How To Hear Clearly God's Voice Words of Knowledge

all right well Lord we thank you right now for the ability to give Lord we ask that you would multiply it back to your people again Lord there are people here tonight but they need a financial miracle in themselves but I pray tonight that you would do a supernatural sign and a wonder even in the area of their finances we ask over every person in the next 30 days we ask in Jesus name and everyone said amen amen I'm going to do this for us alright so as he does that grab your Bibles go with me in the book of John chapter 14 John 14 could I ask you a favor brother could you get a little bit of water in the back that'd be great okay so John 14 says let not your heart be troubled you believe in God believe also in me and my father's house are many mansions or rooms it's a better translation sorry you don't have a mansion in heaven I'm sorry to tell you that but it's rooms in the in the in the Greek it's in my father's house are many rooms simple or not so I told you I go to prepare a place for you okay so in the father's house are many rooms if you know Jewish culture this is very common when a man asks a woman to marry um the father builds a room on to his house and the son literally lives on a connected part of the house okay so that's Jesus is using wedding talk here as he's talking thank you so much so Jesus is using wedding talk you this is very very typical Jewish and if I go and I prepare a place for you I will come again and receive you to myself that where I am you may be also where I go you know the way the way you know Thomas said to him the Lord we not know where you are going and how can we know the way Jesus said to him I am the way the truth and the life no one comes to the Father except through me right if you had known me you would have known the father also and from now on you know him and have seen him Philip said Lord show us the father and it sufficient for us and he says have I been with you so long and yet you've not known me Philip he who has seen me has seen the father and yet you now say show us the father do you not believe that on and the father and the father in me the words that I speak to you I don't speak on my own authority but the father who dwells in me he does the works believe me that I'm in the father and the father's in me or else believe me for the very works sake themselves okay now the one thing I want to do share with you up in verse 6 or 2 help me tonight marry this all together Jesus I don't know how to do this okay if the Old Testament the way that the Jewish people used to worship God was in the temple right and in the temple they have an outer court an inner court and the Holy of Holies right the outer court anyone could go there Jew Gentile male female clean unclean anyone could go in the outer court right the inner court was another area that a more select group could only go to and but it had to be licked so to speak with candles so the seven golden cameras he understand and then the third area was what is called the Holy of Holies okay now the Bible says there was nothing – like the Holy of Holies except God's presence himself okay so I'm going somewhere with this so in the outer court is a prophetic picture of the bottom you are a spirit you have a soul and you live in a body everyone's a high master okay so you don't have a spear you are that's what you are you understand so you are a spirit you have a soul and you live in the body so the outer court is a prophetic picture of the body right natural carnal humanity the inner court is a prophetic picture of the soulless part of man the soul right so the soul is the mind the will and the emotions amen y'all okay so the soul is the mind the will and the emotions but what did I say it has to be lit by man okay so man in the soulless part had to be naturally led well come on tonight come on you got to stay with me okay you got to get where I'm going or you're gonna miss the rest of the whole meeting tonight okay so but then you get to the Holy of Holies and the Holy of Holies is a prophetic picture of the spirit of man the Bible says the spirit of man is the candle of the Lord lighting all the inward parts of the belly right so that's what this that's what the Holy of Holies prophetically represents in other words we're not lit by natural light but now we're only led by the body spirit right so we're led by the spirit so as soon as you begin to see that so why did I bring that up out of verse 6 well in verse 6 Jesus said I am the way the truth and the life the Jews knew what he was talking about because there were three veils the outer Court veil was called the way the inner court way he was called the truth and the way that the Holy of Holies was called up like so Jesus was saying to those Jewish people I am the only way to God's presence you will ever have that's why they wanted to kill him come on amen so so that's what Jesus is saying so okay so here this this is what the Lord said to me about this weekend this is what he said very strange you're asking the wrong questions so we'll just see where he goes with that all right so but here we go all the way down to verse 11 believe me that I'm in the father and the father is what in me right so I'm in the father and the father is where in me okay now go over to the right to first Corinthians chapter 6 I'm gonna give you a lot of scriptures so you just gotta roll with me if you don't have a Bible share with somebody else because I'm gonna share some stuff about God's voice some stuff you've heard some stuff you've not heard and so if you've got a pen and paper it'll probably help you but first Corinthians 6 did I say that so first we get six one verse I want you to highlight it foot starts around it and may have just set you free forever so verse 17 says he that is joined to the Lord is what one spirit so you're one spirit with God everyone's a on one spirit I want spirit okay pastor do you have a whiteboard or anything on an easel or don't you have anything okay no problem just like that that's okay so think of it like this okay you have these the soul excuse me the body the soul and the spirit are y'all still there with me no just exactly like outer court inner court holy of holies come on right the spirit is what contacts with him that's the part that connects with Heather the body is the part that connects with earth right so the body connects with earth what is in between is the soul and the soul begins to get messages from the spirit and it conveys it and interprets it to itself and it does the same thing as from the body this is the area where man struggles it's not in his flesh so to speak or it's not in this body excuse me and it's not in his spirit come on come on the problem is this whole Jesus greatest battle was the Battle of the props give me all agree with that on a hill what was that he'll call what does that mean place at the skull so you're telling me Jesus greatest battle was at the place of the skull so if your greatest battle is gonna be where place of the skull come on right so now once you begin to realize oh my battle is at the place of the skull that's where I know you're not battling in the heavenlies your battle is between your ears come on come on right so that's why it doesn't matter what curses some people are like well there's a curse over this region who cares some people like well there's satanic people and witches and stuff let them come and sit in the front row I don't care they can throw curses and chicken blood it doesn't really matter because it doesn't affect me because I don't receive of it and I don't believe it so I gives it no power in mine come on Bridget come on right and then okay so so I want you to get this spirit soul and body thing tonight this is where I really want you to get yet this weekend because I really believe it will help you in hearing God's would so I'm gonna just do an exercise okay just from the body aspect okay how much you just close your eyes everyone got your eyes closed and I want you to imagine the word dog and I want you to get a picture in your mind of a dog okay now open your eyes what did it sound like or who did it sound