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  1. Some people can learn language by not even learning but just by being surrounded by the language. Me on the other hand can be surrounded by it, get taught it and I’m still there struggling 🤷🏻‍♀️

  2. Im pretty sure I'm apprehensive about making mistakes because for 16 years my ability to get it right the first time was tied to how good i was at something with no chance to go back and fix the mistakes i did made…

  3. Hello!I am am English teacher and I have shown this video to all of my students!Great tips:)I have always had similar ideas!Thank you:))

  4. the art of learning a language consists in remembering the essentials and forgetting what is not essential

  5. I'm italian and I found a lot of similarities in the Neapolitan dialect that I used to emphasize to teach the right pronunciation in some cases

  6. +
    use small free periods of time to learn the language (about 30 min daily) eg in train, waiting, …
    or in the Moring you could listen to radio in the targeted language + learn songs + videos/ Netflix with subtitle
    1. life language: sing in it, dream in it, …
    2. Make mistakes: only way to learn it
    3. make it fun eg about grammar (entertaining), try get others in it
    -> “ the more languages you know the more people you are “

  7. bruh i think what helps too is learning a language that isnt similar to your native language lol. I found it a lot easier learning korean then when i learned swedish (my native is english) I think the new characters is kind of like a reset for your brain. it took me longer to learn and prounce the korean alphabet, but im learning a lot faster because its a new change of pace. IDK, makes sense to me xD

  8. haha 1.4k dislikes, of course. because people expect of a miracle when the question "how to learn a lang. easily" is on the nail. there're no miracles. in each video you'll hear the same things over again in different ways. the key is to have an interest in it and that's it. great speech by the way!

  9. Hi everyone,, I'm Turkish . I'm learning English now. I can teach Turkish. Anyone who would like to practice with me? Skype :live:sabrisimsek27

  10. Im learning russian by hanging out with russians and listening to russian music.
    Only problem is, it's hard to remember things because of the amounts of alcohol we drink…

  11. Is it lame that I want to learn Korean because I think Korean women are the most attractive on the planet?

  12. Language learning is brain improvement for me , if we know more languages it is mean more perspective we can look, go out to the routine of your life. it is mean also learn another culture and therefore realize your culture more. Thanks for nice videos.

  13. I took a German class at a Volkshochschule, with nine other people who spoke seven languages among them. At break, while we were all chatting away, the instructor, who was Spanish but spoke impeccable German, came up and asked why we were all speaking to each other in English, instead of German; the answer, of course, being that it was the one language of which we all had enough command at that point to converse relatively intelligently. Make it fun … chat up a pretty girl or guy.

  14. わたしはインドじんです.わたしはにほごをべんきょしています.かんじをまんぶのわむずかしです.

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