How To Learn German FAST! My Story

Hey guys, welcome to my channel. Today is another interesting topic. I'm going to talk about German language. As you know my native language is Russian and I speak English pretty well, I guess. And I also speak German. ich spreche Deutsch for the German who watch my video. My story with German is very compicated. When I was 12 years old, we had to choose a second language at school. So my first language was English I started to learn it when I was four. But then I had to choose a second language. I had to choose between French and German I don't really like how French sounds The choice was pretty obvious but I also didn't really like German language because I didn't get why would I need it. I totally understood why I needed English because English is everywhere I wanted to go to States or UK to study but why would I need German? But my mum was like "You have to learn German" because education in Germany is free. I don't remember how old I was. I think I was 12 I thought I start studying in five years I'd be able to learn my German but she was like "Go ahead and learn it" So I went there I wasn't interested at all I spent three years at school learning German And I couldn't say a word. I knew some basic phrases like Ich hei?e Marina All the basic stuff if you learn German When I realised I might actually need German language because higher education is free in Germany if you know German, it's easier to find the program They actually have 3 programs in English as well If you know German the choice is wider And you can work during your studies You wouldn't be able to work with your English in Germany. I started private classes with my friend's mother That was better but she was so kind to me and told me "I know you so busy at school It's not a problem you haven't done your homework" It was like that till I was 17 and when I was 17 I went to Russian University I realised that if want to transfer to the German University, I really need to start studying German now. I went to Goethe-Institut which is an amazing place because they have small groups, they have amazing teachers. And once I was in a group This is when I started studying because when I was alone with a private teacher I didn't have any competitors and I'm very competitive. When I saw people speaking better German than me I thought I really need to move forward And here is my first tip what I did to learn new words. I listened to Tokio Hotel I know many people hate this group sorry, hate this band They think they are for teenagers they used to be for teenagers and they used to be so mainstream so everybody would hate them but I loved them I loved every single song I would transate everything and I would learn words and I was so proud of myself when I understood their new songs. This is what really motivated me to learn German. And when I started to watch German series which is like German for beginners this is actually German TV series it's not really for foreigners it's just about a family in Germany and ther's a girl who's like 15 she falls in love with her stepbrother something like that And I was really excited about those series I learnt a lot of new words because I watched it in original with subtitles My German was A2-B1 by then And when I turned 18 I realised the only way for me to start speaking German would be to go to study German abroad. I already went to the UK two years before that I knew how the sytem worked I went to the local agency in St.Petersburg and asked them how much would it cost me to go to Germany for 2 weeks to learn German. They calculated everything and said like 2 thousand euros. I was like really, so expensive. I started to Google everything myself And I actually found my school Which is BWS German Lingua It's in Berlin. I went to Berlin I googled my school I realised that the price is much lower then the price that the agency offered It was 650 euros for 2 weeks. I stayed with an amazing family I booked everything myself it was very difficut because I had to do all the bank transfers I had to fill in all the application forms and it took me 2 weeks to figure everything out but I was able to do it this is actually how the idea of Linguatrip the booking platfrom for all language courses abroad this is when it came to my mind this is when I realised I want to do this business back when it was just an idea so I booked everything myself and I went to that German school and I stayed with an amazing German family they didn't speak English with me because they didn't know English they only spoke German and it was amazing because the first word that I leant was Haferflocken which is porridge because I eat porridge for breakfast and I was trying to explain like Can I have porridge? She doesn't speak English and I was like okay I googled it and it was Haferflocken This way I learnt a lot of basic words. that I had to know but I didn't know but because I had to communicate with my hostmother and I've leant all of these words and they were useful When I went to school this is where the best part started because they didn't have any Russian speakers When you come to a language school and you realise 50% of your class speaks your own language this is not really full immersion. My class was 19% Swiss, 10 % Russian We had 9 people from Switzerland. 50% of them was speaking Italian, 50% of them was speaking French. I was the only Russian. I made a lot of friends. I made friends with Swiss guys, with Italian guys, and we went to Berlinale together, which was a festival like film festival. We did a lot of things without teacher because he would take us to excursions And this is when I fell in love with German history. especially Berliner Mauer which is a German wall Berlin wall when they separated Berlin into two parts separated families Very tragic story. I was very interested in all of that. I went to all of the museums, and talked to a lot of people. And so 2 weeks. Just 2 weeks in Berlin. I left in ahead B1 level. I was at Goethe-Institut Then 2 weeks passed I came back to Russia My German was so fluent I came back to my group and said "Hey, I think this is too easy". But guys at Goethe-Institut told me "We need to re-test you in order to evaluate your level now". They test it again and my level was C1! If you know it's like B1, B2 and then C1. So I jumped over one level just in two weeks. They all were amazed with my progress. They like "really, you just went to Germany for 2 weeks". I was like "yes" And this is what full immersion does to you. I had a lot of words in my brain I had a lot of things which I knew But because I didn't have a chance to practice it with native speakers I wasn't in a stressful situation when I had to use everything I know.
This situation happened in Germany because nobody would get what I am saying in English And this is when all of the words started to come out and everything started to form real language And I was so happy I did it. Because in two years I got accepted into German technical University of Dresden. And I studied maths in German And I was amazing. Well, I wasn't amazing in all of the subjects But I got very good grades for trigonometrics
I guess if you're watching this video, you learn German, you get some of my words. When I was studying the University I went back to my host family in Berlin and talked to them and they were amazed by my progress Because when I came to Germany to study it was even faster. My recommendation number one. Listen to the songs in German find the band that you like and translate all of their songs. Second – watch YouTube bloggers in German I'm watching Nilam You can just google her She's German, she's amazing. Her German is very easy to understand. I watch her every now and then in order to brush up my language. Third – find TV series in German I really recommend Deutsch fur Anfanger Amazing TV series. Just watch them in original with subtitles. And fourth go to Germany or Austria or Switzerland. Whichever accent you like. BTW Swiss accent is so difficult, I don't get it. Go there at least for two weeks to study And you can go to my school, I'll leave the link below. So you can check out the prices and book it if you want. Thank you guys for watching this video Please share your experience of learning German I'd be really happy to hear your tips because I'm starting to forget my German now because I mostly use English for my work and life Please share your tips, please tell me if this video was helpful Subscribe to my channel I'd love to see you in my other videos as well. Have a good day, bye!

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  1. Thank you for this! I actually used to listen to ALOT of Tokio Hotel songs. My favourite song was "Spring Nicht" and "Kleine Android".Now, I listen to Urban Life Church. Love their covers! You talked about knowing lots of words but not using them. It's like that for me at this moment. 😭😭 I have been to Germany once and I have always wanted to go there again but It's too expensive. I live in the Caribbean

  2. Your native language is Russian??? Wow.. I thought your native language was Spanish. I don't know why hahaha..
    I speak spanish and I'm learning english. Your videos are cool 😀

  3. Hey, your video is awesome, do you mind if I reprint this video to another website( I will attach the original website and your name to the website, thank you.

  4. I'm from Mexico and I really understood all what you said in your video and a I think that it was amazing for you <3

  5. I’m American and I’m trying to learn german to be able to speak to my cousins and one of my uncles. I can’t afford to go to Germany yet, but I’m planning to go in 5 ish years, I’d love to make german friends and people who want to learn German as well 😊 btw your English is amazing

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