How to Juggle Scarves : Learn Sequential Throws Under Leg in Scarf Juggling

Hi! My name is Adria. I am one of the professional
jugglers here at Expert We are working with scarf juggling. Quick review,
we have learned how scarfs differ from balls, in that you lift and drop rather than tossing
and catching. We have learned that they have a special hold because you have to have the
scarfs held separately. We have learned how to throw a scarf under the leg. We have seen
how it is possible to throw one scarf under each leg sequentially. Well now we are going
to take scarfs and we are going to throw them sequentially under one leg. Now remember I
am going to be trying to talk while I do this I will be out of breath and panting a lot.
So, here we go. Remember what we learned about under the leg throws with scarfs is that we
cannot reach very high so the throws will be low, like that. Now we are going do to
it sequentially with one leg. Keeping my leg in the air every scarf that ended up in my
right hand went under the leg. It is very fast for scarfs and it is not easy to get
the scarfs confused with each other, but again, up, up, up, scarfs sequentially under one

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