How to Learn Effectively Anything – Test It

To learn something, you probably read a book. That’s OK. To remember something, you probably read again
and again and again. That’s not OK. Most of us reread to burn something into our
memory. However, science has shown that this is not
the most effective way to learn. What will help you to remember is self-testing,
not rereading. Have you read it once? Fine. Close your books and test yourself. What can you remember? What are the main points? What’s new here? How does that new relate to what you already
know? After you finish this process you can read
again. This time try to focus on the things that
you didn’t catch the first time you read it. The learning benefit from the second read
will be much greater after you practice testing. Testing gives you stronger memories. Do you remember the road network of the first
video? Testing is like road maintenance work in your
memory. Testing is hard. You may look up in the air trying to remember
something. You may feel I am not learning fast enough,
my memory is so bad, I am wasting my time. However, it’s that hard effort that will
make your learning durable over time. Rereading on the contrary is passive. You don’t have to stretch yourself to remember
anything. The food is served in front of you. You start getting familiar with words in the
book or in your notes and you feel you will always remember everything at any time. That’s an illusion though. No matter how many times you read it, if you
don’t interact properly with the material and you just reread you will soon forget it. How can you practice testing? Use flash cards. Anki is a great software that you can use
and it’s free. Now if you’re a student and you want to
review your notes what do you normally do? You probably open your notebook and you start
reading. No! Stop doing that! Start with a blank piece of paper. Recall first. Write down any facts, any definitions, or
just solve a problem first! Every time you’re just about to reread by
momentum stop. Think twice. Recall first. So to wrap it up, testing may feel hard and
counterproductive. However it’s that hard effort that will
firstly make your learning durable over time, secondly reveal gaps in your understanding
and thirdly protect you from having these illusions of mastery. So to learn effectively, TEST IT! Hey guys, thank you for watching this video. If you liked it, don’t forget to press the
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9 thoughts on “How to Learn Effectively Anything – Test It”

  1. well that explains the exercises in most textbooks chapters, in other words Не будь дураком делайте упражнения

  2. no wonder i forgot how to study…its because i keep rereading and thinking it will all absorb in my mind..thank you so much for this beautiful advice!!

  3. Thank you for core insights on learning effectvely and an awesome book.
    I just bought this book from Amazon, will you please guide to get the most out of it ?
    or i need to test it ? 😉

  4. how do we test ourselves? what exactly should we do? say I have just read 3 pages of a novel of a certain langauge, what would I have to do to test myself and how to know if I am succeeding or failing in the test. thanks.

  5. My teacher used this vital source for her classes and showed us your great video with the many beneficial and unique ways of studying; we have exams coming up soon. Thank You very much Angelo. Much appreciated.

  6. Totally agree that you'll forget if you don't test, but what if you forget to test? I guess that's what this video is for. I won't forget this guy demanding that I test it. Keep it on, that one was the best so far.

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