How to Increase Your Emotional Education | Our New Book

Our society assumes that emotional education
might be either unnecessary or in its essence unteachable, lying beyond reason and best
abandoned to individual instinct. We are left to find our own path around our
unfeasibly complicated minds – a move as wise
as leaving each generation to rediscover the laws of physics by themselves.
But The School of Life believe that the journey to finding fulfilment begins with self-
knowledge, with emotional intelligence. The emotionally intelligent person is able
to introspect and communicate, to read the moods of others, to relate with patience,
charity and imagination to those around them. The emotionally intelligent person knows how
to hope and be grateful, while remaining steadfast before the essentially tragic structure
of existence. The emotionally intelligent person is committed
to fathoming their inadequacies. There can wisely be no solutions that remove
problems altogether. What we can aim for, at
best, is consolation. To believe in consolation means giving up on cures; it means accepting
that life is a hospice rather than a hospital, but one we’d like to render as comfortable,
as interesting and kind as possible.
The School of Life dares to believe that we might learn, in good time and systematically,
what we might otherwise acquire only through many decades of stumbling.
The School of Life teaches us how we can live a little better through a deeper understanding
of: The Self
Others Our Relationships
Our Work And our Culture
If, as a society, we have collectively left to chance some of what it is most important
to know, if we have denied ourselves the opportunity
to systematically transmit wisdom, then The School of Life is a modest attempt to
try to spare us a bit of time.

79 thoughts on “How to Increase Your Emotional Education | Our New Book”

  1. Self-awareness is a key trait in emotionally intelligent people as they have a better understanding of themselves and know which areas in their lives they need to strengthen and improve.

  2. Emotional Intelligence can be detrimental in a humans life, in achieving whatever endeavour is wished for. Be it financial or mental success – fulfilment is found in understanding the self.

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  4. I learned a lot thanks to your videos!
    Being more emotionally aware changes your perspective on so many things…
    Thanks the School of life 🙂

  5. Just like anything else in life, the more we learn about a topic and implement the knowledge in our daily life, the better we get at it. Congrats on the book, guys!😊

  6. ⚡️Hi! I’m a singer + songwriter and I wrote a song about falling in love with my best friend. It would mean the 🌎 if you listened!!💙

  7. Wish it was more affordable for students like me who love your content but can't pay such an exorbitant price. Can you please give a 50% discount for students. In that way your content will be accessible to students too and your purpose will be achieved to make a more emotionally intelligent society and also, we will feel like we made a contribution, without having to pay the regular price( designed for people having jobs). I hope you read this comment and I hope you take this request into consideration, the soonest. I really would love to see a 50% discount for students worldwide. Thanks 🙂

  8. At last Ofsted is changing its stance and instead of terrifying teachers, it intends to support them in their endeavours to nurture the social and emotional dimensions of children. See a new, holistic programme for children aged 4 to 11 that progressively empowers participants with essential life skills and the ability to use values to positively impact all the aspects of their day-to-day lives so they know themselves better, enjoy enhanced relationships and interactions with others, can use their interests, talents and passions to contribute to society and be informed, enlightened stewards of the environment.

  9. I find that emotionally intelligent people are the most interesting. It's easy to relate with them and they can also relate to your feelings and life experience without any problems. They have a deep knowledge about themselves which also makes them emotionally confident. Conversation with such people, flows freely, and, even when there's no conversation, the emotional connection is still strong. After so many years on this planet, I have personally realised that this quality is the most attractive thing another person can possess. Unfortunately there are many people who lack emotional intelligence. I have recently dated a guy who was very emotionally dumb; he had no idea how to handle or understand his feelings. He often allowed his ego to take over whenever someone challenged his opinions and never tried to understand other people's view points. He lacked empathy, was extremely shallow and always brought drama with him. He was otherwise a good guy, who dealt with a lot of hardship and abandonment from friends and family. I felt sorry for him, but ultimately I could not help him, because talking about feelings was so alien to him. I could not connect with him, no matter how hard I tried.

  10. I can tell this is based on Lacan pyschoanalisis. He talks about the excess of the self, the anguish, the consolation instead of a cure, the importance of self acceptance but in a simple way.

  11. Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize and understand your own feelings and the feelings of others, and influence those feelings to your advantage.

  12. He who knows him self, knows others, he who respects his emotions and understands them understands others , he will never hurt any one or any thing, he knows (why)

  13. I know that when I feel a tinge of envy it isn’t always a bad thing, because it means that my friends (if we can have friends who we haven’t met) are doing well.
    I’ve been reading these for several years now and put a lot of thought into them and I feel that I’ve learnt and am learning a lot. It must be very satisfying to know that your work impacts and helps others.
    However, I have become dependent on them and am still working on becoming a little less compulsive in my Internet behaviour. Dates back to an obsession with the 10 am mail delivery at boarding school.
    Have an enjoyable day.

  14. Hi,
    Can you possibly do a video on forgotten covert emotional abuse from womb to 3 years old and the tell tale signs of it in adulthood? Thank you so much for all you do. I'll be buying the book.

  15. Surprised to hear that you feel that existence is essentially tragic and life is a hospice, i.e a place where people go to die rather than a hospital where people go to be healed. Realising that words have their limitations and you may like to consider reframing these ideas as life is a place where our soul creates events for growing up, waking up and cleaning up so we can show up as our authentic selves or as David Bowie says, ageing is the most extraordinary thing where we become the person we always should have been 🌻

  16. I stumble upon the realization that emotional reflection is key to accepting and using our failures and then this shows up. I finally relate to all those “this was perfect timing” comments

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