27 thoughts on “HOW TO LEARN CZECH IN 5 MINUTES (Honest Guide)”

  1. Croatian here. To me listening to chech is a bit weird because when written it is similar to Croatian in a lotvof ways but when spoken it sound different. Almost an uncanny walley effect.
    Also kudos to anyone trsing to learn ANY slavic language espetially if you are not from some other slavic country. Our grammar is HARD. And I can only imagine how it feels to switch from no cases to 5 or 7 of them.

  2. Polish Numbers:
    Jeden / One / Jeden
    Dwa / Two /dva
    Trzy / Three / Tři
    Cztery/ Four / Čtyři
    Pięć / Five / Pět
    Sześć / Six / Šest
    Siedem / Seven / Sedm
    Osiem / Eight/ Osm
    Dziewięć / Nine / Devět
    Dziesięć / Ten / Deset

    ** the Si makes a ši sound and the Ci makes a či sound and ŚĆ makes a ŠČ Sound and the Cz makes a Č sound and the Sz makes a Š Sound and the Ó Makes a Ů Sound and the Ą makes a Au Sound and the Ę makes a Ä Sound and the Ń makes a N Sound and the Ż Makes a Ž sound and the Ź makes a deeper Ž sound and the Ł makes a Wy sound


    EDIT:*** RZ makes a Ř Sound

  3. Good lesson, but too long. To make it more "learnable", make it short and with repetitions, as we learn by repeating. Thanks!

  4. BEAR!! We're bear contry!! YAY.. but srsly in our contry one man will drink About 145Liters In only one year 😂😅

  5. Your guys videos are great and super helpful. I've been learning Czech ahead of my trip to Prague

  6. Well well well And i thought that that is going to be some lame shit. But it was quite funny. I am impressed 😉

  7. I'm not learning czech. I already know it.
    Jenom chci vědět, kolik lidí se zajímá o češtinu. Neberu rozené čechy.

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