. I am super interested in his wife's story and mindset. I read into it but it seems like she had quite a bit of influence over their lives and is the other half of his team. Tom, would you do an interview with his wife , Sunny? I am not sure if I get her name right This wife and husband team really intrigue me. Thanks so much.

  14. Thank you for this. So humble and such a fantastic person. Bless both of you for sharing your gifts with all of us. Much love and mad respect 🙏 #changemakers

  15. I'm so fucking judgemental. I hear about all the injuries and gruelling hardship this guy goes through thinking "what's this guy running from? It must be big."

  16. I love your question about "Should you hold other people to your high standard?" I feel like you do Tom so this was huge for me to hear!! Thank you fur your show! I love every episode!!

  17. Tom, thank you so much for allowing your interviewees to talk!! You are a great listener and that helps us to listen in a better way than when they are constantly interrupted by the interviewer. And the description info is a great time saver!! Thanks!! And I really love this interview with James Lawrence.

  18. I can see that your guests are successful… and they seem to be giving really good advice…. but the one thing they all have in common is the people around them who carried them when they fell. All of them have this one element in common, but it is just glanced over. So my take on life is, have a really great support system of friends and family around you and you will succeed. Ask any homeless person and they will agree.

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