45 thoughts on “How to learn Java? | Java Learning Path”

  1. Sir, I was suffered to learn java programming from your website.and it has something wrong that I could open your site.plss do something.it buffers for long time to open..

  2. Need to take this guy's channel to a million subscribers for his service to all people wanting to learn programming. Amazing Teacher

  3. Hi. Thanks for uploading this video I was really in need of one. I want to know if I can follow the same learning pattern to develop rest API as u suggested for Enterprise development. Because I need to create these API and integrate it to a CRM platform. Please advice me on this.

  4. I saw your lecturer on java about abstract class and interface I really liked it. now I want to learn java so,i have to to start your video from scratch

  5. any advice for someone who wants to be a software developer..? such as, which language to focus on and other important things to know…?

  6. Sir how to make a good programmer for google what s requirments for google s programmer plz replay sir

  7. Hi Naveen,

    I am working as tester in one mnc. I am in confusion that do i need to learn pyton or java automation to change my career . I have knowledge on core java. Please let me know which one is good to go

  8. Thank you so much sir , i hope you continue with the great charity you are doing with your channel . I know it is very difficult to continue for free but we love you for that

  9. show us some projects making so that we can understand the true potential of any concept of programming languages

  10. Dear Nacin Sir,
    i have a Question , is it necessary to learn C++ before Java.
    Because i had talked with some Institute then they said Before Learning JAVA you should learn C++.
    Reply me asap.
    Waiting of your reply.

  11. Actually m bit confused between android development and web development as i just completed my core Java, can you please suggest here as m struggling alot, please help.

  12. thanks sir i m very confused for learning java but after watching ur videos i got it properly.thnk u so much sir again

  13. Hi Navin Garu , I love your voice .. One out of context question . .Which mike you are using for recording your videos . Even iam trying to get one .

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