38 thoughts on “How to Learn English For FREE”

  1. I’m learning for free and your Lessons helps me a lot! Thank you Vanessa! Kisses from Brazil.

  2. I'm a student and I'm from India I want to learn speaking English fluently without any mistake but I not have enough money to pay. I'm learn English YouTube video like this. Thank you so much for learn English through videos.☺️

  3. I'm learning english for free now becuase I don't have enough money to pay for english class. I'll search more good way for learning. Thanks vanessa.

  4. Hello..Hello Vanessa … I'm in a new job since three months, I really miss you and your sweet professional lessons … For me I never paid for English lessons, I enjoy your free ones …Appreciated Vanessa.

  5. When I started studying an English, whe in Brazil barelly had access to good computer and intenet, then I hired a Teacher, I was Ana. After some years and the Internet advance, I started studying by myself at Youtube, so now I am like Cris.

  6. Hello everyone ,I need to practice my English and improve myself and also be good friends ,can you help me😀😀🤝, thanks a lot

  7. I learnd 3 languages for free ..
    It’s about 3 years I have been learn languages for free I remember I wore in second stage at university I decided to learn some languages and I started with Arabic language through watching Arabic movies and videos on YouTube I kept learning languages until I learned 3 languages ( Arabic , English , Turkish) even now I’m keeping learn these languages and trying to improve with getting advance level now I can speak in four languages
    Just go ahead 👍👌

  8. I'm really like ur channel and makes me more motivated for learnig english with smile but i used to learn english so difficult though.I know,i haven't be a good english yet but i'll try everything to be good english

  9. Hi Vanessa i wanna to tell you that you're by far the funnyest english teacher on youtube, and it's really a pleasur to watch your videos whithout geting boared.

  10. I paid some times for on my English class, meinly with native speaker. Now I am learning for free alone.

  11. I’m Brazilian, and I’m learning for free. I use the YouTube, watching some series, and I think that I’m in the way of success.😊 I love and learn a lot watching ur videos, thanks ❤️

  12. I'v paid for many English class at my hometown. But, actually I didn't improve myself anymore. I really like your video on Youtube, your accent, etc.. . So I think I have to like Anna spend a lot of money for learning english online with you. Anyway, thank you so much for your video lessons for free 😍😍

  13. Hi vanessa! i´m from Mexico and I´m learning english for free like Chris with your videos, you´re an amazing teacher and person. Thanks a lot.

  14. Hey vanessa ı love your videos, but ı have a question; if i understand your all words you have just said, and also ı didn't use any translator for writing this but I have a problem for speaking some times ı'm stucking and ı cant speak fast.. what is the level must be my english ? I m really curious?

  15. Greeting from Vietnam💖
    I’m really happy when you said that you understood our situations, our difficuties. You’re really a good teacher, you are the first youtuber for me to support for a long time.
    I love your voice, your speech and love the ways you talking about english. Thank you so much ❤️and I always support you👍👍

  16. Hello everybody from mexico does anybody can tell me how to get in chat with you all my name is isidro

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