like excuse me the voice in your head just now this is not a trick question who did that sound like in your head why because your body was talking to your soul and your soul interpreted and thought the word dog and you might have seen a black lab like I was picturing in my head right so you heard it but it didn't sound like me it did sound like Russ come on it didn't sound like Pastor come on boo did it sound like yourself right so in the same way when God speaks to your spirit who's it gonna sound like you why because you are one spirit with the other so the voice of God comes to us all so his voice according to proverbs – it says wisdom is crying out in the street to hear her voice so in other words God is constantly speaking the voice of God is constantly going forth God doesn't just speak when you say Lord speak to me now know God's voice is going all the time just like the radio station you know the most popular radio station right there right now is broadcasted but we don't hear it why don't we hear it because we're not tuned to the right frequency but if we were we would pick it up is that right yes well the same thing is true with gum God is constantly speaking he's speaking words about you to you about other people so the words of God are in the airways all the time give you all agree with that okay so now we're regarding hearing God's voice in prophetic ministry now just the same way that you learned about healing now now with divine healing you haven't learn okay number one it's God's will that was the baby how many of you prefer you that was a baby then it's always God's will right I mean that's the biggest one that most people struggle with their by healing you know if God doesn't want to what if he wants me to have this broken leg what if my cancer is glorifying the Lord you know somehow it's bringing glory to God and I'll learn something from this if you had to get over that you have to shoot that religious Kyle why because it was blocking the flow from heaven because it was contrary to this book which is a book get this of God's thoughts this is an entire book filled with God's thoughts about you to you through you or whatever it might be so so now we have to realize hey listen God is constantly speaking God is always wanting to speak to me and I can tap in and receive anytime I want to go to say it like this if I sit this and I meant to do this earlier but we'll do it now okay we're gonna do an intermission right now okay here's the intermission we're gonna do this let's take the next two minutes and we're gonna pray in the spirit okay so so everyone just stayed your feet how many feel good just grab your seats a second and go over to first Corinthians 14 I want to help you with something so first Corinthians 14 verse 15 first Corinthians 14 verse 15 verse 15 says it like this what is the conclusion then I will pray with the spirit everyone's at will so here he says I will pray with the spirit and he says and I will pray with the understanding also then he says I will pray with I will sing with the spirit I will sing with the understanding also come on right does it say I feel come on right God's you know God's leading me know I will well right so let me ask you a question okay I'm just throwing this out there what if the Holy Ghost didn't feel like talking in tongues when you were talking in tongues now I'm being facetious for a second because I want you to realize well there's a confidence in you know Tom I can pray in the spirit at my will right so guess what you can also interpret it at you well because the next verb that says I will pray with the spirit I will pray with the understanding the understood verse is verse 14 says this look at the verse 14 verse 14 says for if I pray an unknown tongue my spirit is she not to be not verse 14 verse 13 therefore let him who speaks in an unknown tongue pray that he may then two verses later he said I will pray with the understanding I will pray with you I will excuse me I will pray with a spirit I will pray with you understanding come on right it's good so know what the Holy Spirit is saying is this is just as quickly as you turn it on to pray in tongues you can also interpret what you just prayed in tongues which is God's voice back to you what you said in the spirit now it's not a translation now you understand another language like Spanish if I was up here preaching in English and I had an interpreter they would begin to translate what I say but an interpreter just gives a summary of what I'm saying he doesn't go word by word come on because some people get all bent out of shape how come the tongue was thirty seconds long and the interpretation was ten it's just an interpretation it wasn't a translation of times correctly so it's just a summary of what the Holy Spirit was just saying this is what he said yeah amen so that's why I want you to get that verse is this as he says I will pray with the understanding excuse me I look great with the spirit I will pray with the understanding now go over to seeing the same chapter verse 31 for you can all prophesied one by one that all may learn and all may be encouraged ah we can all how many of us get prophesy all of us ah so we can all prophesy but you gotta read verse 32 this one's gonna rock you okay I may blow your brains out just tell your neighbors now clean out your brain up clean up your brains of you'll clean up mine okay so verse 32 you ready no sir you too says and the spirit of the Prophet is subject to the Prophet it does not say the Prophet is subject to the spirit it says the spirit is subject to the profile now the funny thing with the Greek language is is there's no punctuation so there's no commas or periods and there's no capitalization yeah so since there's no capitalization there the translators left it the small s the spirit meaning the spirit of the Prophet is subject to the Prophet but I believe you could capitalize it and say the spirit of the Prophet in other words the spirit of the Prophet is subject to the Prophet so in other words the prophets not subject to the spirit of the spirit is subject to the Prophet I'll just try this church over here this you are not subject to the spirit the spirit is subject to you this is why Wigglesworth could say God Ben Smith Wigglesworth does he said that Wigglesworth does nothing God does nothing this is why late could constantly do tons of interpretation I knew a gala was very very close with the daughter of late and Billy Bremner yes you may know bilious and so she was with the Copeland's and stuff and so but she used to always talk about she said my dad would you know give tongues interpretation at every meal we never got a hot meal because that's the dumbest reputation prophesy and I mean it's a full service over the meat like that can be a hot meal you know but but you know many times people get that that also understanding that no you just got to be led by the spirit yes we're led by the spirit but let me just say it like this more often than not the spirit is waiting for you rather than you waiting for this come on come on right so you can activate prophecy how by your own will chapter 14 so we're in first Corinthians 14 verse 1 pursue love or follow after love and desire spiritual gifts everyone's a designer now underlined the word designer the word desire there means to lust it means intense crave it doesn't mean like a sera sera whatever will be will be the futures not ours to see que sera sera no it means in other words it means you intensely go after this it means you lust after you gotta have this thing right so pursue love desire spiritual gifts but especially that you make so now he's telling us to crave or intensely desire what spiritual gifts especially the gift of prophecy amen and so absolutely begin to start to do that all of the sudden we begin to start to step into something now I say like visit regarding hearing God's voice and ministering other people is just like divine healing is you do so by faith come on right so you do it by faith and that's why the Bible talks about you know ministering how did your portion of faith right so the first time you prayed for the sick your knees were having fellowship