How to Learn from a Flipping Educational Video

(voices on laptop, tablet, and
TV drowning each other out) – Hey Bobby, do you have any idea what Mr. P. is talking about? I’ve watched this video like five times. (laughs) Yeah, Famous Chairs is hilarious, I can’t stop watching it. – This is exactly what you
should not do in order to learn from a Flipping Educational Video. We are accustomed to watching
videos and not learning from videos and there is a big difference. The first thing you need to do is put away all forms of distraction. For example, Bo has a phone,
a tablet, a television, and another browser open on his computer. All of these are distracting
Bo from learning. – Nope, I’m awesome at multitasking. – [Mr. P.] Actually, no, there’s
been a lot of research done that has shown that while
humans think we can multitask, we actually can’t, so please, put away all forms of distraction. Next, if you have a question
while you’re watching a video, just raise your hand and ask. – [Billy] Mr. P.?
– [Mr. P.] Yes Billy? – [Billy] Ah, that doesn’t
really make any sense. – [Mr. P.] Uh, Billy, you just did it. – Yeah, but, um… – [Mr. P.] (laughs) Okay, I’ll
admit that you probably can’t ask your teacher questions
while you’re learning from the video, so make sure
you write your questions down and ask them the next time
you see your teacher in class. Next, you can pause the video… If you need more time to
process the information, and you can even use the left arrow button to jump back a few seconds if you need to. You can even use the left arrow button to jump back a few seconds if you need to. – Sometimes I actually speed up the video so it takes less time to watch. – What, I didn’t know you could do that. You can actually speed up the videos? I don’t know how I feel
about that, that seems odd. – As long as we fully
understand what we’re learning, why would it matter? – Okay, I can accept
that, as long as you are understanding the material. Uh, Bobby, could you please
bring us back to normal speed? – Oh yeah, sure, sorry. – Please, take notes. I know I provide lecture
notes on my website. However, the act of
physically writing down the lecture notes actually
helps you remember and process the new information. To review, put away all
forms of distraction. Write down your questions. Pause and rewind as necessary. And write down your own lecture notes. Thank you very much for
learning with me today. I enjoyed learning with you.

4 thoughts on “How to Learn from a Flipping Educational Video”

  1. Before you assign flipped videos from which you expect your students to learn, you need to teach them How to Learn from a  Flipping Educational Video! #flipclass

  2. I used these videos for my college Physics 1 class, and guess what? I passed with an A! Thanks Mr. P!

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