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  1. duh I've been in Spain for 6 months you pick up some cheap trix. to survive on but that's it I submursed myself here and also use duolingo the duo lingo expanded my spanish significantly. And immersed myself in the culter for 6 months I can order food go shopping for clothes. food pay my phone bill order pizza go to the bank extra but barely have a convo with someone

  2. I really want to learn Japanese. When I watch anime, I always watch it in subs because I like hearing it in Japanese (honestly Japanese sounds so beautiful) and as I read the subtitles and listen to the conversation, I can pick out words and understand it. Of course, I can't speak Japanese and I'm illiterate at it, but I feel happy just knowing one or two things 🙂

  3. What I don’t like about learning English is words and their pronunciation is completely different. In my native language words are written just the way they sound and we never ask people to spell out things. Here in America people can’t write Someone else’s name without asking the spelling unless they are familiar with that name.

  4. I always correct my small children's grammar mistakes, and it works too, I don't correct their pronunciation generally though

  5. except my own nationality language,
    i know english + urdu
    so if i want to learn korean
    then it will be the 3rd language ! my brain will malfunction
    after watching so many k dramas + k shows , in 5 years
    i'm finally understanding some words and some repetitive sentences that get use in many k dramas but still waaaaaayyy far from learning it
    and i dream of geting a foreign husband and a total gentleman…… 😀

  6. IF you speak English and want to learn Chinese,read this please.
    Listened the guys speech,a language parent appeared in my mind,and i want to find him or her.
    I can speak Chinese very fluently,and i believe that a great language parent i will be.And i believe you,too
    If you want this,call me please,we can do this with facebook or wechat.
    Leave me a message under this comment!

  7. thank you sir, I've started learning arabic (litteral and familiar). I'm making progress but not as fast as I would like too but I do everything you mentionned in the video. I was about to drop these technics and go for a more grammatical learning but this video made me stop. I'll continue what I'm doing right now to learn (talking a lot in arabic with my private teacher and with my mother, trying to contextualize, watch series). Hopefully I'll come back here in 6 months to tell you I'm fluent!

  8. これ系の話すごいすき。


  9. The word "to learn a language" means nothing, or means different things to different people. Is knowing 100 phrasebook expressions classified as having learned the language? To some people- yes, to me- no. How about 3000 expressions? See what I mean??? You really "know the language" once you have achieved absolute fluency and near-native skill confirmed by appropriate assessment bodies, AND THAT TAKES YEARS, YEARS and YEARS of hard work. Everything else is just rubbish claims to just help you get by with limited vocabulary and grammar.

  10. Six months is too long. I need to learn a language in two days.

    Alright, I am hungry again. Gotta go to eat.

  11. all of this sounds like huge BS…. I fell alseep for a long time while hearing any kind of tv shows in english, and then, 3 month in USA, few month in ireland/canada and I have learn english by myself… Now I don't say I am absolutely perfect, I still make some mistakes but overall, I am more fluent than all people I know who learnt in school so…………… BS.

  12. Best way to learn new languages,find a native as your best friend! When you speak it speak loudly that will help you to improve your accent..

  13. So you want to soak your brain in the target language but submerging yourself in the culture won't work…?

  14. You can not understand 20% Vietnamese even you are Chinese Mandarin native speaker and fluent in Cantonese. That's the true!

  15. Sir Chris has explained the way how to learn any language in minimum time effectively. Being a multilingual person I would like to share my experience .but again I am not going to correct sir Chris he is an experienced teacher . Actually human mentality is not Same .to best of my experience there are three elements to learn any language effectively and in a short duration.
    1- interesting
    2- material ( it includes all sources you are learning from eg. Books videos and even teacher as well)
    3 – practice .
    Now your language level will be according to the level of above mentioned elements you have .the more your interesting is ,the earlier you will learn .if you have good material you will not fed up with learning and your level will be accordingly. For example if your English teacher is not a native speaker and does speak Egyptian English or Chinese English then don't dream of being like a American speaker. And if you are learning Arabic or Chinese from the American whose level is not of natives.then you will be speaking American Arabic and American Chinese . apart from this you need to be careful before you start learning from a teacher because don't forget not every native can be a good teacher. For example when I was leaning Russian there are two types of teacher .one delivers whole lectur over a single word "здравствуйте" how to say it. You can imagine one's feelings after this lecture because he can't see a day in which he would be speaking Russian within his incoming ten years. Other teacher says I will make you able to read Russian in 3 hours .it is called motivation , appreciation by a good teacher that is really necessary in learning process. Then it comes to practice. You can't be a good speaker just by listening and reading. You need to practice and highly recommend on daily basis. And most important don't afraid of making mistakes because you can forget words memorized by yourself but the words corrected by others will be long lasting in your mind .

  16. I find him irritating, yelling like that. REgardless of how interesting it it, couldn't finish listening

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