with each other I remember for me I mean I got saved when I was 16 I was given the book you know healing the sick by TL Osborn and 30-some years ago and I just start praying for the sick you know and in so doing it just I just began to just do it do it do it do it do it until I started seeing people give you right long before I was in the ministry I mean long before I ever stepped in the ministry and I started a ministry when I was 19 years old so then I just started hammering it and I just started hammering dividing the inside just started great for people we started to see people get healed of you know arthritis and back illness and all of that and I just wouldn't give up I just would just hammer away at us come on right and I began to just hammer at certain things I remember back in 2002 I met an evangelist we have a lot of deaf people here and I said man I want to do this I don't want this and so this guy told me he said I my mother died she was deaf if I said this thing you don't know he's very controversial but anyway so this evangelist went to said I I just told my mom you know at her funeral he said I just declared war on deafness and he said it's just everywhere I go prayed with the death and he said I probably great 450 people that were deaf and he said I think they got more hard of hearing but he said I just won't quit I just went quit I wouldn't quit I wouldn't quit and just get brain kept brain kept hammering finally we got the first person here and so I what I began to do is this is this is where what I did was I I begin to fast so I can get the facts every Wednesday we got a whole bunch of books out there from the 1940s actually that's recurring like nuts when he saw those books because these are from 1946 on fasting and so they're all out of print and so we began to start to fast every Wednesday and I'd say okay every Wednesday were gonna fast for the Deaf to hear and so we just started hammering in 2002-2003 and about 2003 we started to have a little bit of breakthrough we starting to have a few of them begin to get healed then in 2006 it was just like the floodgates world and we went to minister in this Church of Canada and we had 13 people come forward that were either partially deaf completely deaf or hard-of-hearing in all 13 of them were instantly healed and you just broke into a revival that went on for thirteen months and we were there Canada for 13 months and but it began with those miracles alright and we did the same thing in 2006 long before I met Kirby is we went to South Africa I saw this guy praying for the cripples you know laid people we've got his videos in the back this guy had raised up more than 15,000 cripples that's about 250 a week that's pretty good and then maybe it's not that big a deal I guess in Virginia fruit Korea via never seen anything like and in an average surface is 200 to 250 lengths people rise in their life they have so many crutches on the walls they think they they put the Kings crutches and wheelchairs on the walls so many of them that the local hospitals would call the churches and I'm just gonna hammer this thing out and then we started to see the lane start to walk and then I went in one day I went to said Lord I want to start to operate more on the prophetic and it was like the Lord said to me irony even the key I already told you what to do I already told this to you long ago now you showed you this pattern and so that's what we did we just I just began to attack it I just begin to just hammer this thing by desire everyone's a desire and so I just begin to just hammer this thing and hammering and it just constantly just begin to step out in faith and begin to start to prophesied to people and I begin to push for more not not even like I was just talking about tongues many people weren't there baptized Holy Spirit they speak in the same tongue that they got 22 years ago come on did I just say that tonight is that all right and I'm not gonna sugarcoat it I'm only with you one night is that Alright can I just see it are you real XO speaking the same tone they got in like 1990 you know and it's like dude come on man kick that thing over it sounds like an old model T for I mean come on come on step into a new tongue let a language start to come not just staying with those same exact same words a lot of that your neighbors say tell your neighbor say he's talking you so the spirit everything the spirit spirit is subject to the Prophet so that's what the scripture says you may all prophesy and the spirit is subject to the Prophet not the Prophet is subject to the strip I'm not saying we don't follow the spirit yes we follow the spirit but at the same time let me say this is that we see more often that people just do something by faith and God anoints it blesses it right it's just it's just that activation of doing something by faith and in so doing we activate the spirit just like praying in tongues I said all right everyone pray in tongues right you didn't have to say whoa wait a minute let me just check with guys it's okay is this a good time I know it's a Thursday night at 8 o'clock is this all right Lord no you you just did right and the moment you did it God gave you the option is that true so the spirit was subject to the Prophet right or to the individual right okay so now let me say this regarding prophecy verses words of knowledge and words of wisdom let me explain it like this okay not some of you already know this but prophecy is the vehicle I see it it's like the engine on the train so it begins to pull with it the other cars you understand so some people get it off they just kind of throw it all in a sack and say it's all the same thing but it's really not so prophecy is the thing that kind of drives it but it carries with it elements of words of knowledge and words of wisdom so a word of wisdom is something for the future and a word of knowledge is something of the present or the past come on right so weird acknowledge is something of the president of the past it may come in the vehicle of prophecy you may come in that vehicle and that's how how may be delivered but there's something about a word of knowledge and this is why down as this is a picture we say this all the time a picture's worth but let me say like this one accurate word of knowledge is like a thousand sermons come on one accurate prophetic word the woman at the well got one word Philip got one word under a fig tree that changed his life and he followed Jesus the woman had the well got one word come on right Zacchaeus was up in the tree Jesus prophetically called him out by name gave him his name and he came down by the time he came down he was willing to return seven times he had ever stolen Jesus didn't say well I need to teach you on the way down the seven things that you seven times restoring that come on it was just one word of knowledge brought so much conviction he wanted to make it right amen so there's power in a word of knowledge that brings what that that tells of something of the present or the past a word of knowledge now most of the time most prophecies that you hear is usually just of what the Bible talks about edification exhortation and comfort because true prophecy that's all it is edification exhortation comfort okay that's all true real true prophecy is it's just those three elements what is it an education okay so we're gonna take a five-minute break but here's what we're gonna do before we take the five-minute break this okay can we take a five-minute break is that okay I'm gonna keep going I mean I could just keep going but I don't want to wear you out some of you I don't I know you cut up a long day so I want you do this in your feet or you do an exercise first even if you don't know that person or if you do know that person I want you to just take the next two three minutes and two minutes and I want you to tell your two favorite qualities about that person you like eyes wide open look up square in the eye compliment that but two things you love about that person go for just everyone stop look at me a second how many feel good now anyone feel good okay that simple compliment now listen that several compliment carries with a tiny