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okay i'm gonna go ahead and start uh…
today's workshop is called memory tricks and the reason that next week's workshop is called
more memory tricks is because i know a lot of tricks and i can't get them all in one workshop so
more of the same next week if you find today's workshop helpful which
i hope you do and you're able to come back next week that
would be great 'cause that way you get sort of the full teaching on this if you're not able to make it next week and
this is the only one you come to hopefully you'll still get something good my first thing that i'm gonna do with you
today is to show you hopefully the power of that
word the word tricks i gave a workshop last week called how to
remember for tests so that was the first memory workshop but for this one what i want you to try to uh… understand
and sort of value is the fact that if you learn tricks
or shortcut ways to do things it makes it so much easier to memorize lots
of things for school and it makes your memory look even better
than it is now and i'm hoping it's pretty good to very good
but it makes it look even better and so most of you have probably seen magic tricks performed
before uh… either in person or on t_v_ and if somebody is a good magician and they do uh… trick and you watch carefully
and try to figure out how they move the elephant from there to there or cut
someone in half and put them back together if they're good you can't figure out how they did it and your
mouth drops open wow but if you find out how they do the trick and you realize ah it's just a cute little trick
and then you see the magic trick again it's not so special anymore because the magic
is gone well i want to show you two things to start
with and i'm actually gonna do this next week too this is like your mental warm
up before i get to the main teaching uh… i don't know what your attitude is toward math some people love math some people okay and some people hate math with a passion i ran into a former student today and i said
how are your classes going this semester she said fine except math and that's how she says math and so if that's you you're gonna learn something here if you like
math great a few of you might have seen this before but again it's not to teach you math
as much as it is to show you the power of tricks ok so i'm just going take a few minutes with
this and then we'll move into the main a section of the workshop okay if i ask you to do this problem which i
don't want you to do actually but if i asked you to do this on paper this is thirty five times what thirty-five now even if math is your weakest subject if
you wrote down that problem and you did the problem i think everyone here could come up
with the right answer you know it's not that difficult but if i told you that you could actually do this kind of problem in two or three seconds in your head most people even if they're not great at math
would think uh… boy you don't know my mind i can't do something like
that but if you know the trick it's easy ok so here's how it works when you have a two-digit number that ends
in five and you want to square it or
multiply it by itself all you have to do is one simple thing and

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  1. 73² = so 7*8=5625 WRONG it is 5329, I would suggest to all not to go to Long Beach City College they just made me go and chase Old Ladies.

  2. The camera guy finally figured out how to adjust the focus at about 1:40 — but not before I'd already cleaned my glasses thinking it was just me~lol

  3. To recover the memory and all the energy first we must stop eating bread made with yeast! Cause yeast clogs the brain and bye bye good memory, fungus in the brain = alzheimer, not recognizing anyone!! For everything else, is great, thnx for sharing, but I am 59 and just that is not good for me anylonger! Lots of golden milk vegan and other things + your advices in this video and I hope will still give me a chance. Thanax again.

  4. The Roy G Biv had me in uncontrollable stitches 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 he's funny but an amazing lecturer 👏

  5. Thank you very much for lectures of today I know if continue with the lectures they can help to do what to do.

  6. Fantastic! I have utilized this system as often as I can and it works… thanks for the great reminders and tips!

  7. What is the technique in a test if y have to explain and solve situation accordingly to learned concepts. Ex. Law examination test) You get a paragraph describing facts happened. And y have to answer the test applying all concepts y learned about this matter?? Tks

  8. You sir are a heaven sent. Love the presentations, clarity in the workshop presentation, and your logic. Thank you! Subbed!!

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  10. "Betty eats cakes and uncle sells eggs", I was taught that as a little kid 30 years ago and I literally say that everytime I spell because and I can't spell it normally

  11. Dose anyone know where I can find the part two of this workshop?
    This was just great. I wish I had this kind of teachers while in college or even at the end of high school.

  12. The best teacher l have ever seen. He really help me lot,maybe he should teach other awful teachers, what their talking just make me falling asleep

  13. In you description of S. P. A. C. E Tward the end you gave an very accurate description of Mankind's problem with the conscious mind, intellectualism..! The arrogance of intellectualism !
    Intellectualism know what all of the conscious mind blocks subconscious mind from giving you answers to questions..! Because the intellectual conscious mind actually believes it's smarter than God..! And there is a constant fight between conscious and subconscious over this territory but here's the ridiculous portion.!
    Conscious mind represents 5% of our intellect..!
    Subconscious mind represents 95% + of all of our intellect from the day we were born everything we smell everything we saw everything we read everything we heard everything is recorded there ..!
    What people say what I couldn't remember it for the test they're actually giving credence to this intellectualism of the conscious mind and making an excuse for that conscious mind to continue blocking off the subconscious mind from giving an answer.! A conscious mind enabler of the mental block between conscious and subconscious, if you will I don't need to see a LION I already know what they look like..!

    Love your tricks going to learn from You let me tell you about one of mine!

    Consider this too, the conscious mind and subconscious as two arguing children that refuse to speek to each other while dwelling on their ongoing argument.! Because that's exactly what there's doing ,!

    When you can't remember something it's usually because of this arrogance of the conscious mind in daylight out here over the subconscious mind that never gets to speak..!

    If you change the subject like swapping out a toy with a child then the subconscious mind will give the conscious mind the answer to the question because after all the subconscious mind is 95 + percent of all of our intellect ..!
    That's what we're taught to do on a multiple choice question test go on to the next question in dealing with the next question with your conscious mind your subconscious mind gave you the answer to the previous one.!

    You can't remember something and then the subconscious mind will give it to you ! Simple it's a trick a simple trick..! How big is a trick of a subordinate bowing to the higher intellect of the subconscious mind to get an answer to a question…!! buy preoccupying the conscious mind with something else !!

    A trick of preoccupation if you will ! I use this trick and many more like it with the subconscious mind to write music!
    And because of it I found the worst thing that you can do in writing is to make a note or notes off your paper and go over your notes again to do a rewrite that is the absolute worst thing you could do!
    If you go threw a three month rewrite method..! Crumble up the first writing and throw it away or burn it and start over completely fresh when you do it the next time…..! and if your professor requires notes wait till the third writing before ever making your notes notes that you will never use for a rewrite because that just does not work your subconscious mind is way more powerful than that !! but using notes as a crutch will completely block off your subconscious mind.!

  14. Dear Proffessor Scott Brueckner, do you have special suggestions for interpreters to strengthen their memories and keep going performing their task? I've heard an advice from an interpreter expert saying that interpreters must listen, interterpret then forget and again listen, interpret and forget. Also, any methods to strengthen the left part of the brain? Thank you, Fatima al Khansa [email protected]

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