26 thoughts on “How to Make Tough Decisions: Crash Course Business – Soft Skills #11”

  1. We are the sums of all the decisions we made in life.
    Decisions made can affect directly or indirectly the people you are associated with.

  2. Please add any suggestions. It's not like Crash Course needs new ideas lol, but just putting it out there and feel free to comment what your preferred next topic would be – and once it's mentioned vote with likes.

    Coding logic
    Animal Sociology
    Astrophysics (as a follow up to Astronomy and Cosmology)
    hehe – Maths (split up into 3, 4, 5 thematic parts?)

    Animal Linguistics

    African History (imo from the first attested human settlements)
    Urbanism and Urban Planning
    Political Theory
    Geopolitical Theory

    Acoustics and Sound Engineering
    Music History – possibly split up into
    _________________Written Western Music History
    _________________World Popular Music History
    _________________Asian Written Music History
    _________________World Written Music History
    Music Theory – possibly split up into
    _________________Tonal Music Theories
    _________________Greek, Medieval and Renaissance Western Music Theories
    _________________African Music Theories
    _________________Music Theory (others, like Indian, dodecaphonic, Messiaen etc)

  3. As someone who likes to factor in as many outcomes to a decision and make the right call based on those outcomes this video pleases me.

  4. Surely Trump and Fox would say this is part of the "deep state". So please keep making videos like these 🙂

  5. Please crash course make a "mathematics" course like your physics and chemistry courses please please….

  6. Why does the music come in so early at 9:30 and just get louder until the end? I'm trying to listen to what she is saying and it's distracting… takes you right out of it.

  7. I'm mostly a ghost watcher but I'm crawling from under my rock to say I'm absolutely LOVING this series – you make it so engaging and fun and I actually feel like I'm learning something – so thank you!!

  8. Can you please create the physics series of crash course by a male host. I would like it you could do that and I would be thankful you. Crash Course videos are awesome.
    Can you also please recreate the astronomy series by updating the topics with the host Phil Plait.
    Thnx ☆☆☆

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