element of prophecy a tiny element of prophecy I'll just give you a quick testimony and then we'll take a five-minute break we were ministering in in Orlando I think it was and we went to this restaurant and I think I had the worst waitress of all time and she came and she was just mad at the world and she took my plate and she dropped it she goes there and I had one of those moments where the flesh just wanted to rise up I don't know how you holy people ever had so crazy God we can't identify that so I just went and I did the exact opposite all I did was I just said what I wanted to see and I said to her I just said has anyone ever told you you have a wonderful smile now we didn't see her smile let me tell you I was a by faith who Jesus I had to pull that one out of the air but I said is anyone ever told you you're your most endearing attribute is your smile and when I said that the waterworks came on I mean it looked like just like faucets came on her eyes and she just started bawling right there and for two minutes she just poured her heart out on what had been happening to her in her personal life and she just poured her heart out to us and she went she had to literally go in the back to get herself together and she came back she was giving us free food and all kinds of but we have it up leading that lady to Christ look full complement what spirit an element a small element of prophecy amen and a broad blessing torso all right take a five-minute break we'll come right back words of knowledge can come multiple different ways we see all throughout the scriptures literally from Genesis to Revelation we see words of knowledge coming in dreams in visions we see in Acts chapter 9 we see a nice having a vision in in the vision he sees four things about Paul he sees his name he's what's wrong with him he sees where he is and he's on a strange Street maintenance come on right so all four of those words of knowledge but they all came from a vision so if you come by a vision it can come by a dream it can come by an impression it can come by a feeling but I'm more visual so most of the 90% of the time I see it so if I just right now okay it's almost gonna sound sacrilegious but if I just said okay look right now any word of knowledge right now for someone here okay there's somebody here right now now just by me saying that I just saw something okay so I saw someone in your right eye you have a blurred vision in your right eye something's wrong in your right eye want to say it's like a blurred vision like a floater or something like that who is that tonight in your in particular you may have involved is it you sir yeah put you in on that right I'll put you in around that right I don't think you right now for healing we come in blood to flow freely to that eye we come in to I to be healed and restore great now full perfection we commanded right now in Jesus name thank you Lord for it right now by your grace amen amen so I saw the moment I just said all right Lord right now I'm gonna see it that's what I do so am i turning on the spirit or am I just turning on Tom that just basically it's I'm turning the switch of neon not to switch a him on he's always on he understand so he is always on he is always freely willing to speak but I'll tell you a funny story we used to have an internship I said young people comedy when we used to live in Florida they would come and work for our ministry in Florida for six to nine months and then they would go on the road with us and as they went on the road with us I would kind of train them for the ministry and so as they would begin to do so I would just shock them I would shock the religion right out of them so we will be sitting there and the pastor would be up there and they're just about to introduce me and I remember that with this young lady she was from Indiana or signed the Animus and so I leaned over to I said Tara I said in about three minutes he's gonna call me up there I said but when I get up there you're gonna get up there with me and you're going to give three specific words of knowledge and then I said then you're gonna have just a powerful five minute teaching on the offering she's like oh god I'm swinging to emergency tongues like right back Jesus if you ever helped me Lord now isn't done and I mean but she's not up there and it was amazing how God used her to speak like that so and I asked her later how did you know it she said I just saw a picture in my mind so okay so I wrote down five things purposes of the word of knowledge in the scriptures you can write this down if you want but number one isn't locating people locating people or things you even see in the scripture locating things right like you see in First Samuel when the donkeys were lost number two the second thing was provisioned provision Jesus says to Peter go to the seat cast you know cast in a hook the first fish you pull out though be money in its mouth okay that's pretty specific come on so that was a word of knowledge so see Jesus just did it so naturally supernatural many of our Evangelic Oh friends don't realize it was supernatural you understand we even see what Jesus even said you'll go and you'll find a man carrying a picture on his head follow him he'll have an upper room ready for us another time he said you know you go follow this person and then they'll have a donkey no one's ever sat on it bring it to me they ask you who needs it just say the Lord has need how many of you remember that well all three of those were provisioned so all three of those were provisioned what were they they were words of knowledge number three identifying people we know that that's what Jesus did with Nathanael under the fig tree he saw him as well as was the kiyose he called him by name there's no there's no scripture that says that Jesus knew who Zacchaeus was and the only thing that makes sense that would cause a tax that's hated by everybody to want to return seven times the amount that he stole had to be a word of knowledge come on right against of number four details of someone's life or even their death to be seen in that in the description details of someone's life like we see it the woman epitome details of someone's life or even death number five we even see of the dream of Joseph in the Old Testament the butcher and the Baker how many you remember that story okay so both of them were prophetic words it was a prophetic word in a dream wrapped in a dream okay so number five revealing who was even in the woman we know that of John the Baptist right so we even know that even as well as with Jesus I can't remember the guys name that was named just left left me who said now I can die piece because Simeon okay so yeah all right I even wrote a sixth one down who to release in leadership who to release in the leadership we see that in acts 14 the Bible says they fasted and prayed those who don't think that we need to fast in the New Testament and you got to throw out acts 13 which is about 15 years after the day of Pentecost and Peter and Paul said I fast often so I mean here's the the New Testament guy wrote three two-thirds of the New Testament set in fastings often yes sir number four was details of someone's life details of their life or even their their death okay now okay I'm going to go back here to first Corinthians 14 about hearing God's voice prophetic ministry 1st Corinthians 14 verse 20 forces for a fall prophesying an unbeliever or an an uninformed person come in he's convinced by all of these convicted by all verse 25 and thus the secrets of the heart one hundred those words the secrets of the heart are revealed and so falling on his face you'll worship God and report that God is truly among them right so here's the secrets of the heart okay so God wants to reveal the secrets of the heart so often people are especially regarding God's voice and prophetic ministry remember I started off with you're asking the wrong question so the wrong question is not how can I get activated again prophetic ministry really that that's not the right question the right question is how can I turn my spirit man on a man that's always hearing from God and how can I begin to draw the voice of God