How to Make a Prediction – Intro to Deep Learning #1

35 thoughts on “How to Make a Prediction – Intro to Deep Learning #1”

  1. I've just joined your Channel. And boy I'm so satisfied. You're doing a stupendous work Sir. Keep it up! God Bless You! I'm basically a free viewer but I just like to request if you can come up with coding as well. I mean take a Dataset & explain us thereby it might be a referral point for students like us in future case study or project. Pl think over it. Thanks

  2. Help! I downloaded and ran your put the plot i am getting is a jumbled up mess. I even tried converting data to float type using "astype(float)" method without any luck. I don't know what else to do. Please help. Thank you.

  3. Hey Siraj.
    I am trying to make sentiment analysis project using deep learning model( most probably CNN). I love your videos and the more content I watch, the more I am hooked up in data science.
    But I am a newcomer and right now learning python through pycharm. For my project what software I need to install in my Win 8.1?

  4. Hi ! Please, does anybody have any idea how to use artificial neural network to "teach" a self-driving car when to steer, to the left or to the right, by which angle… ?
    I’m a beginner in this field, so I chose to work on a very simple model consisting of a car riding on a single-lane road and meeting no obstacles.
    What do you suggest as parameters ?
    Any suggestion of other simple models is welcome. Thank you in advance.

  5. Top free resources to learn AI Machine learning and data science..

  6. I am working on acne scanning
    I have read some research papers regarding it so can you help me with use of deep learning in my project

  7. something's not right….i get a crazy plot with lines all over the place. I think the axes of the plot aren't valid by default. ?

  8. its just amazing buddy…i wish my professor would consider doing , all this rap kinda stuffs during class room lecture !!!

  9. Hello @Siraj! Good to see your vidoes. Quite inspiring! Need your guidance, could you please look into my issue –

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