and that's always being good come on right so that will kind of help you when you begin to start to learn it okay so now regarding the prophetic ministry let me say this regarding prophecy we're to acknowledge especially with words of knowledge use fewer words not more use fewer words not more Jesus didn't go on and on and on and he just gave buddy you know Zacchaeus come down I'm going to your house today what word Zacchaeus check me one the game's over okay one word just one word that's all it took so fewer words it's the same thing as regarding healing what I notice with healing it's the more words you use the more you talk yourself out of the Atlantic the more you said you you know you some people like Oh God we thank you that you're God Lord we thank you for the Sunday School Department Lord we thank you for the Book of Lamentations Lord it's like you just pray for the guys me man just quick short fast as I'm sure I crave the greater the miracles take place mmm I say it like this if you've got a pretty longer than five seconds you're just trying to convince yourself come on say it I'll say that regarding healing if you have to bring longer than five seconds you're just trying to convince yourself you look at Jesus prayers see that's great rise up take up your bed go home that's less than two seconds come on right I mean we're do you know if we see people today Oh Lord we thank you and then they got a shake a while and it's like come on just just bring them just say something you know let me just make it quick come on get to the point like the girl there at the wall that I prayed for there in Puerto Rico I just put my hand on her on her shoulder I said shoulder be healed and I just held my hand there for about five seconds and I took my hand away I said lift it and she was healed guess what I felt nothing that is the shocker for most people they're like what did you feel the little girl that was healed that testified with she had a complete s in her spine she had severe scoliosis she grew almost two inches in literally two seconds and that little girl you literally saw her spine straight now you heard her whole spine pop it was literally two seconds I prayed for that little girl I just made it very very short and said Jesus spine straightening and I just held my hand just like that above her or her back and she was crying because she had been on morphine for years here she is like 11 years old you know I mean I could tell you hundreds of testimonies like this we had over over 1,500 cripples rise and walk in our ministry just in the last 10 years over 1500 we just stopped counting them I don't know how many it is snow now literally every single week and I know the cyst is that when I see that number dipped down as always because I'm getting too wordy it's okay to say and guess what it's a saintly is true regarding the prophetic don't get so wordy just very short this is what I sense God saying oh you know and just in that simple word BAM it just ministers just someone's heart don't try to interpret it nothing I hope I see the church and I was ministering and I had the weirdest word I'm like God why do you give you weird ones like a cool word you know like everyone else gets all these other prophets give these cool words I get these weird words I look at a lady on the front row and I said your dog's name and I start to spell it out I couldn't say it and this lady she screams here she was from Milwaukee Wisconsin she came like 300 miles to the meeting to be healed and she had just got the dog the day before and here she was from Cambodia so it was Cambodian name so I couldn't size that I can't say the word so I just spelled it out as I saw them I and she screamed and freaked out here she was a Buddhist come on come on come on why you tell me her dog's name Lord but see it really ministered to her because she knew that you know Here I am this white guy from Minneapolis otherwise he doesn't know you know Cambodian or whatever this you know so all right so the secrets of the heart they won't say secrets of are so use fewer words now I'm gonna give you a heavy one are you ready don't interpret the word of knowledge just give this is where you get in trouble this one is the moment you try to interpret it you get it wrong and I'll give you a scripture how many of you remember the Prophet the New Testament prophet activists the Bible says he took Paul's Bell wrapped his arms and said the owner of this belt found in Jerusalem Oh maybe remember that that word of knowledge was correct right or word of wisdom was correct but Paul said not only ready to go and be bound but I'm also ready to die but activists begin to try to interpret the word to say no God saying don't go don't go don't go so he was trying to interpret the word instead of just get the word come on everyone say just get the word okay so a good word of knowledge or a good word of wisdom you just begin to just get up what you have as dumb as it may sound you just give what you have right at the moment you begin to do that you begin to open up this whole thing and that person can can begin to give ministry ok so use fewer words don't interpret the word of knowledge right what do words of knowledge do they make people feel known by God a good word of knowledge will make someone feel like they are known by God so if you give someone a word of knowledge about their husband what do they think about their decision to marry this guy they made the right choice come on right so if you give someone a word of knowledge about their their job or their business what does that say you're in the right direction you keep going come on right and so just by those simple words of knowledge whatever their cues that make people not feel known by God and so one of the things I want to drop on you tonight is this is if you don't hear anything else get this one here write this down get free of the pride of being right to be validated get free of the pride of being right is free of that pride all right so get free of that just get free of having to be right get free of that thing and just be willing to just give what you have be willing to fail be willing to fall forward it's just like anything with with healing right is we're just trying to help people I might be afraid for somebody and then the natural you saw nothing come on raise your hand be honest okay so but did you just say well this doesn't work right of course not no what were you trying to do you're trying to help that person is that true so why do we have more grace for somebody who prays for someone's healing and they don't get healed but if somebody gives a word of knowledge or a prophetic word we have no grace for that person and they're wrong come on right so what happens is as so many people are so paralyzed by fear they're afraid to be wrong so they do nothing so they come to church for year after year after year I believe God speaks I believe God heals I don't want to do anything just in case nothing happens and so we have literally every day on our YouTube channel if you've not seen our YouTube channel we have over 300 YouTube videos so stuff like you saw tonight and we have way over 300 videos and every day I have anywhere from 3 to 10 people almost a day that write us and said I want to do that I want to do that stuff I want to pray on the street I want to you people healed that way I want to cast out demons I want to give prophetic words and stuff but I'm afraid of being wrong that's their number one fear and I just tell them you got to get free of that problem come on tell your neighbors say it free of your pride tonight and that a great word right so you've got to be willing to just get free of that crying and just say you know what I'm just gonna do it you know Here I am on the East Coast now arguably and it's hard for me to say as a Twins fan but arguably the greatest baseball player ever probably was one of the greatest was Babe Ruth who Lee still the entire Major League Baseball as the strikeout champion of all time but no one knows and that's that everyone knows him as a homerun King they said that when he would swing he would literally make the pitcher just sweat just like because he would swing so hard he would fall down on the on the ground every time he swang he's slang with all of his mic means fall down and afterwards they they you know he struck out three times against some major league baseball team and they said don't you feel stupid he said no these did you see that picture he was sweating every time he says he's terrified because if I hit it it's gone come on right you know what that's the same it is true with the devil the devil is it just afraid that if you hit it one time you're never gonna stop yes come on right so but you just got to be willing to get free of that pride if I have to know it perfectly we have so many people that will come to events and they'll they'll come and they'll sit for an event you know for it like a three or four day weekend or whatever and they'll take hundreds of notes and stuff but they still won't go out with this to go pray for people why because they will think I want to get it down first before I go out and do it and that's tantamount to say to a child don't get on the bike until you are a perfection professional BMXer until you are a professional BMX or don't even get on the bottom come on right but we have to get free of that come on never say get free right so just get free just be willing to just mistakes just be willing just to say hey I blew it right and and I think the same thing all the time every single church that would you talk to most of the time I'll just say okay we're gonna just start with some words of knowledge and guess what I don't have any I just say it I just said okay we're gonna start with words of knowledge now my head and the natural is saying are you crazy you don't even have one right you know but I'm just saying if I faith what am i doing I'm stirring up the gift come on right I'm stirring up the gift and the moment I begin to do that it's like I'm accessing and I'm tapping into that thing they know so I wanted to say that regarding words of knowledge I know Russ wanted me to talk a little bit about dreams and so I'm just going to open this up a little bit see if I can go till it all together go back to your left go back to the book of Job now the oldest way in God's word that God spoke was through dreams all the way back to the book of Genesis you can see it as well and it joke 33 then I say that so joke 33 if you don't have this verse highlighted in highlight this first joke 33 how many could dream a lot at night raise your hand all the dream Wow look at all okay alright so alright joke 33 verse 14 ready for God me speak in one way or in another yet man does not perceive it and then he names them what is the first way in a dream right or in a vision of the night right so when deep sleep falls upon men lost slumber another bit then he opens the ears of men and he seals their instructions on in order to turn man from his need and conceal pride for man who keeps his soul back from the pit so here God begins to say listen he seals there in instructions okay so wait just a few minutes ago we had the offering so you sealed something in the offering okay so what God does is this God is a spirit so how does he communicate to you through your spirit right so you go your whole day you're functioning through your body through your soul your soul says I'm tired your body says I got a pnow now now I gotta go again because I had too much to drink and then all of a sudden your soul says mana I'm so offended that lady she went you know and she said this about me all that guy cut me off in traffic now I want to flip him off or whatever it might be you understand so now all of a sudden you go to sleep at night and your spirit never sleeves so your body and your soul are gone and the only light is the light of your spirit that is in constant contact with God and it's communicating it's like a submarine I say it like this that's why when you call them what they call them that sociologists call it the sub-conscience meaning it's hidden lines and conscience but it's subtle it's like a submarine right submarine means below it's a boat below the water right so what happens at night you go to sleep in two three hours after you've fallen asleep all of the sudden your spirit is still talking to God but your soul is tired and your body is tired and God says finally she shut up now I could talk I got her quiet or I got him quiet finally right and so now all of a sudden did that up comes the spirit man if he's looking around and he's getting a message from God so he's getting this message how is he getting this message he's getting it spirit to spirit how is he getting it it's sealed it's a message hidden it's a prophetic riddle that's hidden come on and so this riddle that's hidden he seals it and he puts it in your head and all of a sudden you wake up at 2:30 in the morning go o headed tree and your husband says no it was just a listen go back to bed or you say this you say man that was an amazing dream I had tonight but I'll remember it in the morning how many you ever said that I hope you still don't remember that dream breath why because now here's the difference between a dream and a vision okay a vision you will have it will burn in your spirit for life a dream the Bible says is fleeting it's like ladies help me what's that a crocus that opens and closes in the day is that a flower that is I forget what it is a dream is like that as long as it's open it already begins to close even sociologists will tell you this for every 10 minutes you wait to write a dream down you lose 10% of the dream every 10 minutes you wait that's why you only remember pieces of it by the next morning why because your soul only was able to capture part of it and hold it all night long because it was a message to your spirit but your soul and your spirit are so intertwined the two are so connected together that it was pulling that message over and had you just stopped and wrote the dream down instantly that's why the Book of Daniel says seven times says I wrote the dream I wrote the dream I wrote the dream I wrote the dream come on I challenge you to put a notebook by your bed and every time you dream jump up write it down I promise you you will be shocked at the word Synology get the very clothes you are wearing was received you know was received in a prophetic dream in 1800 the sewing machine the sewing machine that's how it was received was through a prophetic dream so many of the things we have the very light bulbs we have in this room 99 times Thomas Edison tried the light bulb he could not figure it out he prayed one night he had a prophetic dream and he got up at 3 o'clock in the morning and wrote the dream down when he wrote the dream down he got up the next morning he did what was in the dream the night before and he was able to invent the light bulb so things who are in this room right now that we take for granted come on we're all received because of prophetic dreams so God is speaking to you even when you're sleeping we God is so wanting to communicate with you literally a third of your life he's been sleeping and so God is even communicating to you even in your sleep but I'll say it to you like this if you don't care enough to write it down why would he want to continue to give you dreams I say it like this when people come to church without their Bibles I just say this I say how many do you want to hear God's voice who everyone raises their hand I said well the number one way you hear his voice is through thank you picking up a brain it's just too much to just calm down calm down all right but but I want to say in regards to the voice of God then you know the oldest way that God spoke that's how God spoke to Jacob to Joseph to Abraham God spoke to Abraham about the destiny of misra was all in his dreams to Isaac he found a wife in his dreams that's how he found his wife come on right I mean I can go through scripture after scripture after scripture after Scripture the New Testament opens with three prophetic dreams the book of Matthew starts with three prophetic dreams chapter one chapter two chapter three the birth of Jesus all of this stuff with many of the stuff was revealed in dreams come on even the wise man the Bible says they they went they had a dream then the Lord directed them another way here they were you know Babylonian Jews who were astrologers I mean put that your religious pipe and smoking thank God he still speaks Allah come on right so God is looking to speak to people God is so wanting to speak to people he speaks to unbelievers we have a wonderful friend of ours who's got a church in Orlando and they do dream interpretation at that Barnes & Noble because guess what it's so easy to interpret an unbeliever stream guess what the dream is gonna be about God is speaking to you about coming back to him Wow that is the answer to every single dream that gotta say that the unbelievers come on church right and so that's what they do they they go and they do free dream interpretation at Barnes & Noble's and they break teams of two and three people and they interpret dreams and they always have to capture because people fall under the power when you interpret a dream sometimes oh yeah why because it's often loaded with perfect words and words of knowledge in the voice of God and all of this stuff amen and so so I want to just challenge you with this word here tonight as this is that God is so wanting to speak to you he is constantly speaking the Spirit is constantly speaking that's why Jesus said to him he that has an ear let it be here in other words why because God speaking right God is speaking all of the time and the moment we begin to turn ourselves on and we begin to get aware ourselves something happens I'm going to give you one last picture over to proverbs is this okay tonight I know I'm just getting to know you guys are getting to know me but you know what like like Russ and I were talking about you know I mean we can keep plowing the same field of healing again and again but you've already got that revelation so hey we need to grow come on right so let's go for me grow where we need to grow and so but in proverbs chapter 2 I want you to grab your pen in your Bible and I want you to circle every time I emphasize the word watch this Roberts – so proverbs – says it like this my son if you will number one receive my words so circle the word receive then he says and treasure my commands with the news circle the word treasures then he says in verse two so that you incline your ear to wisdom the word incline means lift up circle the word incline and apply your heart to understanding circle the word apply yes if you cry out for discernment circle lords cry out and lift up your voice for understanding circle the words lift up and if you seek her a silver circle the word seek and if you search for her circle the word search as hidden treasures then you will circle the word understand understand the fear of the Lord and you'll find circle the word find the knowledge of God for the Lord gives circle the Lord gives wisdom and out of his mouth comes knowledge and understanding so look at these words receive treasure incline apply cry out lift up seek search understand find gifts come on write these are active words write and he stores up sound risk wisdom for the upright and he's a shield to those who walk uprightly he guards the passive justice preserves the way of the saints then you will understand righteousness and justice equity and every good path and when wisdom enters your heart knowledge is pleasant to your soul look at verse 11 discretion will preserve you and understanding I'll keep you what does that mean discretion everyone say discretion is discretion so discretion is saying in other words just because you hear it doesn't mean you need to tell it come on my old Bible school teacher was a guy by the name of Kenneth Hagin anyone ever kind of dated okay he was my Bible school teacher can't they they used to say this God tell secrets if you always tell God secrets he'll stop telling you secrets so sometimes God tells his secrets to tell people but sometimes he tells us secrets just because understand so know this regarding the voice of God is that just because you hear it doesn't always mean that he wants you to tell sometimes he wants you to hear it just because you're his friend sometimes he wants you to hear it just so that you begin to hear that you begin to realize your confidence grows in hearing God's voice right what do I mean by that well you could practice you could practice hearing God's voice I have a wonderful friend who's really strong the prophetic and he said to me one day he said Tom you know how I got you know good at hearing that's what he says and how he said we would go to a restaurant as a family and we would sit now then the moment the waitress would come and take our drink order she would go to get the drinks and so he said we would grab our napkin and we would grab a pen and say all right it will get a prophetic word for the waitress go and so his children from the age of 8 up would begin to practice hearing God's voice for someone else and they began to make it like a game with the family of at lunchtime is when we ministered to the waitress and he said the waitress would come back and the waitress he would say to the waitress listen could you help us a second we're practicing hearing God's voice come on tell your neighbor say I'm practicing hearing God so he would say can I practice on you for a second so she wants a tip so go for it so he said then they would go around the table and they would begin to read the napkin and say well I felt like God spoke this to me and I felt like I smoked this and I felt like God spoke back and one by one by one would begin to minister to her but at the same time who would minister to them because they would say I'm hearing God's voice so I want to just challenge you with that word begin to start to practice begin to start to practice begin to start to say all right you know I'm gonna practice hearing God's voice so tonight I've only got you tonight Richmond I just kept you a funny story I was ministering in Switzerland and I was talking about specific words of knowledge so as I was in Switzerland talking about specific words of knowledge I was talking these people was speaking cold this one night and we were they were taking me to where all these old revivals happen there in Switzerland and stuff and so they were taking in this place and so as we're walking over this coal bridge I was trying to explain to these two people were fairly new in the kingdom about what specific words of knowledge are so they were like well like what I said well like this and I just said to her I said you have three siblings she goes true I said you have two sisters and one brother and you're in the middle she goes true now I it seemed to me like I was just pulling this out of the air come on you understand but here I was prophesy encouraged like all choked up that it just happens so quick like that and that's often how the word aknowledge will begin to happen it seems like you made it up how many of you when you first got baptized only spirit you spoke in tongues you heard that voice that said you made it up how many of you heard that and go ahead come on right it seemed like you made it up but guess what he that is joined to the Lord is one right look you're one spirit with him it's going to sound like you if it sounds like me or Russ come up here now because we have to cast something out okay that's not normal okay it's going to sound like you why because your spirit is one spirit with the Holy Spirit so that's what it's gonna sound like it's gonna sound like it's coming from you so here as I was preaching tonight certain ones of you stood up to me and so I'm just gonna be able to eat is that a wrap is that Alright we can just practice the night night okay do you have something wrong with you brother in your lungs yeah so they migrated here gently see now this is a training section I wanted to say now with him I was I've been holding that for a long time because I saw that I just saw that Martin's chest you

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  1. Thank you pastor for opening up my spiritual eyes to 1 Corinthians 14. This is such a precious sermon. Now i know that i know "I will pray with Spirit n I will also pray with the understanding."
    Holy Spirit, rain in us. We desperately need you.

  2. This teaching is so simple and clear. Thank you. I want to hear God clearly. I’m in Jacksonville Florida. I love Street Ministry but I stutter about going out. I have lots of dreams and visions. I want to bless people in Words of Knowledge and Prophecy.

  3. Locating things: my wedding ring was missing so I prayed and immediately saw where it was. I went there and at first I didn’t see it but when I moved a bottle away it was behind it. It happened so clearly. It didn’t end there though. I was also looking for a missing credit card. I was upside down in the car looking for it and just before giving up I prayed and 1 second later found it 20cm directly in front of me. I was amazed.

  4. I heard you on a Curry Blake video. This is the 2nd or 3rd video I’ve watched tonight. I pray for the sick and I know how to get people healed a lot of times. I need my eyes healed to pass the drivers test. I could go in a room with someone and most of the time get something, pain to leave, etc. but I have no idea how to get myself healed except resist. I don’t understand. It’s like all the confidence I have for healing for others is not there. Then it occurred to me I can’t think of anyone praying for their own healing in the Bible. I know Paul prayed 3 times for the messenger of Satan to be taken away but not sure it’s the same. Any thoughts?

  5. Funny you mentioned babe ruth as the greatest baseball player just today I was thinking about the talking dog. the owner takes him to a talent agent and says I have a talking dog. listen to this. What is over our head the dog said roof. the man asked what is the texture of sandpaper the dog said Ruff. the man asked who is the greatest baseball player the dog said, Ruth. the agent god mad tossed them out. walking down the street the dog turns to the owner and said Maybe I should have said, Joe DiMaggio,

  6. The soul comes out of the spirit Ezekiel 37:1 into the flesh. As soon as the soul touches the flesh/body, the carnal mind is created (just like a match striking the box) God created our body the temple of God , but our carnal mind saw our beautiful temple and decided to take over our temple without listening to the Spirit. (so the temple got destroyed and then God restored the new temple, which is when we believe in Jesus)
    Soul can not have carnal mind until it comes into the flesh. why? when we die (I had NDE) our soul becomes one with the spirit and loses those carnal thoughts and becomes love again.
    Eve (our soul) chose to listen to the carnal mind instead of God the spirit , so Adam (the spirit died) because God the spirit can't be where there's sin.
    When we ask Jesus in our heart, is when are soul listens to the spirit , just like we were created to be from the very beginning before the fall of man. (which is walking in love , which is are created value)

  7. I don't know if you will see this Tom but I really want to thank you 💕 I went to the Devine Invasion in Portland Oregon. You put your hands on my ears and said Ears open in Jesus name. ( As I was thinking..hmmm. my ears are fine) you looked at me and said, your spiritual ears! I had been Asking and Asking to spiritually hear for about 2 yrs. In the last month I've had so many more visions and been able to prophesy for the first time! The pastor of the church I've been attending for almost 2yrs, looked at me last week and said there is the brightest light shinning from you, it's beautiful. 💕 I watch your videos almost every day now. I had no idea who you were when I came to the convention. I thought I was going to see Curry Blake but, it was you I was being led to. 💕 I have such a desire to Prophesie

  8. I have a question. I hear you saying keep it short, don't interpret it. I've been getting visions while praying in the Spirit and then hearing scriptures to go with it, As im writing down what I've seen, I get more! I gave a full page word last week to two separate people. It's not always that way but I'm learning and I was wondering if you have any thoughts on that. ?

  9. Hi Tom! Dude, I just want to thank you for this! This so made me want to go after words of knowledge even more and just have fun with it!

  10. I have a friend who’s in the hospital on life support. He had a stroke on Saturday and was taken to the hospital for emergency surgery. On the table, he went into cardiac arrest and the surgery was aborted because he was too unstable. He’s now on life support ICU. On Monday, they were talking about giving him two days to make improvement or they’ll move on to comfort care, in other words, withdraw care and let him die. Will you please pray for him? I laid hands on him on Monday for healing, I’ll see him Wednesday through Friday. I’m new at laying hands on the sick and I really need someone else to join with me in helping my friend. His name is Tyrone. Thanks

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